Forza Horizon 4 How to Customize Your Own Music for In Game Radio

Forza Horizon 4 How to Customize Your Own Music for In Game Radio 1 -
Forza Horizon 4 How to Customize Your Own Music for In Game Radio 1 -
If you want the in-game radio to play your own music instead, you can try what I did.


The method

So for this you’ll need the Fmod Bank Tools – Aside from that, all you’ll need is some common sense which I trust you have. 
Disclaimer: I do not own the tools (credit goes to the author), or any materials used in this guide. And as always backup your original files before modifying them as no one is liable for it other than you. Also as far as I am aware, its not illegal what I’m doing as I’m not breaking the in game files to gain an unfair advantage unless the beats make you faster. 
1. While so far I have managed to replace the in-game music for one radio channel, the game most likely has some hard coded mashup/DJ thing going where certain parts of the song will keep on repeating until it ends. 
2. While you can replace the text for the display name, I have yet to figure out how to replace the display image. I will update the guide accordingly if I find something new. 
With that out of the way, let’s get into it 
Step 1: So get the Fmod bank tools zip file and extract it to a convenient folder. You should notice two folders in particular “bank” and “wav”. They are important, you’ll notice it as you load up the fmod bank tools that they are set as the default folders. 
Step 2: Locate your FH4 game folder in steam, if you installed it in Local Disk C with default settings it should be ” C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ForzaHorizon4″. From there go to “media” —> “audio” —> “fmodopus” —> “x64”. This is where all the sounds are stored in the bank file format (possible engine sound mods in the future maybe?). 
Step 3: To make sense of what sound is for what, we need to take a step back to the audio folder and open the RadioInfo_EN.xml file using notepad. You’ll have to scroll through a lot of mumbo jumbo that doesnt make sense, at least not yet to me, until you find texts similar to this: 
<RadioStation Name=”Horizon Pulse” Number=”1″> 
<MediaTrackRestrictions /> 
<Bank Name=”R1_Tracks” /> 
<Bank Name=”R1_LFE” /> 
<Bank Name=”R1_Stingers_EN” /> 
<Bank Name=”R1_Stingers_LFE” /> 
<Bank Name=”VO_DJ_01_EN” /> 
<Bank Name=”VO_PDLC1_DJ_01_EN” /> 
<Bank Name=”VO_PDLC2_DJ_01_EN” /> 
From what I can make of it, the songs for the Horizon Pulse channel are stored in the and so far from testing that seems to be the case. Its a similar case with the other channels with their respective bank files. Pick whichever channel or all but do so one by one at a time. 
Step 4: Grab the R1_Tracks or the corresponding bank file you chose and paste a copy in the fmod bank tools “bank” folder. Load up the Fmod Bank tools.exe and click on extract, it should be done within a few minutes and you’ll find the extracts in the “wav” folder. 
Step 5: It stumped me at first, I only found one nameless wav file which contained only one song from the channel. For some reason the tool can’t read the names of the songs or maybe they don’t have one idk, but because of the lack of names, it keeps overwriting the extracted songs with the latter ones so we only end up with just one song. No matter however as beside the wav file, theres a txt file which contains the list of the songs extracted. 
Step 6: But big souprise, the names are also empty here with only the file type what do? Well we can just add our own names in front of the .wav, I’m lazy so I just went with a no. serial. Depending on the channel it could go up to 18 or 20 songs. After you’re done adding your names, save the file. 
Step 7: Grab the wav format of whatever songs you want to add and paste it in the “wav” folder of the fmod bank tools. I don’t need to tell you how to get them. Also you might want to turn down their volume, for some reason they are extra loud in game. Make sure the no. of songs you are adding match with the no. in the txt file, it causes issues. Once you have the songs, change their names to match the ones in the txt file. Make sure to remove the extracted in game song while youre at it, so the final result will contain only the songs you are replacing and the txt file. 
Step 9: Go to step 8 
Step 8: Open up the Fmod bank tools and this time hit on rebuild. If you followed the steps properly it should work just fine, it will open up a CMD screen and show you the progress. If your CMD screen has been blank for a while, you or I messed up somehow, I’m inclined to believe its the former. 
Step 9 The Second: The tool now has created a bank file with the same name as the original but with your jam loaded into it. Copy and paste it where you found the original bank file. If you load up your game after this, it should now play whatever dumb thing like mumble rap or kpop you put in. 
DLC Step: If you want to change the in-game display text for the song names, go to the RadioInfo_EN.xml file and go to the channel you replaced. You should see this below the Radio name details like we saw above: 
<SampleList Type=”Track” Event=”/Master/Radio/Track”> 
<Sample SoundName=”HZ4_R1_Beck_Colors” SampleLength=”12422787″ SampleRate=”48000″ DisplayName=”Colors” Artist=”Beck” TrackStart=”0″ DJDrop=”791552″ TrackDrop=”768107″ TrackBreakDown=”10751744″ TrackLoopStart=”3072046″ TrackLoopEnd=”11134944″ DJSegment=”4607052″ PostRaceLoopStart=”11087794″ PostRaceLoopEnd=”12239741″ StingerStart=”12306816″ DJStart=”12307816″ End=”12422786″ /> 
Just change the name inside the quotes of the DisplayName and it should display whatever you put in. However as we couldn’t access the original song names, we need to trial and error this until the name matches the song currently played because we don’t know which song we replaced, just that its all of them. 

End Results

This is what I got after doing all that 
If for some reason its not working out for you feel free to comment down below, I wont be happy to help. And if it works or you have a better idea or something to improve on, feel free to comment down too. 

Written by Nomad

Here we come to an end for Forza Horizon 4 How to Customize Your Own Music for In Game Radio hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!


  1. If you just want to listen to your own music while playing, you can turn off in game radio and play Soptify in the background. It’s what I do because the radios get repetitive pretty soon.

  2. Guessing this only works for Steam as when i try to paste the modified bank file in the WindowsApps folder it says there’s not enough space

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