Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Full Walkthrough and Gameplay

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Full Walkthrough and Gameplay 1 -
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Full Walkthrough and Gameplay 1 -

A guide for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms that attempts to make a fast and efficient playthrough of the game while hitting all the major milestones.

Forward – The Guide

This guide to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a walkthrough that attempts to take an efficient route to hit all the major milestones the game has to offer. It tries to balance the aspects of time and power obtained through things like new champions, events, patrons, and other paths of power and progression. This guide considers the major milestones to include unlocking all Patrons, obtaining all Evergreen Champions, and participating in the Trials of Mount Tiamat.
No single playthrough for a player will be similar as there are many random factors involved, so the guide tries to do its best to stick with a set of assumptions that should be widely applicable. The most unstable element of this current guide relies on the champions Evelyn and Strix, which have been available as a long-term redeemable code, but unknown how long it will persist.
The perspective of this guide is the time of writing May 1st 2022. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a game with regular updates and can change at a whim. The author makes no promise to keep this guide up to date to realign itself with whatever changes have been made to the game.
It should also be noted that the estimate in how long the various phases of this guide take assume constant play. It is an idle game so it doesn’t require constant attention, but to get through the guide assumes that it is being played multiple times over the course of a day. If you do not play the game at such a constant rate the guide still applies, but you will likely have accrued more of the time-dependent things in the game (larger roster, more time gate pieces, more modron components, etc) to handle situations or unlock certain areas earlier than the order of the guide touches on them. Feel free to do such aspects out of order if you desire.
To go further with the prior point that the guide makes specific assumptions, it is quite likely that your roster will be better than what the guide provides. Should you find a better formation for some situation, by all means use it. Also, the guide has very specifically timed spending of resources like Time Gate Pieces, Patron Currency, and Gems. If you deviate with your spending of these game currencies, you may find the guide can no longer be specifically followed until you earn such things again. The guide does it’s best to try and skip as much of the content and chores as possible (it tries to avoid things like Weekly Patron Challenges and gem farming), but the tradeoff is that your spending is limited. This guide will fully deplete your resources before you do the last item it touches on (unlocking the last Evergreen Champion: Xerophon).
Also, for a more general guide on the game, please view OldGamer’s The Onion Guide – The Layers of the Forgotten Realms – [] 
With all that out of the way, onto the guide!

Phase 1 – The Beginning: Down the Coast

Expected Time Taken: 2 days
Expected Zones completed: 1100 + 675 = 1775
Expected Chests Obtained: 15 Silver, 1 Gold, 15 Electrum (Silver: all zones * 5%; Gold: 1% of Silver; 5 Electrum per day)
Expected Gems Obtained: 6345 (gems = base zones * 2 + all zones * 1.3; 32.5 per electrum)
Expected Gems Used: 250 (Familiar #1) + 5000 (Familiar #2)
In this phase we are just starting the game. It will take us through part of the Sword Coast to obtain Drizzt and the Gem Hunter favor blessing. This phase will take about 2 days in the Sword Coast adventures.
In the first couple of adventures we will only be able to field a few champions before walling and being unable to proceed further. We will have a formation that will probably look like the following, where Jarlaxle is the focal damage dealer. Tanking has relevance for damage at this point of the game, so we specialize Bruenor for Shield Wall, Celeste to be able to reach Nayeli with healing, Nayeli to survive, Jarlaxle to be the focal point of buffing, Calliope for more shielding, and Asharra to bolster Jarlaxle.
formation – [] 

  • A Brief Tour of the Realms
  • The Cursed Farmer
  • The Mad Wizard
  • Beast Intentions

You should have obtained enough gems by now for a familiar, which can perform automated clicking for us. Go to the gem store and get the Mage Hand familiar. We will also be looking at familiars for our next 3 gem purchases over the coming weeks (Gelatinous Cube, Pixie, Armored Juniper). It is also worth taking this time to sign up for the newsletter so that you can obtain the Evergreen Champion Hitch, as well as redeeming the following codes for Evelyn and Strix, whom we use a good deal in this guide:
After we get a bit of Sword Coast Torm favor in our pocket, we can start to proceed further in our roster. Minsc becomes the focal point of the damage dealing. Asharra will start specializing in Human bonds while Jarlaxle takes a gold finder’s backseat. Beasts and Humanoids are the common foes in the early Sword Coast adventures.
formation – [] 
Alternative formation with Evelyn – [] 
After a couple more adventures the zone wall will raise beyond 50 and your fielded roster will grow even more. Hopefully by now you’ve been able to redeem the codes to obtain Strix and Evelyn, along with the newsletter code to get Hitch. Asharra is still favoring humans and we often prioritize high CHA champions due to Hitch. The next couple of adventures might have a formation looking more like the following as Hitch becomes our focal damage dealer. Because we can only field one frontal tank slot with ease, Tyril goes for Moonbeam. For ease, we keep Makos with the Dark Blessing specialization for increased damage, as we can use all the buffers we have. Eventually, though, you will want to learn how to use Makos’ Dark Luck specialization to make large favor gains. Minsc turns into a support to increase Beast or Humanoid damage.
formation – [] 
As a psuedo tutorial the game will require us to complete a few variants beyond the first few base adventures to continue. We will be doing the following variants. When doing the variants, do not push to your wall. Once you hit the required zone, complete the adventure and move on.

By this point we are closing on in the variant adventure Overdue Rendezvous, but until then we have a couple more adventures to get through (up to Underground Cartography) and might be able to get up to the full roster. That should give us a good boost in power with Strix. Asharra from this point on will be going with the Potpourri bond to help herself or Strix’s damage. To use Strix fully, at least once per adventure as you get deeper you will want to put Strix in the rear of the formation, remove your tanks (Nayeli), and let the formation get slaughter so that Strix packs away some soul stacks to power her Haunted ability. Once your formation is ravaged, put it back to normal and proceed.
formation – [] 
Around this time you will likely have the 5000 gems needed to purchase the 2nd familiar, the gelatinous cube. This should allow you to automate the first chuck of levels in future adventures/variants now that you can field a familiar to do click damage and another familiar on leveling the click damage.

  • Terror in the Dark
  • Unearthed Evil
  • Escort to Waterdeep
  • Waterdeep Detours
  • Underdeep Cartography

We do our first variant to obtain Drizzt and have a blocked formation slot. We remove our weakest link (Makos) and adjust the formation a bit so that everyone is still buffing Strix. Once complete, Drizzt will join Jarlaxle in the wagon, only to be used for future gold farming purposes. You will also probably want about e9 favor to make it through. If you have not achieved e9 favor yet, then continue playing more of the Grand Tour of the Sword Coast campaign adventures pushing to your wall.
Overdue Rendezvous formation – []  Expected Damage: at e30 gold -> e59 damage
At this point of your trek down the Sword Coast you should have a decent chunk of Torm favor. We will be spending some of that to get some of the Torm Blessings. Spend it on anything you can so long as you do not get a warning prompt. Our target is to have the Double Damage and Gem Hunter Torm Blessings, as those are global and will carry over to the place we are traveling to next. If you can’t afford Gem Hunter, continue doing Sword Coast adventures until you can obtain it. Otherwise, we move on to the next phase within the Forgotten Realms.

