Like an Angel Missable Events Information and All Endings Walkthrough Guide

Like an Angel Missable Events Information and All Endings Walkthrough Guide 1 -
Like an Angel Missable Events Information and All Endings Walkthrough Guide 1 -

A simple guide to help explain things and get all the endings. I normally don’t make these but thought I’d offer a helping hand for those struggling to get all the endings or dying to demon virus(like I did).

Daily choices

Every time period you have the option of choosing different options on how to spend you day.
Note: at the time of this guide, you can’t backtrack the bottom selections
Only the top left menus can be selected freely.
Also the using an item from the bag icon will not pass the time
Advice: Sleeping and studying don’t appear to have major impacts on story. They’re just for achievements and some funny text so don’t stress too much.
-no additional options. Raises grade
Part-time job
-different jobs depending on day or night
-Night jobs only available with 60 karma
-see below for more details
Rest/Skip class(skipping will raise karma)
-Call someone to raise affection. Bonus affection if you bought a gift
-walk around (Mufan will say if an event is going to happen)
Eat alone
-various places offer various boosts. See below
Make Bento
-no additional options. Get a bento
-no additional options. Get dreamland quotes
Day jobs
Volenteer: $0 -30 karma
Convenience Store +$1000
Bookstore +$2000 and +25 study
Model +$5000 and +ShenHuan affection
Night jobs:
Bar singer: +$5000
Host club: +$7000
Night s*x: +$10,000
School food
Commissary: -$150 (20% money increase for 3 days)
Student Cafeteria: -$100 (20% CingSyuan increase for 3 days)
Bentou: $0 (20% on Karma increase or decrease)
Day Food
Bento: $0
Burger store: -$150 (20% ShenHuan increase for 3 days)
Cafe: -$150 (20% YuChuan increase for 3 days)

Demon Virus and the store

I died to demon virus when I got it the first time. So here’s a handy guide!
Demon virus
Can appear if you have high karma
If you don’t cure it within 3 days, you die.
The only way to cure it is the magic cure potion in the store for $10,000
The store
Magic cure potion: $10,000 cure for demon virus
Pearl milk tea: $150 lowers karma
Little witch charm: $550 basic gift for everyone
Penis roll: $350 raises karma
Amulet: $400 Not exactly sure… A gift?
Metal earrings: $2600 Gift for ShenHuan
Robot model set: $3800 Gift for CingSyuan
Mechanical watch: $4500 Gift for YuChuan
Books: the higher the price, the more study points you get
Remaining items:
These items will give you a special CG event. Unsure if you have to buy them by a certain date or if it’s random. Doesn’t matter which route you’re on.

General missable Events

Most of these don’t appear to have an effect on which ending you’ll get. But I did most of them on each play through.
**IMPORTANT: The event on 2/1 is a lock for which route you’ll get
See endings for more details
General Events:
12/17 – YuChuan book event
12/25 – whoever is highest will give you a gift
-this item can be given away for an achievement
1/5 – ChingSyuan event
1/6 – pay $25,000 for affection boost to a single character
1/8 -1/10 unskipable event. Unable to do night activities
1/16 – Event with ShenHuan if you accepted during story event
1/17 – YuChuan event
1/30 – Important story event. Unknown if this truly effects routes
2/14 – you can buy chocolate from the store for the clerk achievements


There might be more but these unlock every CG.
If you’re missing the last CG, check the store subject for more information.
If you don’t you’ll get the general ending
Die of Illness ending
Have high karma and get the demon virus
Don’t cure the virus and die after 3 days
Bankrupt ending
Don’t have $20,000 by the second of the month
-easiest way is to save on the 1st, buy until you’re broke, then get the ending
Character endings:
Even if you mess up, their good endings are pretty easy to unlock. I’ve listed the important events for each character. This is by playing with the character I wanted at max by 2/1 and seeing every available event regardless of character.
This guide may not be 100% accurate but it’s a general idea.
Once you get to 2/1, I advise saving so you can get both good and bad for each character and to try out different options.
1/29 have 40 karma or below for next day
1/30 Choose YuChuan and then choose to chase after (confirmed by Narm this is required)
2/13 Skip class to go to Zhongxiao Xinsheng and agree to go so you can unlock the 2/17 event
***2/16 Have 70 karma or above
***2/17 Search CingSyuan’s backpack for the good ending
***If you don’t search the backpack, you’ll get the bad ending.

2/3, 2/10, 2/15 Events (unsure if doing these events alter anything. I did them all and was able to get both good and bad)
***2/20 Zhongshan event
***If you don’t go to this event, you’ll get the bad ending.

2/21, 2/22, 2/26 choices don’t appear to matter
1/30 Choose YuChuan and then stay (unsure if this is needed for him)
2/5,2/7, 2/8, Events (unsure if doing these events alter anything. I did them all and was able to get both good and bad)
***2/11 Must do event to unlock choice for good end. Hold hand to be safe
2/15 choices appear not to matter
***2/22 Recall they encountered each other before for good ending
***”Can’t remember anything”, you’ll get the bad ending.


Written by DiegoonNio

This is all for Like an Angel Missable Events Information and All Endings Walkthrough Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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