Kenshi Factions in the game

Kenshi Factions in the game 1 -
Kenshi Factions in the game 1 -
This game the revolutionary mix of RTS and RPG with a huge dystopian sword-punk world to explore. Choose to be a thief, a bandit, a rebel, a warlord or a mercenary. You can be a trader, a doctor, a peacekeeper, a business man, an explorer, or a mere slave… The list goes on, but you’ve got to stay alive first…



Kenshi Factions in the game - Fractions 
There are a large number of different factions in the world of Kenshi that you can meet, but the relationship with them depends not only on your character and his actions! 
Some factions will be hostile from the very start to any person they see, for example: Ogres, Berserkers and Swamp Ninjas. Others from the start can be allies (depending on the chosen scenario and race). 
Factions can wage war against each other, so be careful when choosing a side. 
By attacking any faction, you will become its enemy. 
Some factions have methods to mend relationships through special people. So choose your enemies wisely! 

Player faction

From the start of the game, your characters belong to this faction (unless otherwise specified by the start settings), there is the possibility of renaming. 

Main fractions

The main factions of the world, they tend to have several cities and outposts around the world and are likely to be the main factions that you will interact with during the game. 

Allied Cities

Kenshi Factions in the game - Allied Cities 
The faction, also known as the Third Empire, is the largest faction in Kenshi. The empire is ruled by a brutal clique of nobility led by Emperor Tengu. The Allied Cities are closely associated with many factions such as the Bounty Hunters, Slavers, and the Traders Guild. They are confronted by the poor from their region, the Opponents of Slavery and the Rebellious Farmers. Imperial Villagers live on its territory. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 
Faction leader – Emperor Tengu, location – Cargo, Great Desert. 

The Holy Nation

Kenshi Factions in the game - The Holy Nation 
A faction of people consisting of religious fanatics – nationalists and misogynists who worship a deity named Okran. They treat the Sheks, Swarms, and Skeletons as depraved inhumans and force women to obey men. Their main enemy faction is the Renegade Ninja, made up of female rebels and fugitive slaves. They are also at war with the Shek Kingdom and the Allied Cities. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 
Faction leader – Lord Phoenix, location – Hilly Hill, Okranova Pride. 

Shek Kingdom

Kenshi Factions in the game - Shek Kingdom 
A faction consisting of Shek warriors. Their kingdom is in ruins after a long war with the Holy Nation, but their new leader is trying to rebuild their society by slowing down their warlike culture. They are opposed by many rogue Shek factions that oppose peaceful life, such as the Bones Gang, Berserkers, and the Chosen One of Krala. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 
The head of the faction is the Stone Golem of Esata, located in the Admag, Stenn Desert. 

Western Hive

Kenshi Factions in the game - Western Hive 
Western Hive is a faction of the Swarm race that lives in hive villages. Most of the Swarm characters in the game come from the West Hive, and they often mention their unwillingness to return to their home when they enter the Vanity. 
The West Hive is ruled by the Queen of the West Hive. She has diplomatic status and is located in the Hill Hut in West Hive, located on an island west of Vanity. The Queen of the Hive can be seen sitting on a strange throne and communicating only through screeching. She doesn’t wear armor. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 
Queen of the South 

Minor factions

Small factions in the world of Kenshi. They usually only have one city or a few outposts. 
There are quite a few of them all over the world, so you will probably encounter some of them on your wanderings, although some of the factions you may not even notice. 

Band of Bones

Kenshi Factions in the game - Band of Bones 
A bandit group with a neutral attitude towards the player. However, while roaming the countryside, they can randomly attack your squad. They are at war with the Shek Kingdom, have stats ranging from 20 to 30 and are not very well armed. The members of the Pile of Bones are Shek warriors who lost the battle but refused to give up the sword. Members are usually hornless. 

Free Traders

Kenshi Factions in the game - Free Traders 
A small faction that controls farm shops in the cities of the Allied Cities. They also have one Merchant Caravan that wanders from city to city. This caravan is led by Harmoto and can appear in Merchant’s Land or Heng. 