Weekly Gameplay Loop

Heading beyond the first phase of the game you will fall into a constant weekly gameplay loop:

  • Do Events – Events pop up every 3 weeks to recruit new champions. Get all 3 champions and attempt to clear all the variants is possible. Then move on.
  • Do Natural Time Gates – Gives a choice between 1 of 3 champions. This guide does not consider champions from Natural Time Gates as part of future formations. However, it does need them as slot fillers to unlock the Split the Party adventure. A list of desired champions is at the bottom of this Phase. Unlock the champion, do the 3 variants for the 3 gold chests, and then close the time gate and move on.
  • Do Time Gates from Time Gate Pieces – This gives you a choice of a single champion which the guide will tell you what to pick. This guide relies heavily on these choices to make steady progress. Unlock the champion, do the 3 variants for the 3 gold chests, and then close the time gate and move on.
  • Acquire Patron Time Gate Pieces and Modron Chests – Once you open up Patrons you have the ability to obtain more Time Gate Pieces and Modron Chests. You should have all the Patron Currency you require to purchase these things on a weekly basis following the guide without deviation.
  • Obtain chests from chest codes – Codename Entertainment has a lot of streams and other side promotions. This often results in a lot of extra chests to claim. Many of them last a week, some longer. This guide expects you to obtain these extra chests to maintain pace with the guide. There are repositories of these codes in places such as Discord and Reddit, along with applications such as the Idle Code Redeemer that can obtain them for you automatically.
  • After Phase 9, Trials of Mount Tiamat – Trials is an alternative path to power that allows you the ability to make legendary equipment. This guide expects that you will be completing at least 4 weeks of the Trials.
  • After Phase 9, Legendary Equipment – About once per week (as of the writing of this guide) you can craft a new Legendary Item.

Champions to consider for a natural time gate:

  • Any champion in slot 2, 3, 5, or 7 so that we have a minimum of 2 champions per bench slot. We require this by Phase 8 of the guide, so this has importance.
  • Any champion on the list of champions we claim later in this guide through Time Gate Pieces: Baeloth, Hew, Avren, Nordom, Sisaspia, Nerys, Beadle and Grimm, Orkira, Morgaen
  • A speed champion: Shandie, Widdle, Briv, Deekin, Sentry, Melf Vi, Tatyana
  • Anyone else, if they do not fit the criteria above


Phase 2 – A Journey through Chult

Expected Time Taken: 14 days
Expected Zones completed: 2950 + 5100 + Event (1900) = 9950
Expected Chests Obtained: 100 Silver, 3 Gold, 70 Electrum, 12 Event Gold
Expected Gems Obtained: 37100 (gems = base zones * 2 + all zones * 1.5; 32.5 per electrum)
Expected Gems Used: 10000 (Familiar #3) and ALL remaining gems on silver chests
With some experience under our belt and a couple important Torm Blessings under our belt we will go to a new campaign: Tomb of Annihilation. Because you have no Kelemvor favor, it is akin to starting all over again. We do have a new formation with 10 slots and a new layout, so use the following to get you through the next 12 adventures. Along the way if you have an event pop up, or a natural time gate, consider doing that as it may help you boost your formation’s power, or just give you a change of pace.
First 9 roster slots – [] 
Up to 11 roster slots – []  should cap at e127 damage before Favor Blessings; Good enough for zone 400

  • The Ring of Regeneration
  • Seeking Allies
  • Exploring Port Nyanzaru
  • Running of the Saurs
  • The Templar’s Camp
  • Rescue in the Jungle
  • Homecoming
  • The Lost Heir of Omu
  • The Forbidden City
  • Captured!
  • A Grand Puzzle
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods

Now for the slog part to our first major milestone in Chult, getting Azaka. We have to get through 30 variants. However, not all variants are created equal and we want to tackle the easiest if possible. Thus, we will continue the wagon along the trail past Acererak and finish all the base adventures in Tomb of Annihilation first. It is also important to spend your Kelemvor Favor on blessings to bolster your power (so long as it doesn’t prompt the warning). Our sights are set on the Kelemvor Blessings of Golden Luck and Turn Back Time. You should have the e19 favor needed by the time you finish all 16 Tomb of Annihilation adventures if you’ve been pushing to your wall on each adventure.

  • The Immortal Warrior
  • The Wyrmheart Mine
  • The Guardian of Orolunga
  • The Lost Love

Hopefully by now you have the gems to buy your 3rd familiar. Do so when you can. Also from this point until Phase 4 (Patron Mirt) we will be using ALL gems we obtain to purchase Silver chests. This should help bolster the power of our evergreens, but what we really care about is getting as many item levels as possible on our champions. Silver chests are the fastest way possible that we have (barring purchasing something with real cash, which we won’t do here).
Once we’ve reached the end of the road and completed The Lost Love, we are looking to do 30 variants, preferably the 30 easiest variants. We want ones that allow us to field our full roster, or where the limitations impact us the least, or just have a low zone requirement. When doing variants, do NOT try to go to your wall unless you have a full formation with few downsides. Good variants include:

You now have Azaka! She becomes a staple in gaining more favor as her ultimate (when choosing her Resist the Curse specialization) allows you to pull gold out of foes without killing them. This leads to a technique known as the Azaka Farm, where you isolate a single foe on a boss level, load up your formation with gold find champions, and use Azaka’s ultimate to increase your Favor before you finish off an adventure. Currently your gold find champions are limited (Jarlaxle, Drizzt, Azaka, and Hitch as a rogue to bolster Jarlaxle). As you complete events and time gates, your roster will include more gold find champions that may contribute to your Azaka Farm. In this guide, we only pursue Baeloth and Regis. Consult other guides if you need further advice on the topic of an Azaka Farm.
Now to keep going until we get Dragonbait. If you haven’t, make sure you’ve been spending your excess favor. You will want about e23 favor to get through A Saurial’s Resolve and future trips through Tomb of Annihilation variants. This might require a couple of dedicated deep favor runs on one of the easier Tomb of Annihilation Free Play adventures to get up to that amount of favor.

It should be noted that we do not actually use Dragonbait in a formation in this guide until Phase 10, which is about 75% of the way through. If you for some reason find the boss of A Saurial’s Resolve too difficult, you can hold off and come back to this variant at a later time (such as after getting Baeloth and Hew). However, this will slightly delay unlocking the Patrons of Vajra and Strahd.

