Idle Superpowers Quick Start + Speed Guide

Idle Superpowers Quick Start + Speed Guide 1 -
Idle Superpowers Quick Start + Speed Guide 1 -

Just a simple guide to help you speed through the early game while unlocking important powers for later.


Spend exp on str, agi, and dex only. in that order.
Take super strength as the first power at lvl 2.
Once the equipment tab gets unlocked at lvl 10, turn off auto so you stay at that level, upgrade the shop and buy a few pieces of gear with regeneration as the second stat( The first stat will always be agi/dex/str/vit) Do Not have any gear with vitality or health.
At lvl 20, do not use the story tab.
At lvl 30, turn off auto again and get beat up for a while to unlock radiation body. (You can try to buy more regeneration eq while this is happening)
Once radiation body is unlocked, go to the story tab and take the crystal, select radiation body as the second power.
At lvl 50, select telekinesis as the third power.
By this point you can ignore all other stats and put everything into str.
At lvl 70 you will easily beat the hard boss and unlock undying.
Up until around lvl 90 you can still afford eq, shortly after it will be too expensive to get anymore, so take the opportunity to get better regen gear (Again with no vitality or health)
The build can continue without interaction for a couple hundred more levels.
Powers boosting max damage, str, dex, regen, can help.
Once you get eagle eyes you can ignore str and focus on accuracy.
If you have all the right powers can get up to level 800 within another hour or two.
This process from level 1-100 takes about 40-60 minutes from the start of a hard reset.

Written by alephyin

Here we come to an end for Idle Superpowers Quick Start + Speed Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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