Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Guide for Modron Automation Useful Info

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Guide for Modron Automation Useful Info 1 -
Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Guide for Modron Automation Useful Info 1 -

This guide is for a Modron Automation based in two speed champions: Briv and Hew Maan.
Main goal of this guide is give help and tips for optimze your automated run, only with resources provided by the game itself, to the point that player active interaction should be non-existent.
*This formation is indicated for be your active party, may not work offline, sorry.

Basic explanations

This automation is based in Briv and Hew Maan because investing considerable high amount of ilvls in their equipment, their speed bonus can become really juicy.
Fourth slot item for Briv give extra chance to skip next area, but with huge ilvl, it turns to grant skip several areas after each area played, at cost of 1 single jump, until he run out of stacks. Stacks are gained, for next run, each time Briv get hit in current run. We get all loot from areas skipped this way.
And fourth slot item for Hew Maan, with enough ilvls, multiply the quest counter for complete areas played. For example, an area requires “defeat 25 enemies”, Hew Maan does each defeated enemy counts as several enemies at once. This only work if Zrang is top kobold (when Hew Maan is positioned in front column/s) and effect is greater for each champion adjacent to Hew Maan.
Other champions in formation are speed champions too, they help, but in lesser way than two main champions. These other champions no need we invest any single ilvl on them.

Detailed explanations

Speed Modron Core: first requirement for create automations is level up an equipped Modron to a given party slot. Speed Modron is the best indicated for this automation.
Mad Wizard Free Play: its fastest adventure/free play when spawning enemies, also has very few armored enemies. The downside is it has some areas where completion requires one single quest item dropped by enemies, areas where Hew Maan speed ability is not so effective (same than boss areas); but spawning speed well worth this downside (downside which we can find in any other adventure too).
Familiars: total 13 familiars (maybe few less/more in determinated circumstances).
· 5 familiars in the field because we get 2 lesser speed buffs, if you really not have enough familiars try set a minimum of 3 for get 1 single speed buff.
· 1 familiar leveling click damage.
· 6 familiars leveling champions.
· 1 familiar in single ultimate attack to be determined later.
Champions: Deekin, Sentry, Briv, Shandie, Hew Maan, Melf.
· Deekin speed ability does enemies spwan faster as less enemies are in screen, while killing with click damage and after with champions his ability should be working; but when we reach end of run for farm Briv’s stacks we will lose this buff (also it’s lost temporally by casting his ultimate).
· Sentry gives a chance for decrease next area completion requirements when she isn’t attacked in current area, this will be full run because she will not be in front column. Also, being a tank champion, will provide more maximum life to Briv.
· Briv is one of two main champions here like explained in previous guide’s section.
· Shandie will provide augmented game speed while champions are not under attack after a short delay; but, like it happens with Deekin, we will lose this buff when farming Briv’s stacks at end of run.
· Hew Maan is the other main champion also explained in previous section.
· Melf is possibly best speed champion in this formation after 2 main ones, provide random speed buff choosen between 3 options (mulitispawn, sapwning speed, multiple quest progress) during each 50 areas progressed. But he has a downside, for this automation, which can make vary stacks gained each run. If you are planning try swap 1 of these champions for a possible new one, then Melf is the most indicated for be removed.
Specialization, Equipment and Feats:
· Deekin has 1 speed feat (Overconfidence) and speed specialization is Boss Wants Speed, equipment no provide speed so no need invest ilvls.
· Sentry hasn’t speed feat and speed specialization is Echo’s Will, 3rd slot item increases the chance for her speed ability, but no worth invest ilvls because would need a considerable amount that is better spent in main champions.
· Briv hasn’t speed feat and speed specialization is Metalborn, 4th slot item should be leveled as high as possible for skip as many areas as possible each jump (for make an idea: normal Epic item 1000ilvl grants skip 1 area + 50% chance for skip a second area, and each new area skip requires double ilvls than previous area skip), before do this is highly suggested get Epic rarity for all his items, this will help not waste ilvls in equipment that has limit like ultimate coldown slot. It’s recommended have the chance close to entire areas for have more control about situation, and a good goal would be the closest chance to skip 4 areas each jump, this way we could skip all boss areas (slow areas) while he has stacks for continue jumping; to the point that could worth have only 3 familiars in the field and save other 2 for another formation.
· Shandie hasn’t speed feat and speed specialization is Ranger Training, equipment no provide speed, same than Deekin.
· Hew Maan has 2!! speed feats (Walking Lessons, We’re a Treant!) and specialization isn’t speed based, 4th slot item should be leveled around 950ilvl with normal Epic (way more without feats) like optimised point where quest progress counts as 9 times and 3 enemies killed allow to advance next area in the worst situation (can require even fewer enemies taking in count other sources); leveling further sure is better but its good point for stop and eventually, if very lucky, get a shiny in this slot and could complete areas by killing 2 enemies at max. Also same tip than given for Briv about Epic items.
· Melf has 1 speed feat (Rushed Plans) and speed specialization is Extra Supplements, 4th slot item buffs his speed ability but no need much investment, only invest few ilvls if you are satisfied with ilvls of two main champions.
Formation: we must have Briv in front column and Hew Maan must be in second column with as many adjacent champions as possible (4 in this formation). Other you can set at your taste, but I would like suggest position Deekin alone in back column for he doesn’t disturb buffing any adjacent champion at the end run, when we start farming Briv’s stacks, and we should can calculate better our reset area.
Global upgrades: I suggest have as many global buffs (blessings, perks, modron level, achievements…) as possible and also have enough Torm’s favor for reach champion level cap before start farming Briv’s stacks. I suggest this because our determined reset area will need less maintenance for longer time.
Speed potion automation: this is totally optional; but at some point you will have bought best gem items around and then you could buy gold chests with gem income, this plus natural chest drops and free codes should make sustainable automate a 15 minutes speed potion in area 1. But I suggest use this option only when this formation would be the active party for long time.