Phase 3 – Deep Into Waterdeep

Expected Time Taken: 4 days
Expected Zones completed: 3100
Expected Chests Obtained: 31 Silver, 1 Gold, 20 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 11500
Expected Gems Used: ALL gems on silver chests
We will next be heading over to Waterdeep to work towards our next Evergreen Champion Ulkoria. It is a new campaign, so we will be starting over nearly from scratch again. Wind your way through the campaign to the very end. Keep pushing deep on adventures that do not have troublesome bosses as we are looking to get up to about e21 favor for the Tier 4 Helm Blessings by the end of this. Don’t worry too much if you don’t exceed e21 Helm Favor, as we are not looking to get the Tier 5 Global Helm Blessing, as it only bestows about a +0.02e if you follow this guide and ignore background parties. Nor are we looking to breach any variant that goes beyond zone 400 within the Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign.
First 9 roster slots – [] 
Up to 11 roster slots – []  – Approximately e134 damage at softcap
Tank/Armor Breaking – []  – About e130 damage at softcap

  • A Mysterious Summons
  • Building Trust
  • The Dinner Party
  • The Botched Kidnapping
  • Trollskull Manor
  • Attack on the Manor
  • Nimble Escape
  • Fugitives
  • Hopelessly Lost
  • Enter the Sargauth
  • Lair of the Xanathar
  • Waterdeep Under Siege
  • Vault of Dragons
  • Champions of Waterdeep
  • Once More Into The Breach
  • Wyllowwood
  • An Illithid Undertaking
  • Déjà Vu
  • Alterdeep


Phase 4 – Patron Mirt

Expected Time Taken: 2 days
Expected Zones completed: 1575
Expected Chests Obtained: 16 Silver, 1 Gold, 10 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 3150
Expected Gems Used: 0
Time Gate Pieces remaining: 3
By this point you likely have obtained 3 Time Gate Pieces and have done at least 1 event or Natural Time Gate. If you’ve opened all the silver, gold, event, and electrum chests you’ve obtained by now you should also be at the 2000 item level requirement for Mirt. This should put you at the minimum requirement to unlock your first patron. If for some reason you lack the item levels or silver chests, keep cashing in your gems as silver chests until you can unlock Mirt.
With a Patron unlocked, our next goal will be to make sure we can pick up Time Gate Pieces from the Patron store. Right now that only requires 2.5e4 Mirt influence, which should be doable by completing a Mirt Patron variant that requires 325 or more zones. Mirt locks us into using only Evil or Good aligned champions, which isn’t a big problem. For quite a while we have only been using Asharra as our sole neutral champion, which we instead just substitute with Evelyn. We will do the next 4 variants to garner a good chunk of Mirt influence for shop unlocks and Mirt Perks.
Mirt Variant Formation – []  – base expected DMG of e130

Completing the prior Mirt variants should get you enough influence to purchase a Time Gate Piece and in the future, Modron Component Chests. You should also purchase an assortment of the Mirt Perks. From this point on, you will want to purchase a Time Gate Piece every week along with a Modron Component Chest (when you get a Modron Core). The 9900 Ruby Coins we got from the past 4 variants should carry us through the next 4 weeks for Time Gate pieces.
Another side thing to think about with Patrons is that they do have Huge Potions available. In general, we won’t need to purchase any of the Huge Potions for pushing purposes. We should have an adequate stock of Giant’s Strength, Clairvoyance, and Firebreathing from opening chests. However, if you have spare currency earned from weekly patron challenges it can be worthwhile to get the Huge Speed Potions. At a speed increase of x2.75 it can help turn some of those lengthy 8 hour deep zone 500 dives (which can be possible early in the game when you lack speed champions) into 3 hours affairs. This guide is pretty tight on the patron currency earned to pay for the essentials so don’t spend stuff you earn from the patron variants, but it doesn’t consider weekly patron challenge earned income, so spend that as you see fit.

Phase 5 – New Adventures Await

Expected Time Taken: 13 days + 4 days (bosses and slow Avernus train) + 2 Event
Expected Zones completed: 4125 + 3900 + 2150 + Event (1900) = 12075
Expected Chests Obtained: 120 Silver, 4 Gold, 95 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 45350
Time Gate Pieces remaining: 7
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – 2400
With the exception of a few Patron variants, we are now done with the Tomb of Annihilation. Over the next couple weeks we will be diving down as far as we can through all the other campaigns to get a some of the Blessings from each of the campaigns. During this time we will likely run into our next event, natural time gate, and first chosen time gate made from Time Gate Pieces. For this Time Gate we will choose the powerhouse of Baeloth the Entertainer. He makes slot 4 useful again by giving us a highly usable support champion who also grants us a gold buff. Baeloth gains power as each individual member of the party is prevented from dying from his Djinn Najim. For more information, consider searching another resource for Baeloth Djinn Stacking. It is assumed this method will be used to increase the maximum power you push your wall to in Free Plays or hard variants. For this section we are going to climb through to adventures that go up to zone 500. All provided formations include Baeloth, but can be subsituted with Minsc or a champion you’ve obtained from your events until Baeloth is obtained.
This should get you up to The Sibriex (15th variant) in Avernus, Reghed Glacier Mysteries (13th variant) in Icewind Dale, and Slack-jawed Lorna (7th variant) in Witchlight. With Baeloth in play we will also do a single freeplay in the Waterdeep variant Wisdom Check as a favor run. This should net you a good clump of favor to get up to Tier 4/5 Helm, Tier 3 Tiamat, Tier 2 Auril, and Tier 1 Corellon favor for a universal +e3 damage from this point on, along with other nifty things.
These campaigns feature a lot more armored foes than prior campaigns. If you want to burn down armored foes faster, consider adjusting any of the following formations so that Asharra (Potpourri) is added and place her where Strix is. Her 3 to 6 magic missile attack helps a lot to take armored foes down.
Descent into Avernus Formation – []  – Approximately e150 damage

  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • The Dead Three
  • The Darkness Runs Deeper
  • Difficult Terrain
  • Elturel Has Fallen
  • Resolve Amongst Chaos
  • Into The Fire
  • Dreamscape
  • The Path of Dreams
  • The Lost Hollyphant
  • The Wandering Emporium
  • Tiamat’s Army
  • Questlines
  • Bel’s Forge
  • The Sibriex

Icewind Dale Formation – []  – Approximately e150 damage

  • The Giant’s Bane Tavern
  • The Everlasting Rime
  • Moose Tracks
  • Civilization
  • Dwarven Rumors
  • Sunblight
  • The Radiant Nightmare
  • Waiting on Sunrise
  • Deekin’s Mission
  • Frozen Vengeance
  • Ending the Rime – Part 1
  • Ending the Rime – Part 2
  • Reghed Glacier Mysteries

