Growing Up Basic Guide for Career Endings and Skills

Growing Up Basic Guide for Career Endings and Skills 1 -
Growing Up Basic Guide for Career Endings and Skills 1 -

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I tried to categorize the ending career with the skills.

Notice that the order of the ending in the same career path will be written in the order of difficulty.

Computer science: Web developer and Game Dev CEO

Physics in science tree: Eccentric inventor and Nobel Prize Winner

Astronomy in science tree: Space program scientist and Astronauts

Human biology in nature tree: Family doctor and Hospital dean of medicine

Animal biology in nature tree: Local veterinarian and Travelling veterinarian.

Attorney in law tree: Defense lawyer and Supreme court judge.

Politician in the law tree: State senator and USA president.

Football in physical education tree: Famous Football Player

Athlete in physical education tree: Olympic Gold Medalist

Police in Protect&Serve tree: Local sheriff and FBI agent

Army in Protect&Serve tree: Army soldier and General

Cooking: Local bakery baker and Star chef

History in Social Science tree: Museum curator and Exotic Archaeologist

Economics in Social Science tree: Salesman and Real estate owner

Arts: Street artist and Famous Artist

Writing in creative writing tree: TV show writer and Best selling writer

Journalism in creative writing tree: News reporter and Talk show host

Music: Session musician and Rock star

Fashion: Movie custom designer and Haute couture fashion designer

Acting in Cinematography: Soap opera actor and Oscar Winner/Movie star

Directing in Cinematography: Indie documentary Maker and Best movie director

And the normal one without special requirement: School Teacher and Dean of college

There are some careers I am not that sure about, but they should have some relationship with the working activity.

Babysitter and the work Babysitting

Office clerk and the work Store Clerk

Graphic designer and the work Concept Poster Designer

Bartender and the work Waiter

Radio Shaw employee and the work Video game tester

Builder, the one I have no idea.

This is the categorization of 48 endings. I hope this can be helpful, and please edit it and post a new version if you find any mistakes.


Written by Taois a O

Hope you enjoy the post for Growing Up Basic Guide for Career Endings and Skills, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!


  1. By leveling bowling and getting the SAT to A, you can become a world-class bowling star.
    And if you meet Sam and go with him to the observation deck, then a branch of tricks will open, but I could not pump it.

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