Shinobi Thieves

Kenshi Factions in the game - Shinobi Thieves 
A faction of thieves and buyers of stolen goods and smugglers in the world of Kenshi. They can usually be found in bars or in Shinobi Thieves Towers in different cities. You can pay 10,000 kat to join their ranks by talking to the Leader standing near each of their towers. Joining a faction gives you access to their towers, training dummies, training chests, beds, and stolen goods buyers. Plastic surgeons and Wandering Shinobi Assassins can bandage your wounds if you approach them. Shinobi Thieves and Ninja Guards can also help you in battle. 

Mercenary Guild

Kenshi Factions in the game - Mercenary Guild 
Mercenary faction. They can be found in different cities. The guild consists of many mercenaries and heavyweights mercenaries, following the Captain of the Mercenaries, who will accompany you as bodyguards (about 2,000 cat / day) or defenders of your base (cost, about 1,000 cat / day). They are quite strong and can be very valuable for a low level hero in need of some protection. Contracts can be renewed simply by talking to their squad leader again. 

Traders Guild

Kenshi Factions in the game - Traders Guild 
A faction that deals with trade between cities. They are based in the Union Cities and are an integral part of their economy. However, they use their status to gain access to many other factions around the world, even enemies of the Allied Cities like the Holy Nation. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Hounds 
One of the swamp gangs and the most powerful of them. They are the main producers of hemp, which is the main ingredient in hashish, a prohibited drug. Their leader, Ace of the Angry, is supposedly insane, but smart enough to manipulate all the other clans and lead the Hounds to the top. They have a faction headquarters building located in Shark and a village in the swamp called Rot. 

Outcasts of the Holy Nation

The Outcasts of the Holy Nation are a faction of the former slaves of the Holy Nation. They are not hostile towards the player, but they can sometimes attack due to the need for food. Sometimes they can be seen in the desert. 

Empire Peasants

Kenshi Factions in the game - Empire Peasants 
Poor, taxed peasants of the Union Cities. Many live in shacks on the outskirts of cities, working on farms for a little money in order to survive. While others live in small camps in the desert, unable to get to the cities due to their poverty. 

Skin Bandits

Kenshi Factions in the game - Skin Bandits 
A faction of skeletons that steal people’s skin to turn them into clothing. They are led by Savant. They will knock down members of other factions to an unconscious state and lead them to the Sheller, which slowly kills the prisoner. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 
Savant is the demented leader of the Leather Bandits, who has been awarded an 80,000 kat bounty from the Allied Cities. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Nomads 
A faction of wanderers and shepherds. They are neutral and tend to take care of their animals calmly. They can be found in places like Debris and Hidden Forest. Owns several camps that the player can use for free, usually they have a shelter from the rain, a fire and a camp bed. They travel with a small flock of goats and a beast of burden to provide light. If your character is starving and in an NPC town, he may rarely give you cooked vegetables. 

Crab Raiders

Kenshi Factions in the game - Crab Raiders 
A faction residing on the Green Coast and the surrounding area. Crabs are worshiped as guiding creatures and wear armor to look like them. There are 3 settlements where you can buy crabs, as well as armor and blueprints (Only with an alliance and a crab). 

United Heroes League

Kenshi Factions in the game - United Heroes League 
A faction of self-proclaimed “city heroes” who operate on the territory of the Union Cities. Composed of the Greenlands, they are hostile vigilantes and fanatics opposed to aliens and non-human races. Lord Mirage and many of the city’s heroes can be found at Fort Mirage in the Great Desert. Their patrols can chase your Shek, Skeleton or Swarm characters. Meeting them outside the city can lead to a fight. However, they seem to put up with the Burlander. 