Key point: find best area for automate reset

This is your part of homework if you want try follow this guie, nobody can do for you. This step requires some trial and error for find a “carefully balanced” point (which will require some periodical maintenance as you progress in the game); this can be achieved in few runs or take several hours without find a very satisfying result; it’s up to you continue or not.
I continue for who want try:
There are diverse forms for kill enemies when farming Briv’s stacks at final part of run, for this guide I choosen kill these last areas enemies by automating with a familiar one of the ultimates availables in this formation because we have a more predictable result this way and less variation between differents runs. Take in count each ultimate has different damage and each one will need their own reset area.
An important point here is that Briv’s stacks gained in current run augment champions damage slowly, this will extend for a few more areas the process for find our desired reset area.
Worst part will be get stopped at some boss area where boss (without being marked by Melf’s Righteous Determination ability) can need 3 or 4 ultimate casts for advance next area, reached this point we, prefferably, should avoid fight next boss and set automation reset in these areas between these 2 bosses. Can be even better, for no lose extra time, set reset area before these 2 bosses if Briv has reasonable amount of stacks for next run at this point.
Which ultimate? The higher coldown the more time Briv is getting hit, the more damage the further area available, single target, multitarget… there is many things to take in count and best to do is try it out in practice run.
I would like suggest start with Hew Maan ultimate, which is single target and should be some buffed by leveled equipment, because it gives a speed buff for some seconds when casted during all run.
If you no like result, can try other ultimate less leveled but with higher coldown; i wouldn’t skip Deekin ultimate for speed lost, this lost is perfectly affordable if we get better result about farming stacks.
Well, try different ultimates for check best result for you. Your goal is not go faster or further (if yes then the better), your goal is, by idling this formation, farm enough Briv’s stacks in current run for next run continue jumping until the closest area (and stop jumping there) where you start farming stacks again; very, very “carefully balanced”. Good luck!

Possible troubles

I will try solve some hypothetical troubles in this section:
I have high variation of farmed stacks between different runs.
– This can be caused by Melf’s random based abilities, he does some random enemies take more damage from ultimates, try swapping him for another speed champion like, for example, Havilar (her speed ability requires active interaction by casting her ultimate 1 single time, but when is working it’s noticiable).
My Briv continues jumping during end run areas and farm way less stacks for next run.
– Set reset area 1 area early, maybe 2 areas.
No! I better want more champion damage for reach some further.
– Free option: all 6 champions are elegible for Vajra Patron runs, can get some damage buff this way at no cost.
– More familars option: we have 3 empty slots in formation so you can add up to three more champions for get more champion damage, if you want try this solution i suggest start with Havilar (who is a tank and will give more life to Briv) or Korth also considered speed champions.
– Can combine previous options for find what fits better for you (Havilar can be elegible for Vajra through a feat). And if at some point you need very little damage buff i would say try adding a DPS champion, for this it’s perfect use Black Viper who will apport a little plus to the farming sense.
– In last instance, you can upgrade Epic equipment to Legendary, but I would avoid this option for a farming automated formation.
In my case Briv stops jumping very early and distance until stacks farming areas is long.
– Best solution for this is level up ilvls for skip more areas each jump.
Sure, but impossible now, better I need less champion damage.
– Can try set a minimum of 5 champions formation, removing Melf, Deekin or Shandie, or maybe 2 of them and add Havilar if need more life for Briv; also need 1 familiar less this way.
– Your Speed Modron Core gives considerable range of champion damage, you can try skipping damage outputs until you find your desired champions damage.
Now champions damage seems fine, but I do too much click damage now.
– Speed Modron Core has gold find outputs too, can try skipping them, but this range is way lower than damage range.
– Can remove the familiar leveling click damage, but this option is speed penalty unless you automate a fire breath potion in area 1, which should expire before reach your stacks farming areas.
– Or can try kill enemies with clicks instead of an ultimate at very end run, but this way is a bit more variable and less predictable than fix damage of an ultimate.
– Or, very ugly option I don’t suggest (but it’s still an option), you can reduce your Torm’s favor by leveling Legendary equipment.

Related new game content after this guide was created

Currently nothing here.

Comments section is open for everyone. Thanks for reading!!

My last suggestion is keep an eye in comments section, sure other players can apport different or better ideas here.
I tried my best in all this theory guide, in practice it is doable but will require farm for very long time (last tip: patience is key). I hope you liked or found it useful. Thanks and good luck farming!

Written by CommanderGreven

This is all for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Guide for Modron Automation Useful Info hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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