Witchlight Formation – []  – Approximately e150 damage

  • Tall Tales
  • The Witchlight Carnival
  • Thieves of the Coven
  • Hither of the Feywild
  • The Prince of a Thousand Enemies
  • Downfall
  • Slack-jawed Lorna


  • Waterdeep: Wisdom Check


Phase 6 – Deeper into Waterdeep

Expected Time Taken: 5 days (75 zones per hour with Hew Maan)
Expected Zones completed: 5750
Expected Chests Obtained: 57 Silver, 1 Gold, 25 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 20937
Gem Purchases: Familiar #4 (30000 gems)
Gems Remaining: 36287
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – Depleted
With our initial push through the remaining campaigns started, we will now circle back to Waterdeep and unlock another Evergreen champion: Ulkoria. This will require us to complete a lot of variants in Waterdeep (45 variants) to access the variant Ulkoria is in, The Gargoyle. We will also be nearing the time that we get our second personal time gate which we will use to unlock Hew Maan, a coveted speed champion and armor shredder. All formations going forward consider using Hew Maan to bolster your speed by placing him in the front column for the start of most runs. Also, any Blacksmithing Contracts that you might have obtained from the beginning of the game until the end of this guide are assumed to go to Hew Maan, primarily to increase his speed capability.

Variants to consider:

If for some reason you reach the variant The Gargoyle without Baeloth you may find it difficult to complete. The Core and Evergreen roster is not deep enough to finish this variant unless you have at least one extra magical support from slot 1/4/7, Dhadius in slot 5, Avren in slot 11, or Dungeon Master pulling in Bruenor. Alternatively, if you somehow find yourself with a level 3 Modron Core you might also find the quest doable with the base roster + Strix.
And with those completed you now have the great dwarven wizard Ulkoria. She pairs well with other magic users which, if you’ve noticed, we heavily use. Also by this point you’ve gone through 2 events and 2 natural time gates. Assuming you got champions for slot 3, slot 5, and slot 7 from the events and natural time gates then you can and should immediately start Split the Party #1 to obtain your Modest Modron Core.
Lastly, it is likely that you have enough Time Gate Pieces to unlock another champion. For this one we will obtain Avren, a very powerful support. The upside is that he provides almost twice as much power as every support champion we have. The down side is we will stop using Strix due to the slot he occupies. This will cause us to adjust our formation somewhat as Strix may no longer be the prime choice we use.

Phase 7 – Patron Vajra

Expected Time Taken: 7 days
Expected Zones completed: 750 + 2325 + 3850 = 6925
Expected Chests Obtained: 69 Silver, 2 Gold, 25 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 15787
Gem Purchases: Vajra (2500) and Celeste CON feat (50000) and Hew Maan Speed Feat (12500)
Gems Remaining: Emptied Out
Time Gate Pieces: 4
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – 16200; Vajra – 32000
We should now have up to 30 champions and have completed Waterdeep. This will grant us access to Vajra for the modest cost of 2500 gems and 15 silver chests. After we unlock Vajra, we will also want to get Celeste’s Durable CON +1 feat so she can qualify for Vajra. Another purchase we will make is Hew Maan’s 40% Carefully Balanced feat for greater speed. The recent boost in power from Avren and Ulkoria will also allow us to circle back and hit some harder adventures and variants.
ToA: Vajra Formation – []  – Expected DMG e156

We will also circle back to do some Mirt Variants in Tomb of Annhilation to get some more Ruby Coins for the road ahead.
ToA: Mirt Formation – [] 

  • ToA: Starving in the Jungle
  • ToA: Fall from Grace
  • ToA: Overwhelming Force

Base Descent into Avernus Formation – []  – Expected DMG e162

  • DiA: The Path of Redcaps
  • DiA: Madcap Adventures Redux

Mirt Descent into Avernus Formation – []  – Expected DMG e159

  • DiA: The Path of Redcaps
  • DiA: Madcap Adventures Redux

Vajra Descent into Avernus Formation – []  – Expected DMG e156

  • DiA: The Path of Redcaps
  • DiA: Madcap Adventures Redux

With the Patron Variants done we have more Perks to purchase. Keep on purchasing more Time Gate Pieces and Modron Component Chests when you can. Also at this point we are going to be in a bit of a holding pattern. In this phase we are waiting for a couple more champions and need Split the Party #1 to be completed, as we are banking on a fully powered Modron Core in the next couple months. Unless you need a slot 2, slot 3, slot 5, or slot 7 to qualify for Split the Party #1, we will be using our next personal Time Gate to recruit Nordom to bolster our ability to power up our future Modron Core. If slot 1 is the slot you lack to start Split the Party #1, then recruit Sisaspia now and Nordom later.

Phase 8 – Revisit of the Sword Coast

Expected Time Taken: 10 days + 2 (Event)
Expected Zones completed: 1500 + 500 + 2175 + 7000 + 1900 = 13075
Expected Chests Obtained: 130 Silver, 4 Gold, 60 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 39562
Gem Purchases: Hew Maan 80% Speed Feat (50000 gems)
Gems Remaining: Not many
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – 9850; Vajra – 17000
Over the course of the next event and natural time gate, we can go further in the Avernus, and Witchlight campaigns up to zone 550 adventures. This should get us up to Idyllglen (18th adventure of Avernus) and The Fairy Rings of Thither (8th adventure of Icewind Dale). We can also go back to The Sword Coast Grand Tour and get Barovia and Underdark adventures done up to The Alien Underdark (38th variant). We also want to clear the base variants of the following for future patron playthroughs. The given formations include Nordom only for Sword Coast.
During this Phase we assume that you’ve done Split the Party #1 and gotten your Modest Modron Core. With that comes the assumption that you will buy Modron Component Chests from the patrons each week along with utilizing Nordom in Speed Formations.
Witchlight Formation – [] 

  • The Fairy Rings of Thither

Descent into Avernus Formation – [] 

  • Wrecked Flying Fortress
  • The Bleeding Citadel
  • Idyllglen

Variants from Descent into Avernus

  • DiA: Raggadragga’s Crew
  • DiA: Fight Dragons with Dragons
  • DiA: Extreme Heat
  • DiA: Relentless Peril
  • DiA: Archduke’s Blessing

By this point we are also very low on Mirt’s Ruby Coins, so we will do a variant to top off our Patron Currency for another week:
DiA: Mirt Formation – [] 

  • DiA: Raggadragga’s Crew

Sword Coast Formation – [] 