Machinists & Tech Hunters

Kenshi Factions in the game - Machinists & Tech Hunters 
Two factions inextricably linked with each other. Based in World’s End, the Machinists are working to find out Kenshi’s history and organize information on all the factions. Train drivers save discoveries with books that are distributed around the world. Tech hunters, on the other hand, go to the desert in search of ancient laboratories with technology and knowledge. In Kenshi territory, Tech Hunters have built Travel Stations to provide resting places between travels. In addition to World’s End, they control several major cities in the southeastern part of the continent. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 

Ninja Outcasts

Kenshi Factions in the game - Ninja Outcasts 
A faction mostly composed of women who fled unable to bear the hardships of being a domestic servant in the Holy Nation. They also host refugees from the nearby Renaissance slave camp. All who are driven by a cruel fate and the stigma of an outcast, they accept in their camp. Despite this, they are very careful and do not rush to trust outsiders. Many of the renegade ninja representatives still practice Okranism, but, oddly enough, not as chauvinistic and radical as we revered among their neighbors. They live in the well-wooded Outlaw Village, on the border of the Ogre Plains, which provides them with reliable protection against attacks by the Okranites and other hostile factions. 

Trade Ninjas

Kenshi Factions in the game - Trade Ninjas 
The faction that owns the Hub Bar and Rebel Base. They act as guards in both locations, often attacking Dust Bandits, Hungry Bandits, or bone dogs that roam their bases. They become your allies and protect your PCs after you have allied with the Shinobi Thieves. 

Bounty Hunters

Kenshi Factions in the game - Bounty Hunters 
A faction of adventurers who make a living by receiving rewards from bandits, criminals and other wanted people. They are mainly made up of citizens of the Allied Cities and can often be found on their lands or in the surrounding areas. While they will likely be able to hunt down the player after the player has received big rewards, this system does not appear to be working at this time. The bounty hunters can be found in the Vigil’s Frontier. With some you can talk about the Master of Beetles, with whom they all hope to fight. Troops of roving bounty hunters can also be found in Heng, Stoba’s Adventure, Stob’s Garden, Thunder Gulch Coast, and the Great Desert. 

Cannibal Hunters

Kenshi Factions in the game - Cannibal Hunters 
It is a group of people who have dedicated themselves to eradicating the threat of the Ogres, trying to contain them on their territory. They are presumed to do this for their own reasons, such as personal grudges and the like. Unlike most factions in the world, these people will heal any injured strangers they see. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Reavers 
A faction of slavers who believe they deserve responsibility, not the Allied Cities. They have the same commercial culture as the swamp. 

Anti Slavers

Kenshi Factions in the game - Anti Slavers 
A faction led by the legendary Tin-Fist and fighting against slavery. As a result, they have many powerful enemies like the Holy Nation and the Allied Cities that prey on the weak and exploited. Their base is located at the top of a mountain in the southwestern region of Stob’s Gamble. They do not use weapons, but instead are all experienced martial arts fighters. They have fighters of all races, including hives, humans, sheks, and skeletons. 

Skeleton Bandits

Kenshi Factions in the game - Skeleton Bandits 
A faction that lives in the southeastern part of the continent. Basically, they are made up of skeletal masks. They are led by an Elder, Series P4, who enjoys watching people kill each other. The elder brainwashed his human followers into believing they were skeletons. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Skeletons 
The Skeleton Faction is made up of skeletons from the First Empire who founded a kind of civilization. They have their own city in the Badlands known as the City of the Black Desert. It is a city where many skeletons have taken refuge in isolation, as most life forms cannot survive the journey here. They also have several other outposts around the world that are home to several lone Skeletons. 

Black Dog

Kenshi Factions in the game - Black Dog 
A small faction based in the eastern regions. Black Dogs can visit player bases and make them pay for protection. 

Hostile factions

Ancient robotic guards, bandits, cannibals and the like. These are the factions that want to kill or rob you. Some have outposts where they are based. You will most likely spend a lot of time fighting these factions. 

