SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Guide to 7 advanced maneuvers

SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Guide to 7 advanced maneuvers 1 -
SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Guide to 7 advanced maneuvers 1 -

– This guide will teach you 7 advanced maneuvers that aren't covered in the in-game tutorial.
This tutorial is based in Sharpshooter. You can also do it with other roles, but some actions you can't do with MS.

1. Introduction

SD Gundam Battlealiance offers in-game tips via the Library menu. Unfortunately, many in-game features cannot be found in tutorials and there are many hidden features. This guide will help you discover many hidden and unwritten features within the game.
This guide is based upon Sharpshooter MS GP03S. However, many MS can perform advanced maneuvers. Unfortunately some features are not possible for all MS.
You won't be able to perform if you're not a Sharpshooter.
– Shooting Cancel
– Sub 1 <-> Sub 2 Cancel
Your MS might not be capable of performing.
– Cancellation of special attack jump
– Charged jump special attack landing cancellation
– Perfect Standard Quick Cancel

2. Video Tutorial

YouTube player

The following section will be explained in plain text.

3. Advanced Maneuvers

  • Build & Spec
    – MS: GP03S
    Role – Sharpshooter
    – Skills – Mind's Eye/Medic / Identify
    – Parts- 4x Sidestep Incerability Up 0.01s/HP/HP/Range / Melee
  • Standard Combo without Quick Cancel
    – Command
    Standard – Standard – Sidestep – Standard – Standard – Sidestep
    Pros – Simple and Easy
    Cons : Very low balance damage and lowest DPS
    This combo is not possible in hard mode. Every enemy has high hyper armour, so they will ignore your standard attacks and counterattack you immediately after you have performed standard attack.
  • Perfect Standard Quick Cancel
    Standard – Sidestep
    Perfect Standard Quick Cancel stands to cancel standard attack quickly with applied damage
    If your standard attack has caused damage to your target, you can also cancel your quick cancel.
    Pros: Fast recovery time, initial attack for highest DPS combo
    Cons 1 – 50% of boost guage intake
    Cons 2 – Many Infighter and Sharpshooter MS types can't do this. Most Multi-role MS can only perform this while they are on their role-action buff. This (Ex is only possible for a few MS. GM Sniper , GP03s etc..)
  • Cancel Combo 1 : Initial Cancel Backstab
    (C) stands for Quick Cancel Order
    Standard – Jump (C) – Forward Sidestep
    Initial combo for the backstab location. This combo will place your MS right behind your target, and your next attack will be considered as an (1.33x Damage).
  • Cancel Combo 2 : Special Cancel Combo
    (C) stands for Quick Cancel Order
    Special – Jump C) (- Charged Special- Landing C) (Y – Standard Charged – Shooting C ()
    Ground Combo can be used for charged or chain special attacks. It is a non-sub attack and has a very high DPS as well as balance damage. This combo also consumes a very low boost guage. You can also change your position with an extra sidestep between quick cancel.
  • Cancel Combo #3 : Full Backstab Cancel Combo
    (C) stands for Quick Cancel Order
    Standard – Jump C14Y) Forward Sidestep – Charged special – Land C14Y) Special Jump () Special Charged special – Landing C14Y) Standard – Shooting C14Y)
    This Combo 1+2 Full combination. It has high dps, and is safe to chain against high balance targets such as hard mode enemies. You can keep staggering your target and you can also applice a fairly high amount DPS with low-cost boost gauge.
  • Cancel Combo 4 High DPS Burst Combo
    – Command
    (C) Stands For Quick Cancel Command
    Standard – Sidestep (C) – Shooting – Standard – Sidestep (C) – Shooting
    This combo has 2.5x higher burst DPS (than the standard combination). However, it will drain your entire boost gauge. You should choose carefully when you use this high-burst combo. I recommend this combo for stunned targets with very low HP.
  • Cancel Combo 5 Aerial Cancel Backstab Combo
    (C) stands for Quick Cancel Order
    Launch (charged Special)- Jump (C)- Standard-Forward Sidestep (C)- Standard-Standard – Sidestep Standard-Standard – Charged special – Landing C14YC)- Shooting
    This combination will be considered aerial + backstab. Basedamage * 1.33x* 1.20x will apply. This combination will allow you to defeat any enemy non-boss in hard mode.
  • Shooting Sidestep Cancel
    Shooting – Sidestep – Sidestep – Shooting – Sidestep – Sidestep
    (Sidestep can still be performed between each shot up to five times.)
    (You can do this maneuver while you reload.)
    Chain-sidestep can be performed as often as you wish. My personal preference is 1.5x speed for boost gauge exhaustion. This is only used against bosses, and I don't think it's possible to use it against non-boss types.
  • Sidestep Guard Cancel
    Sidestep – Guard
    Sidestep's end will mark the beginning of your guard timing. Not right after sidestep's starting moment.
    This will increase your sidestep distance by using an inertia affect and protect you from guard command. This is a great way to protect my MS and boost my boost gauge when I'm facing a ranged enemy.


4. Good Luck!

There are many more features to discover. I hope this was helpful and I wish you a lot of fun! Thank you!


Written by Meep

This is all for SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Guide to 7 advanced maneuvers hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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