  • The Silken Swamp
  • Supply Run
  • The Mists of Ravenloft
  • Family Entanglements
  • Tower on the Lake
  • Seeds of Deceit
  • Flies on the Wall
  • Backtracking Through Barovia
  • Excavating History
  • Towering Expectations
  • Who Lurks in Lurkwood
  • Orcs Are Wild
  • The Sunless Citadel – [] 
  • Meepo’s Quest – [] 
  • Lost in the Goblin Halls
  • The Twilight Grove
  • Into the Unknown
  • The Prison of Velkynvelve
  • Lost in the Underdark
  • Leemooggoogoon Rises
  • Neutral No More
  • Encroaching Madness
  • The Dark Heart
  • The Alien Underdark

Towards the end of this phase we will use our Time Gate Pieces to obtain Sisaspia. She may not be considered a potent buffer, but she is highly flexible as a support with some range, decent healing, able to be used for all patrons, and a shockingly high amount of personal damage for a unit with no DPS tag. We also will be purchasing Hew Maan’s other speed feat, the 80% Carefully Balanced feat.
Also important during this Phase of the guide until the end we will want the entire Modest Modron Core unlocked. If you are not opposed to doing so, it may now be worthwhile to setup a Gem Farm on a map like Cursed Farmer now that you should have your Modron Core Automation in place. This guide assumes doing this to keep pace with the timeline. If you prefer not to, then just continue at your own pace until your Modron Core reaches the recommended level of power. We will use a formation like the following with our 4 familiars (one on click damage, one on the field, 2 on champions Hew Maan and Nordom):
Formation – [] 

Phase 9 – The Spirit Frog and the Dragon

Expected Time Taken: 3 days
Expected Zones completed: 600 + 1125 + 350 = 2075
Expected Chests Obtained: 20 Silver, 0 Gold, 15 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 5850
Time Gate Pieces: 0
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – 9850; Vajra – 17000
It has been a few weeks since we got an Evergreen Champion, so it is time to pursue our next potent Champion. We require 33 champions to unlock Blooshi the conventional way, which at this point we should have. We also need about +e15 damage in global power from Modron Cores, Blessings, Patron Perks, and Achievements. A good guideline is to wait for Modest Core level 8 before proceeding. Once ready, do the Witchlight variant Bully For You. It is a puzzle that varies heavily on your champion roster, so specific advice can not be given. One methodology is to field champions one slot at a time until only a single champion remains (being the champion you’d want in a final formation).
If you aren’t quite high enough with your global power, keep doing variants that allow you to go fast to power up your Modron Core experience. A combination that allows Hew Maan and Nordom is ideal.
Bully For You Formation – []  – Expected Base DMG e160
e160 Champions
e13 Modest Modron Core 8
e4 Local Blessing (Corellon)
e5 Global Blessings
e3 Global Patron Perks
e3 Achievements/Strength Potions
e188 DMG of e187 required
With Blooshi, you gain about a +e6 overall boost in power and will become a staple in all your formations from this point on. We continue on to opening up the Trials of Tiamat and Reya. Trials takes priority as it is easier to get to, along with being a repeatable path of power progression in the form of Legendary equipment.
Descent into Avernus Formation – []  – Expected DMG e173
With Blooshi obtained, we will spend all but 18000 of our gems on gold chests hoping that we start to get Epic (purple) items on Blooshi. We use the remaining 18000 gems later on for purchasing Strahd INT eligibility feats.
Next we will go through The Mad God, the Trials pre-quest.
Trials Formation – []  – Expected DMG e173
And from here, you want to do a Trial of Tiamat each week to obtain Scales of Tiamat. The heroes you want to upgrade include Blooshi and Baeloth due to their highly universal usage in formations. You will also want to be forging a legendary each week that you can. Consider sending champions you don’t use like Jarlaxle, Minsc, Delina, or Jamilah as you no longer use them in your formations. For further information, look for another in-depth guide for Trials of Tiamat.

Phase 10 – The Angel

Expected Time Taken: 8 days
Expected Zones completed: 4025 + 1700 + 1775 = 7500
Expected Chests Obtained: 75 Silver, 2 Gold, 40 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 5850
Time Gate Pieces: 6
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – 2350; Vajra – 9500
Our next goal is to get Reya from the Reya Reborn variant. Like some other Evergreens, this will require clearing a hefty amount of campaign variants, of which we have 28/40 required variants done. We will need to knock out 12 more variants before Reya Reborn. Easy ones include the ones below (Author’s addendum, do the Patron variants in this Phase BEFORE the 12 base variants for Reya Reborn, as you may be out of Mirt Ruby Coins)

Before we head into Reya Reborn we will want to make another trip through the Mirt and Vajra Patron Variants. The big ticket item is unlocking Warden, as we will likely need to use Warden’s debuff capacity to clear Reya Reborn.
Mirt Variants Formation – []  – Expected DMG e165

  • DiA: Fight Dragons with Dragons
  • DiA: Extreme Heat
  • DiA: The Archduke’s Blessing

Vajra Variants Formation – []  – Expected DMG e166

  • DiA: Raggadragga’s Crew
  • DiA: Fight Dragons with Dragons
  • DiA: Extreme Heat

With Warden and Jaheira unlocked we will swing around to Reya Reborn.
Reya Reborn – [] 
e165 Champions
e13 Modest Modron Core 8
e6 Local Blessing (Avernus)
e5 Global Blessings
e3 Global Patron Perks
e5 Debuffs (Warden)
e1 Achievements
e198 DMG of e195 required DMG

Phase 11 – Patron Strahd

Expected Time Taken: 3 days + 1 (event)
Expected Zones completed: 2175 + 1900 = 4075
Expected Chests Obtained: 40 Silver, 1 Gold, 25 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 6925
Gem Purchases: INT feats for Nerys (12500) and Hew Maan (12500)
Gems Remaining: Probably none after getting INT feats.
Time Gate Pieces: 2
Patron Currency remaining: Mirt – 16550; Vajra – 33600; Strahd – 11700
Along the way we’ve probably had another event, natural time gate, and personal time gate (choose: Nerys), we should now be over 40 champions which qualifies us for Strahd. Strahd requires 10 Medium Bounty Contracts and 20 silver chests, which you definitely have by this point. After unlocking Strahd, also purchase the INT feats for Nerys and Hew Maan. As with prior Patron unlocks, it is time to go down the line and bust out some Patron Variants.
Strahd Variants Formation – []  – Expected DMG e157, fill in the blank spot with whoever you can from slot 3/5/7

  • DiA: The Path of Redcaps
  • DiA: Madcap Adventures Redux
  • DiA: Raggadragga’s Crew
  • DiA: Fight Dragons with Dragons
  • DiA: Extreme Heat

We are after the purchases for Regis and Krond. We don’t really use Regis but use him as an extra body to unlock Zariel. We will definitely make heavy usage of Krond though.