The Gorrillo Bandits

Kenshi Factions in the game - The Gorrillo Bandits 
A small hostile faction that can be found in the southern part of the map. Their base is the Old Prison. All of the Gorrillo Bandits, except for their leader, the martial arts master, who use Gi as body protection and only light armor for their legs. This makes them weak against ranged combat, but you won’t be able to disarm them after being knocked out. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Berserkers 
A faction of wild vagrant Sheks. The battle levels are 40+. Berserkers can be recognized by their maroon robes and armor. 

Swamp Ninjas

Kenshi Factions in the game - Swamp Ninjas 
A bandit faction that lives in the Swamp and Southern Marshes. They are rivals of the Red Sabers – another faction from the Marshes, the units of these two factions often fight with each other. Nothing else is known about the history of the Swamp Ninja. They are always hostile to the player (ratio -100). 

Shrieking Bandits

Kenshi Factions in the game - Shrieking Bandits 
A hostile faction that dwells in the Shrieking Forest, the Purple Sands and the northwest region of the Cannibal Plains. As their name suggests, they are not entirely adequate, possibly due to chronic malnutrition and decreased mental capacity. However, the player can try to talk to them – with a series of grunts and gestures, and possibly avoid conflict. 

Starving Bandits

Kenshi Factions in the game - Starving Bandits 
Weak hostile faction with very weak organizational structure. They mostly roam the lands of the Holy Nation and around them. This faction has no named characters, bases, or a common faction leader. Due to their fragile condition, many of them are weak and unprepared for battle, but they have strength in numbers. The fact that many of them are bald suggests that many of them are runaway slaves. 

Kral’s Chosen

Kenshi Factions in the game - Kral's Chosen 
A group of shek bandits. They often attack aliens in the desert, despite Esata’s Stone Golem orders. Although they dislike the “lesser” races, they are loyal followers of the Kral, and even an outsider can earn their respect if he can prove his strength in battle. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Cannibals 
They are a group of people living in tribes in the Cannibal Plains and other surrounding areas. Cannibals, as the name implies, feed on their victims – people, preparing food from them, throwing them into special pits. They will not eat skeletons, but they are still hostile to them. Ironically, all cannibals, like skeletons and swarms, are immune to acid. 

Red Sabres

Kenshi Factions in the game - Red Sabres 
This is a bandit group from the Swamp, led by their leader, Red Sabretooth Boss. Red sabers can be found roaming the Swamps and Southern Marshes. They also live in their base, the Red Saber Refuge, located in the southwest of the Swamp, along with their leader. They are constantly fighting for power with their rivals, the swamp ninja. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Bloodraiders 
A faction of hostile bandits that can be found in the Blood Raider camps in Spine Canyon and on patrols in the Gray Desert and Eye areas. 

Preacher Cult

Kenshi Factions in the game - Preacher Cult 
A faction of the Preacher and his followers living in the Cultist Village on the Thunder Gulch Coast. A rare half-eaten Ancient Science Book can be found here. 

Grass Pirates

Kenshi Factions in the game - Grass Pirates 
They are a bandit faction that lives in the Storm Gorge coastal area. The faction has two types of characters: Straw Lieutenants and Grass Pirates. It seems that they are only thinking about their own interests, as they quarrel over territory with anyone who comes to their area. They always fight with slavers and are immediately hostile towards the player’s faction. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Scavengers 
Thieves faction. They are mainly found in the southeastern quarter of the map. Marauders will loot unconscious characters. 

Rebel Swordsmen

Kenshi Factions in the game - Rebel Swordsmen 
A bandit faction allied with the rebel farmers. The alliance with the rebel farmers increases the relationship with them. However, the rebel swordsmen do not begin to exist until some of the nobles of the United Cities are killed or kidnapped. If Empire peasants control major cities, there may be rebel swordsman barracks in those areas. 

Rebel Farmers

Kenshi Factions in the game - Rebel Farmers 
A faction of rebellious peasants and escaped slaves from the Union Cities who resent the brutality of the upper classes. They can often be found by walking around imperial lands. But they attack not only the slave owners and travelers of the upper class, but also ordinary travelers, on the roads, after which they retreat back to their camps. 

