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This is a quick guide of some story deaths that I have witnessed and how to avoid other catastrophes like overthrowing Governor Lum. Plus… reconciling Tang, Dys!


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Tammy's Money

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Pretty straightforward because it requires reloading memory, but I will try to avoid methods which requires reloading/new playthrough in this.

If you're on the first playthrough, reloading the save can save her. The option is available in the second playthrough. Instead of going to the cotton candy, you should run to her.

Uncle Tonin is Saved

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To save uncle Tonin, you need to unlock expedition choice to sneak out of the colony. 

This can be done by having at minimum 10 relationships with Dys in order to unlock it as soon as possible. You can also wait until you talk to Uncle Tonin. Dys will help you out.
During the second-year's Wet Season, You can sneak out of the colony, and you can go to Uncle Tonin to find Dys. You can find it at the bottom of the map. Try to distract it To give him a chance of survival.

Saving Mom

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This is a bit of a tricky one. I recommend doing it with the one below so you won't have to do more exploration than necessary.

Idealerweise, it will Forage in the valley As soon as possible, get rid of it. The!> event The map. It should be the event in which you discovered that the ground was edible spongecake. It could be random as I've seen it in different locations.
You must also Do all the events on this valley map to gain food point and keep track the food reserve at Command, the blue building near Marz.

Saving Dad

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Thanks Spookie for helping me with this one! You need to forage at the valley during pollen season.

Do it as soon possible. You can combine this with saving mother. Go to In the lower right corner of this map, you will see an!> event Collect the spores . You don't have the right to go in. It will end the expedition abruptly.
Afterwards, go do an engineering event Talk to Chief Instance and Tang about your cure. Your dad should be saved after you have helped them with their cure. You don't have the need to do this in replay. They can just hear the cure.

Dyslexia "Savings"

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This is a bit convoluted since I haven't understood the entire deal of his "death" yet but it is possible for Dys to "die" as an individual since he will assimilate with the Gardener's consciousness.

You can either avoid this or Stop him from leaving at all by (1 – He may be interested in you dating him, or you might have a high (90-degree) relationship with him (2 – Has high empathy and success in the mini game check.
However, you can still use the aforementioned if you wish. Let him continue with his plan You can find him by calling surveying the ridge. You must do All three events that led to the investigation of the!> at ridge's bottom left You can use the map to locate him before the bombing, as all three of these are familiar with Dys. It is essential to have low stress levels during the second event.

  • The cave entrance is located at the first one.
  • The second is where you will need a series of stress checks to reach a deeper level of consciousness.
  • The third is to find a new space.

Optional: I agree with Sym that you should return to Ridge and stand on the right.

  • During the 7th Year, you can watch a scene in which you learn about Dys’ augment and get to tease Dys about a kiss).
  • In the 8th, Sym can have a conversation about the gardener. Dys will ask Sym if he is interested in becoming one at the end.

He should be at the Same position as in the!> event at bottom left . If you have Symmetrical relationship with Sym: high (80 You can convince Dys to stop.
You can convince Dys not to come back as friend (also requires high (90) relationship, I think since I haven’t tested)), or you can tell Dys your love and ask him to come back.

Stopping Tangent, Instance

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GetTangent's conversation about her current project with Instance to trigger this chain of events.

Engineering allows you to trigger an event in which Instance sees you leaving but leaves the lab door open. If you haven’t done much engineering, it may take a few attempts before this event triggers. There are three options for stat-checking once you have it.

  • Search the files:Requires50 Organizing for unlock.
  • Search the computer: Requires 50 engineering to unlock.
  • To study the creatures better, you will need to perform experimentsRequires 50 Biology

Once you are done, Tangent can start a conversation. You must choose "I know about the engineered pest" It is up to you to confront her about it. You will then be subject to a skill assessment. Tangent can be asked to end a high (90 – relationship.
Lum can support you if you don’t have her support. You can also take your evidence to Lum and threaten to expose Lum. Select "But I have evidence!" I will tell everyone!" He must be stopped immediately.

Overthrowing Lum / Becoming a Gorvernor

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Overthrowing Lum requires you to be in year 17 of the game for this chain of events to get into motion. I think you also need a high relationship with Marz for this.



(0 – Always select tosave Eudicot for an additional vote
(1 – Spending time at the Commands (blue building) get Secret Funtimes Club (SFC) events . This chain starts with the one in which you can recruit a Helios boy. Picking one of Nomi and Rex will get you the other Also, I recommend that you do so. Vace might be a bad choice because he is loyal to Helios.
(2 – You will After the dance, get a SFC ticket Where you can suggest that Lum is overthrown
(3 – At Mid Dust, year 18,, Marz attends another event where she expresses disgust at the governor. Afterwards, Another governing action is required to trigger a new SFC Event .
(3.5 – If you wish to be a governor, persuasion (100) or rebellion (70+) will be required.

Added by steam user Seer in the comment:An additional facet to becoming governor is your relationship with Marz. When the plan for the coup is revealed, you have an option for supporting Marz or if you have 100 persuasion and 70 rebel you can convince Marz to let you run. You can still become governor if you support Marz by asking the council for support, but this ultimately creates a strained relationship between the two of you.

22A01209232If your loyalty is high (70+), or you have persuasion (100), you can be granted the governor job by convincing Seeq to grant it to you. This helps you to dig up information about Lum.
Everything should then be simple. You will need the unanimous support from the chiefs across the broad. I recommend you leave Aunt Anne alone. She won't be supportive of you until you win the majority.
These are the people that you must convince

  • Mom/Cal (Geoponics)
  • Utopia (Explorations
  • Rhett (Garrison)
  • (Engineering)
  • Seeq + Eudicot ()
  • Aunt Anne (Quarters)

You can either support Marz, or you can help to make Marz the governor by speaking with the chiefs. If Marz becomes the governor you will be offered the assistant position. You can give Marz your position as the gorvernor or let Seeq keep yours.

Tang and Mending Dys

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Alternative title: Make them reconcile faster! This is the guide towards an illustration so I think it's pretty nifty. 

This requires The Quarters offers a barista job These should be available as As early as year 16 if you unlock Rex’s bar . This article will tell you a little bit about their mom's past. Before she died, she was the previous Counselor.
It'll continue to work at the cafe until it triggers all the event sequences. It's Tang > Dys> Tang> Dys> Tang & Dys. When you get them all together, the CG and siblings will be reconciled.


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