Phase 12 – The Preparation to Siege the Glacier

Expected Time Taken: 23 days + 2 (event)
Total Time Taken by the end of this: 106 days
Expected Zones completed: 6750 + 4425 + 1300 + 1350 + 2800 + 1900 (event) = 18525
Expected Chests Obtained: 185 Silver, 5 Gold, 125 Electrum
Expected Gems Obtained: 45350
Gem Purchases: Zariel (5000) + More Gold Chests!
Gems Remaining: Spent!
The last Evergreen on our list (and goal in our guide) is Xerophon in Icewind Dale. At the time of this writing, Xerophon’s unlock variant of A Lesson In Classes is the most difficult base variant in the game. As such it will take some time and preparation. Beyond having another event and natural time gate, we should be accumulating Time Gate Pieces regularly enough to open them once a week. Our laundry list for the next 4 weeks will include the following:

  • Time Gate Beadle and Grimm
  • Time Gate Orkira
  • Time Gate Morgaen
  • Get the Krond Survival of the Fittest gem feat
  • Unlock Zariel (5000 gems/20 Silver Chests, which is nominal at this point)
  • Get enough favor to get the first rank or two of Ancient Magic
  • Finish the last few Icewind Dale adventures (last 7 adventures)

At this point we will be considering the following for formations. Some rearrangement might be needed in other campaigns.
Base Icewind Dale Formation – []  e182
Base Descent into Avernus Formation – []  e183
Mirt Formation – []  e173
Vajra Formation – [] 
Strahd Formation – []  (Plug in someone from slot 3/5/7 for the empty spot) e183
Zariel Formation – [] 
Trials Formation – [] 
e165 (If WIS 10 Restriction: Substitute Blooshi with Nayeli)

Do for Zariel

  • DiA: The Path of Redcaps
  • DiA: Madcap Adventures Redux
  • DiA: Raggadragga’s Crew
  • DiA: Fight Dragons with Dragons
  • DiA: Extreme Heat
  • DiA: Relentless Peril
  • DiA: Fire and Brimstone (Base and Patron)

Get Zariel Perks and from the shop get the familiar, the Reya Golden Equipment, and the Nerys feats.
Do these for Base/Mirt/Vajra/Strahd:

  • DiA: Relentless Peril
  • DiA: The Madness of Yeenoghu
  • DiA: The Archduke’s Blessing

Do this for Base/Mirt

  • DiA: Gargauth’s Betrayal

And also for Base/Mirt as we want enough Mirt influence for Krond’s 80% Surival of the Fittest feat. Debuff swapping from Grimm, Warden, and Orkira may be needed to complete the Mirt variant.
Icewind Dale: Icequake – []  – Expected DMG e173 + e53 + d14 (Total e240) vs e241
This should get you ample influence and patron currency. Assuming you’ve only gotten the bare minimum patron currency from this guide and spent it only on Time Gate Pieces, Modron Chests, and Champions, you should have the following patron currency:

  • Mirt – 128k
  • Vajra – 68k
  • Strahd – 60k
  • Zariel – 130k

Buy the following:

  • Krond Striker Training (Mirt 25k)
  • Watchful Order Staff (Mirt 25k)
  • Animated Gargoyle (Mirt 25k)
  • Mirt: Potion of Polish (Mirt 25k) – Use on Krond’s Slot #4 Hammer
  • Nayeli Aura of Courage feat (Vajra 10k)
  • Conjured Spider Familiar (Vajra 50k)
  • Dragonbait’s Belt (Strahd 25k)
  • Strahd: Potion of Polish (Strahd 25k) – Use on Hew Mann’s Slot #4 Eggs
  • Nerys Spirtual Weapon (Zariel 10k)
  • Reya Sword (Zariel 25k)
  • Reya Armor (Zariel 25k)
  • Baby Couatl Familiar (Zariel 25k)

We still do not have the all familiars, but if you still need time to prepare for getting Xerophon it may be worth doing more Mirt/Vajra/Strahd/Zariel patron variants to obtain all 4 Patron familiars.
Lastly, after you unlock Zariel keep using your gems to purchase Gold Chests. We are hoping to keep getting more Epics on Blooshi so that we can form more Legendaries on her. Barring bad luck, we should be capable of getting through, but it will be a bit more painstaking to proceed. If your scales timer reaches an optimum time to forge without anything to forge on Blooshi or Baeloth, try and get a legendary on any of the others that will be in the A Lesson in Classes formation (Krond, Dragonbait, Ulkoria, Hew Maan, Nerys, Sisaspia, Morgaen).
Preparations complete, we can trek towards Xerophon. Complete any remaining Icewind Dale adventures and go into the variant A Lesson In Classes.
Damage Breakdown of required e227 DMG
A Lesson In Classes Formation – [] 
e164 Champion Formation Damage
e26 Modest Modron Core 15
e6 Local Blessing (Auril)
e4 Global Blessings
e6 Global Patron Perks
e1 Achievements
e2 Full Giant Strength Potions
e4 4 Blooshi Legendaries at lvl 4
e19 Debuffs (Grimm, Warden, Orkira)
e230 of e227
After that you should have the last Evergreen champion unlockable, the potent doppleganger Xerophon! From here there are still many more variants to complete, champions to claim, and power to obtain. However, this guide ends here. The rest of the game is for you to explore beyond the guidance written in here.

Universal Formations – Campaign

Universal Damage Formations – e130 to e142 damage at leveling softcap (zones 400 to 475)
Damage Formations that use the Core 12 champions, Hitch, Evelyn, and Strix due to their universal availability.

  • Bench Seat Slot #7 is not used. Nor is bench seat slot #12 used. Feel free to use Minsc from slot #7 where Strix is located until Strix from slot #11 is available. Arkhan from slot #12 is not used because we have enough tanks to handle formations that have 3 front column slots.
  • The formations assume Jarlaxle as the primary damage dealer. Once you can get Strix, feel free to swap Jarlaxle and Strix. Strix will deal more damage than Jarlaxle.
  • Only a couple events have a character who’s formation ability doesn’t mesh with the event’s formation layout (Gazrick’s, for instance). Generally, we still stick characters in slots when their formation abilities do nothing because they still have a global damage boost.
  • Feel free to experiment with your own roster to see if there are improvements. Event champions tend to be more powerful than the starter champions. However, these formations were created so that they could be universally used by players as the champions used in them are currently accessibly by all players at any stage of the game.

A Grand Tour of the Sword Coast: formation – [] 
Tomb of Annihilation: formation – [] 
Waterdeep Dragon Heist: formation – [] 
Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus: formation – [] 
Icewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden: formation – [] 
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: formation – [] 
Trials of Mount Tiamat: formation – [] 
Patron Notes
The given formations can be used as a rough guideline for Mirt, Vajra, and Zariel formations. However, it is probably better to craft more comprehensive formations that incorporate other Evergreen and Event champions beyond the ones used in these formations.

  • The formations are already good to go.