Black Dragon Ninjas

Kenshi Factions in the game - Black Dragon Ninjas 
A ninja faction that rackets defense, looting outposts that don’t pay them. They live in a tower located in the border area. In the current update, they are hostile and will attack if the player gets close to the Ninja Tower. They also have roaming units in Stob’s garden with a very low spawn rate. The Black Dragon ninja are led by Dimak and Buzan, both residing in the tower. There are also about 10 Black Dragon genin in the tower. The Black Dragon Ninja will attack the player’s outpost if he is within 4500 meters of the Ninja Tower and Dimak is alive. 

Black Desert Ninjas

Kenshi Factions in the game - Black Desert Ninjas 
The only members of the Black Desert Ninja faction. They appear in units of 3 to 9 characters in the Black Desert, Gray Desert, and the Iron Valleys. 

Sand Ninjas

Kenshi Factions in the game - Sand Ninjas 
A faction led by the Sand Ninja Oni. They usually live in the northeast of the desert. The Sand Ninja is a cult of highly skilled outlaws. They attack passers-by with skillful combat in order to kill the weak. 

Dust Bandits

Kenshi Factions in the game - Dust Bandits 
Faction hostile to the player, living in the Border Zone. Dust Bandits are better trained and equipped than some other bandit groups like the Hungry Bandits. Members of this faction wear distinctive, impromptu style clothing. They are led by a man known as the Dust King, who is much stronger than an ordinary bandit and carries a large bounty on his head (30,000 kat) 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Fishmen 
They are anthropomorphic creatures – a cross between crustaceans and fish. They communicate with each other in a kind of gurgling-gurgling sounds, from where their second name originates – Gurgling. They have an exoskeleton that provides protection from external factors such as acid rain. Cannibals. The primitive way of life betrays their general unreasonableness. They are found in the Eastern Canyons where they regularly stumble upon patrols of crab raiders. However, they are mostly found on Fish-Man Island. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Seroder 
A gang living in a swamp. They can be found in Shark City and in their village called Seroder Village. Their faction is led by the Ace the Gray and, like other gangs, they trade in hashish. The Seroder village is controlled by the Swamp faction. 

Skeleton Legion

Kenshi Factions in the game - Skeleton Legion 
A faction inhabiting the Ash Lands.The Skeleton Legion was created some time after the fall of the Second Empire. Nothing is known about this shadowy faction, however, it is likely that the faction is a successor group to the defunct Hydraulic Knights, or a counterpart. The faction’s commanders and officers are also likely the few skeletons that sympathized and stayed loyal to Mad Cat-Lon, as Legionnaires of the faction are not thralls, whereas it’s main forces, Legion Thralls, are numerous and make the bulk of the group. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Fogmen 
The Brains (also known as the Dead Hive) are a wild group of the Swarm lurking in the Mist Isles. Fogmen are hardly capable warriors, and some are very fragile at all. To make up for this weakness, they roam in large groups. Each time a group of Mist is attacked, there is a chance that more will appear. With their immense powers, they can even defeat a group of experienced warriors. They are known to be controlled by a brain infected with parasites, but many details are unknown, but it seems that they cannot regain control of themselves. 

Thrall Masters

Kenshi Factions in the game - Thrall Masters 
A faction of the skeletons of the bandits living in Vengeance.The factions this faction has special relations towards. For all others, it will use this faction’s default (0). 

Southern Hive

Kenshi Factions in the game - Southern Hive 
A hostile faction located in the Tsarskaya Valley and Sergo Shelf regions, south of Rovnaya Laguna and Mourning. Anyone who enters their land will be greeted by a swarm, and upon reaching the Southern Hive itself, even more staunch guards will appear to protect the Queen of the South. The southern hives are mostly identical to the western ones, except for the pink coloration of their skin and white lines running through their bodies. Southerners are far more aggressive than their western cousins, obsessed with devouring and / or sacrificing any intruder to their king. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 

Yabuta Outlaws

Kenshi Factions in the game - Yabuta Outlaws 
Secondary hostile faction. The Outcasts Yabuta appear after the character Sandy Yabuta leaves the Tengu Vault. 

