Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide

Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide 1 -
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide 1 -

Some guide for you to quickly find R18 on this game


First off, Welcome aboard to this beautiful game called “Knights College”! and here your boi will post according to the title of this guide xD, Hopefully this is helpfull!
To access r18, you’ll need the patch file on it, so :
– First, go here! : – [] 
or just go here : – [] 
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Starting - 978590B
– Second, After that click the “Patch From Server”, click the link on the website
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Starting - 0A1B8EE
– Third, Now after you done, click the patch.exe. Steps is inside the rar “jpg” one.
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Starting - BC01150
Steps are very simple : Click the ” … ” , -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Knights College (On the folder directly)
If it’s same like i screenshot, then you’re already correct.
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Starting - EFE3FB2
To know if it’s patched or not :
– You can see on starting menu if there’s _P on last word on right top on your screen, then it’s patched already.
– You can turn off the animation on Settings (ON) for Turn off, (OFF) for r18
After those steps, then you’re ready to move in!

Chapter 1

I found 2 on this First Chapter!

Free time on Derich’s Room

*Note : For this first one, you need to clear All Chapter first to unlocked this scene*
Choose Derich’s Room -> Theo Card and then something will happen, UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 1 - EB3A766
What both of them looking at? O.o

Free time with Grant

Choose Beach Card -> Ignore Card -> Hug Card
Something good (Animated) will appeared > <#
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 1 - 05A0006
What are they doing?

Chapter 2

Apparently i only found out one in this chapter, i tried everything but nay, i only got 1

Free Time with Oscar

Choose Private Talk Card -> Devil’s Whisper Card
After that it’ll appear animated! _^
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 2 - 1B848B8
Where are you looking at Oscar!?

Chapter 3

Free time with Julius

Choose Doubt Card -> Lie Card -> Tease Card
Animated will appear OwO# Here you go!
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 3 - 34A1687
What they both doing? O.o

Chapter 4

Night time with Paul

Choose Doubt card -> Talk card -> Angel’s Smile Card
Animated will appear O….o#
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 4 - D60262B
They seems getting exciting

Chapter 5

Bro do you know that i really love this chapter, and everytime i’m looking at him without his thing that made my mind literally go fly everywhere in the sky while think about him and do you know that he’s actually hot as well, holy sh–, and yes this is my favorite chapter ever and no one can changed my mind. I really have to do this, i had to, i HAD TO!!!! All is for him, glad i bought this game just to see him, dang omg this chapter, UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
*My Always Favorite Chapter EVER*

Free time with Daddy Derich

Choose Consult Card -> Lie Card -> Angel’s Smile Card
SOMTHINGGGGGGGGG Animated will happen and yeah i like it ALOT!!!!!!!!! hopefully they update the animation more deeper OwO# ehe.
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 5 - 3D01C32

Chapter 6

Make sure you clear it till Last Chapter so 2nd option will appear, do repeat it from Chapter 6 and choose all the 2nd option till end

Free time with Prince Theo

Choose Worry Card -> Friendship Card -> Never Give Up Card -> Hug Card
THENNNN animated with prince Theo, enjoy > < OwO#
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Chapter 6 - 4021777
Ara ara, what prince Theo looking at?


This is pretty surprising, when i did play it again, i found something interesting :3

With Hermann

Choose Gameroom card -> Hermann card -> Appeal card -> Doubt -> Tease card
Then you’ll see something ehe OwO# this is ANIMATED!!
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Epilogue - 962F16F
He looks cute though.


If you guys already completed every chapter, you can preview it anytime you like,
Just go Gallery -> Scene (and click whenever you like)
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Other - 1D9FFE5
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Other - 68E893C
F i’m Hor-


So far the r18 only works with characters that has Likability, other like Lord Baten, Lord Scheat, and Prof Celio has no r18 scene, so it’s kinda dissapointing. I really want to see Scheat and Baten because i need it for research purpose which lead me to greatness to achieve my goals.
Thanks for reading my guide! This game is one of my favorite and i’m waiting for next one of this, if i remember correctly, there’s Knights College 3, i did see it or i’m not sure actually.
i recommend you to buy this game if you like seeing Bara, and Furry, then this game is good choice (if you not buying it yet). Cards will be unlocked with certain condition, but mostly you’ll doing it over and over with choices so you can get 100% completion.
Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide - Closing - D607882
Last thing, if you want to clear this 100% Completion and want to see the Scene faster, then i can actually help you, the steps are very easy, i’ll share mine! So here you go :
– Go : – [] 
– Download the file called “SaveVisualNovel.rar”
– Go press windows and type “%AppData%” then go to LocalLow -> KAIJU-09 -> Knights College -> Utage -> SaveVisualNovel
– From all the rar itself, copy everything on the folder and Yes to all to apply.
Then Congratulations! You did 100% and All Scene unlocked.

If you like this guide i made, please do leave rating and share to your friends if they need it!
If you have got any problem, you can comment below or just chat me (is fine also)
Again, Thank you for coming to see my guide!
*Note : I did make this before on 2021, it got deleted so i made new one..*

Written by williz3r

This is all for Knights College All Chapter (r18) guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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