  • Remove Celeste, place Minsc there. Alternatively, purchase Celeste’s CON feat, but it is expensive.
  • Remove Jarlaxle, place Azaka there (you have Azaka by now, right?).


  • Strahd is difficult because only 6 of the starter champions (7 with Celeste’s INT feat) qualify. Some gaps will need to be filled in by the player using event champions.
  • Purchase Celeste’s INT feat.
  • Place Tyril in Evelyn’s slot using the Wild Shape specialization.
  • Add Asharra in Jarlaxle’s position with the Potpourri specialization.
  • Place Jarlaxle somewhere in the formation.
  • Fill in the 3 remaining slots with event champions from bench slots 1, 3, 5, 7, or 12. On Sword Coast formation, Makos can be added.


  • Remove Bruenor, place Azaka there.
  • Remove Celeste.
  • On Sword Coast, move Tyril to Celeste’s spot and add Makos.
  • Add someone else you have from slot 1, 2, or 7 that qualifies if any blank spaces exist.


Universal Formations – Events (Spring)

Event Universal Formation Assumptions

  • All recruit character event variants are done first.
  • At least e8 favor is obtained before trying the zone 75, zone 125, or zone 175 variants.
  • The event variants beyond the recruit character event variants allow using the recruited character (as it is sometimes required).

Nrakk – formation – [] 
Nrakk: Unlikely Allies – zone 1-25 – []  26-50 – []  51-75 – []  76-100 – []  101-125 – []  126-150 – []  151-175 – [] 
Aila – formation – [] 
Aila: Starve Them Out – formation – [] 
Aila: Ride the Storm – formation – [] 
Melf – formation – [] 
Melf: Honorable Discharge – zone 1-25 – []  26-75 – [] 
Melf: The Problem Solvers – formation – []  * Probably best to wait until you have e10 favor to attempt
Melf: Wheat from the Chaff – formation – [] 
Orkira – formation – [] 
Orkira: Wise Warriors Wait – formation – [] 
Orkira: Volo’s Guide to Orkira – formation – [] 
Orkira: Flayer Whispers – formation – [] 
Gazrick – formation – [] 
Gazrick: Cool Comrades – formation – [] 
Gazrick: Brain Freeze – formation – [] 
Gazrick: Armored Assault – formation – [] 
The Running
Catti-brie – formation – [] 
Catti-brie: Critter Companions – zone 1-25 – []  26-50 – []  51-75 – []  76-100 – []  101-125 – [] 
Spurt – formation – [] 
Spurt: Delusions of Grandeur – formation – [] 
Krydle – formation – [] 
Krydle: Split Up – formation – [] 
Krydle: The Early Bird Gets the Acorn – formation – [] 
Krydle: Krydle’s Posse – formation – []  * Probably best to wait for e12 favor before trying
Shaka – formation – [] 
Shaka: Shaka Variants – formation – [] 
Dungeon Master – formation – [] 
Dungeon Master: Revenge of Venger – formation – [] 
Dungeon Master: Ultimate Madness – formation – [] 
Dungeon Master: It’s Tiamat, the Dragon! – formation – [] 
The Great Modron March
Evelyn – formation – [] 
Evelyn: (Hu)man vs. Machine – formation – [] 
Qillek – formation – [] 
Qillek: Messenger of Hope – formation – [] 
Jaheira – formation – [] 
Jaheira: An Unkindness of Ravens – formation – [] 
Jaheira: The Backwards Modron – formation – [] 
Mehen – formation – [] 
Mehen: The Elusive Bounty – formation – [] 
Mehen: Volo’s Guide to Grumpy Guys – formation – []  * At least e11 favor recommended before attempting
Nordom – formation – [] 
Nordom Variants – formation – [] 
Nordom: A Lawful Lot of Champions – formation – []  * e9 favor minimum recommended
Nordom: Core Strength – formation – []  * Minimum e11 favor recommended
Binwin – formation – [] 
Binwin: Binwin’s Minions – zones 1-20 – []  21-40 – []  41-60 – []  61-80 – []  81-100 – [] 
Korth – formation – [] 
Korth: It’s All Going to Be OK – formation – []  * Do not attempt with lower than e8 favor
Korth: Korth’s Kobold Kleanup Krew – formation – [] 
Nova – formation – [] 
Nova: Failed Perception – formation – [] 
Nova: Dolgrim Incursion – formation – []  * Do not attempt with less than e15 favor, or use a larger roster
Selise – formation – [] 
Selise: Let Sleeping Dragons Lie – formation – [] 
Selise: Tears of Tyr – formation – [] 
Selise: The Endless Claws – formation – [] 
Merliwen – formation

Universal Formations – Events (Summer)

Founder’s Day
Deekin – formation – [] 
Deekin: Spectator Sport – zones 1-25 – []  26-50 – []  51-75 – [] 
Walnut – formation – [] 
Walnut: Close Quarters Combat – formation – [] 
Walnut: Aww, Hells Nuts – formation – [] 
Freely – formation – [] 
Freely: Team Smrt Defense Team – formation – [] 
Freely: Live Free – formation – [] 
Sgt. Knox – formation – [] 
Sgt. Knox: Neverwinter Defenders – formation – [] 
Sgt. Knox: Afterparty – formation – [] 
Sgt. Knox: Blast from the Past – formation – [] 
Nahara – formation unknown
Xander – formation – [] 
Xander: Waterdeep Escort – formation – [] 
Xander: Street Smarts – formation – [] 
Shandie – formation – [] 
Shandie: Dreams of Grandeur – formation – [] 
Shandie: Stay Back – formation – [] 
Shandie: Haunted Past – formation – [] 
Beadle & Grimm – formation – [] 
Beadle & Grimm: Showoffs – formation – [] 
Ellywick – formation – [] 
Ellywick: Pixie Trickery – formation – [] 
Ellywick: Fey Harmonies – formation – [] 
Ellywick: Draconic Dissonance – formation – [] 
???- formation unknown
Ahghairon’s Day
Ishi – formation – [] 
Ishi: No Humans Allowed – formation – [] 
Jim – formation – [] 
Jim: Magical Misadventures – formation – [] 
Jim: Center of the Multiverse – formation – [] 
Omin – formation – [] 
Omin: Lords of Waterdeep – formation – [] 
Omin: Vajra’s Command – formation – [] 
Omin: Fortune Favors the Bold – formation – []  * e10 favor minimum recommended
Prudence – formation – [] 
Prudence: Spider Climb – formation – [] 
Prudence: Gleefully Evil – formation – [] * e12 favor minimum recommended
Prudence: Pure Hunger – formation – [] 
??? – formation unknown
Wulfgar – formation – [] 
Wulfgar: Little Eyes are Lurking – zone 1-25 – []  26-50 – []  51-75 – [] 
Wulfgar: Father and Son – formation – [] 
Turiel – formation – [] 
Turiel: Iron Stomach – formation – [] 
Turiel: Army of Bahamut – formation – [] 
Turiel: DPS’s Day Off – formation – []  * e11 minimum favor recommended
Lazaapz – formation – [] 
Lazaapz: I Got This…? – formation – [] 
Lazaapz: Short Force Leader – formation – [] 
Corazon – formation – [] 
Corazon: A Pirate’s Curse, Grease the Wheels – formation – [] 
Corazon: Haunted by the Past – 1-25 – []  26-50 – []  51-75 – []  76-100 – []  101-125 – []  126-150 – []  151-175 – [] 
??? – formation unknown

