Insurmountable Quick and Easy Guide (Normal Diff)

Insurmountable Quick and Easy Guide (Normal Diff) 1 -
Insurmountable Quick and Easy Guide (Normal Diff) 1 -
Just a few things I learned from trial and error. Which perks stood out, which items performed well, etc.

This guide data mainly applies to normal difficulty.


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Before we get started… 
You have to MANUALLY PICK EACH TILE to travel on if you want to succeed in this game. I was letting auto pathing do the job on my first few runs, which turned out was getting me killed. Zig-zagging up a set of stair-formed tiles (6 tiles) is much more energy efficient than climbing up a tile 5 tiles high (2 tiles). Like-wise, it is also advisable to avoid risky tiles by manually going around the tile. 
My winning strategy 
1. Journalist – Has the best starting skill in the game which lets you ignore both weather and danger tiles. Best used for unavoidable night exploration with bad weather. 
2. Rush consumable specialization + gain sanity on consumable use. This perk lets you ignore herbs (freeing inventory) and easily maintain the sanity bar at the same time. 
3. Energy saving passive + Hiking stick + 2 types of boots = Most efficient energy saving on flat terrain & 1 tile climbs. I was on the 3rd mountain and was able to climb for 2 days straight thanks to this fuel economy build. 
BONUS. If you don’t have an oxygen tank by the time you tackle the DEATH ZONE… your chances of survival is very slim. This is the most RNG reliant part of the run. 
My winning strategy 

Written by Boooopies

Here we come to an end for Insurmountable Quick and Easy Guide (Normal Diff) hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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