Technical Factions

Factions that do not have their own bases and outposts are technical, since every creature in the game technically must belong to a faction, they are not displayed in the faction list and cannot change relations. 
Often used for empty spaces, ruins, wildlife, or to represent groups that have no real organization. (e.g. Wanderers, slaves, etc.). 
Some of them are hostile, while others are passive and not interested in what you are doing. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Vagrants 
They are a couple of characters who hang out in bars, and several bandits terrorizing the territory of the northwestern Union Cities. 

Second Empire

Kenshi Factions in the game - Second Empire 
The faction was formed by the Skeletons after the collapse of the Old Empire located in the modern Ashlands. The Second Empire collapsed and the Allied Cities became the next iteration of the Empire (assuming it survived the rebellion). The remnants of the Second Empire became known as the Second Empire Exiles, led by one of the founders of the fallen Empire, Cat-Lon, whose sanity was severely damaged over the years. 

Ancient Ruins

Kenshi Factions in the game - Ancient Ruins 
It is a technical faction that is used to refer to various ruins around the world. As a rule, they have several Skeleton Guards and a fair amount of research artifacts and various technical loot. 
Kenshi Factions in the game 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Outlaw 
A faction is made up of various criminals who do not belong to any other faction. Mainly used as a faction for various slaves. Technically, it is not a united faction, but rather a loose category of bandits, deserters, and marauders who share a common belligerence with the established forces of the country of Kenshi. Many criminals are mainstream fugitives, usually oppressed by the status quo, free riders from the main worlds.Most rebel criminals are unlikely to call themselves such, rather they see themselves as challenging the inept rule of the Holy Nation or the Union Cities, seeking revenge for the evil done by such a deluded and imperfect society, and taking what they can endure with their skills. 

White Eyebrow Clan

Kenshi Factions in the game - White Eyebrow Clan 
The only actual existence of the White Eyebrow clan in the game is a “wanted” poster in the name of the White Eyebrow bandit. According to the information in the ad, they could most likely be found in the Swamp. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Slaves 
Minor faction. Slaves can refer to “escaped slaves” escaping from the Allied Cities and slave traders. Slaves can also refer to characters enslaved by the Holy Nation. 

Rebirth Slaves

Kenshi Factions in the game - Rebirth Slaves 
Faction label for slaves from the Renaissance. These slaves are forced to work there in the quarry until they die. Rebirth Slaves are made up of all races except Skeletons. They can become recruits. Players can bring slaves to their side by removing their shackles or cages and leaving them safe 

Broken Cities

Kenshi Factions in the game - Broken Cities 
May refer to the Reprogramming Workshop north of Black Desert City, which is filled with “Defective Skeletons” skeletons. However, at the moment, there is no specific information on who or what the Ruined Cities actually represent (although it seems to have something to do with the Skeletons). 

Floodland Ruins

Kenshi Factions in the game - Floodland Ruins 
This is the faction label for the Floodplain Ruins. This faction has no roaming units. All characters found in the Floodplain are likely to be members of the Old Machines faction. 


This is a faction label, no characters. In Dead Fishing Village, the only place controlled by this faction, all residents belong to the Old Machines faction. 


Kenshi Factions in the game - Drifters 
Wanderers roam the land. The player can talk to some of them and possibly hire them. Some of them are usually stronger than the recruited NPCs in cities, but they usually cannot be recruited. Atypical faction, as they have no territory or loyalty to any subject. It’s just a faction given to some of the wanderers and recruits. 

Old Machines

Kenshi Factions in the game - Old Machines 
A faction of hostile robots that roam some of the most dangerous areas in the world, usually in places dominated by lost ruins and similar places. Some things indicate that some of them may malfunction or perhaps follow ancient programming. However, they are hostile and will attack almost anyone in sight. 

This is all for Kenshi Factions in the game hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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