Universal Formations – Events (Fall)

Stoki – formation – [] 
Stoki: The Farmer’s Kids – formation – [] 
Farideh – formation – [] 
Farideh: It’s Quite A Puzzle – formation – [] 
Farideh: Time to Step Up – formation – [] 
Pwent – formation – [] 
Pwent: Somebody’s Poisoned The Well! – formation – [] 
Torogar – formation – [] 
Torogar: An Abyssal Mess – formation – [] 
Torogar: CONfirmed Sighting – formation – [] 
Torogar: The Dark Order Arrives – formation – [] 
D’hani – formation – [] 
D’hani: Bullywug Brawl – formation – [] 
Liar’s Night
Krond – formation – [] 
Donaar – formation – [] 
Donaar: The Chaotic Decisionist – formation – [] 
Avren – formation – [] 
Avren: Costumed Fans – formation – [] 
Avren: The Clone War – formation – [] 
Ezmerelda – formation – [] 
Ezmerelda: The Devil You Know – formation – [] 
Brig – formation – [] 
Brig: Dueling Bards – formation – [] 
Brig: Discordant Melodies – formation – [] 
Feast of the Moon
Gromma – formation – [] 
Gromma: A Grand Nandventure – formation – [] 
Vlahnya – formation – [] 
Vlahnya Variants – formation – [] 
Sentry – formation – [] 
Sentry Variants – formation – [] 
Penelope – formation – [] 
Penelope: Half-Full Outlook – formation – [] 
Penelope: Half-Pint Friends – formation – [] 
Widdle – formation – [] 
Widdle Variants – formation – [] 
Dhadius – formation – [] 
Dhadius: Light in the Darkness – formation – [] 
Dhadius: A Wise Endeavor – formation – []  * e11 favor minimum may be recommended
Warden – formation – [] 
Warden: Unspeakable Horrors – zone 1-100 – []  101-150 – []  151-175 – [] 
Krull – formation – [] 
Krull: Spoiled Staples – formation – [] 
Krull: Master Plaguebringer – formation – [] 
Lucius – formation – [] 
Lucius: No Rest for the Gifted – formation – [] 
Lucius: Udderly Deadly – formation – [] 
Lucius: Lucius’ Bedtime Stories – formation – []  * At least e10 favor recommended
Yorven – formation – [] 
Yorven: Raven Swarm – formation – [] 
Yorven: Fangclaw – formation – [] 
Yorven: Raven Queen’s Memories – formation – []  * At least e9 favor recommended

Universal Formations – Events (Winter)

Barrowin – formation – [] 
Barrowin: Only the Strong Survive – formation – [] 
Nerys – formation – [] 
Nerys: Waterdhavian Party – zones 1-25 – []  26-50 – []  51-75 – []  76-100 – []  101-125 – [] 
Artemis – formation – [] 
Artemis: The Infamous Assassin – formation – [] 
Artemis: Designation: Hostile – formation – [] 
Artemis: Fan Club – formation – []  * Minimum e11 favor recommended
Baeloth – formation – [] 
Baeloth: Watchful Eyes – formation – [] 
Baeloth: The More the Merrier! – formation – [] 
Viconia – formation – [] 
Viconia: Wandering Patrols – formation – [] 
Viconia: Think About It – formation – [] 
Viconia: Snarky Map – formation – [] 
Regis – formation – [] 
Regis: Deadwinter Date – formation – [] 
K’thriss – formation – [] 
K’thriss: Velvet’s Midwinter Adventure – formation – [] 
Morgaen – formation – [] 
Morgaen: Careful Positioning – formation – [] 
Talin – formation – [] 
Talin: Once Upon a Gazer – formation – [] 
Talin: Deadwinter Dodge – formation – []  * Minimum e13 favor recommended
Rust – formation – [] 
Rust: Gold Devourer, Heads or Tails – formation – [] 
Rust: Deadwinter Drama – formation – [] 
Grand Revel
Birdsong – formation – [] 
Birdsong: Three’s a Crowd – formation – [] 
Paultin – formation – [] 
Paultin: Flowers for Nanny Pu-pu – formation – [] 
Paultin: Grand Revel Rock Band – formation – [] 
Havilar – formation – [] 
Havilar: Odd Ones Out – formation – [] 
Havilar: Nightmare Scenario – formation – [] 
Hew Maan – formation – [] 
Hew Maan: Kobolds in Trench Coats! – formation – [] 
Hew Maan: More Dead Than Hew Maan – formation – [] 
Hew Maan: Hit ’em fast, Hit ’em hard – formation – [] 
Vi – formation – [] 
Vi Variants – formation – [] 
Zorbu – formation – [] 
Zorbu: The Shipwright’s Ball – formation – [] 
Black Viper – formation – [] 
Black Viper: Tightfisted Foes – formation – [] 
Sisaspia – formation – [] 
Sisaspia: Shattered Shields – formation – [] 
Sisaspia: The Suspicious Shipment – formation – [] 
Sisaspia: Seas of Sickness – formation – [] 
Orisha – formation – [] 
Orisha: Umberlee’s Abyssal Adventure – formation – [] 
Orisha: Volo’s Guide to Umberlee – formation – [] 
Orisha: Sirens Sound Check – formation – [] 
Desmond – formation – [] 
Desmond: Full Moon Madness, New Moon Nemesis – formation – [] 
Desmond: Strength to Persevere – zone 1-175 – []  * Minimum e11 favor recommended
Festival of Fools
Strix – formation – [] 
Strix: Like Father Like Son – zone 1-25 26-50 51-75 76-100 101-125 126-150 151-175
Rosie – formation – [] 
Rosie: A Lighter Touch – formation – [] 
Briv – formation – [] 
Briv: Nerves of Steel – formation – [] 
Briv: A Delicious Diversion – formation – [] 
Alyndra – formation – [] 
Alyndra: Future Sight – formation – [] 
Alyndra: Knowledge Over Power – formation – []  * Minimum e13 favor recommended
Tatyana – formation – [] 
Tatyana Variants – formation – [] 

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This is all for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Full Walkthrough and Gameplay hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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