Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Viva San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Viva San Andreas 1 -
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Viva San Andreas 1 -

This is an in-depth beginners guide to setting up GTA San Andreas to an optimal state, as well as some bonus quality of life mods to both improve gameplay and visuals!

This guide is inspired by Viva New Vegas []


Video Guide video will not go over any of the Quality of Life mods we’ll discuss later, and also won’t teach you how to configure things such –

Initial Setup + Important Information

This section is one of the most important ones. This will discuss where to install your games, backups, some key terminology, and more.

System Folders Warning

The very very first thing you want to do, is make sure your game will not install into a system folder. These folders include:
Program Files, Program Files x86, and more.
This is due to the Window’s UAC protecting these folders a lot, thus you can’t reliably replace (sometimes delete) files within them.
I’d suggest making a “Games” folder right on your drive, then moving your Steam Library folder there…

Uninstall The Game First

If you’ve yet to install the game one time on your PC, then just ignore this part.
Before you continue the guide, you want everything to be GONE from any previous installs, so head to where it was before, select everything, delete it, then uninstall it via Steam. This way all previous files are gone (any leftover mod files and such) so you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Steam Library Folder

Next, let’s go over making a Steam library folder.
This is so the game will not install into the default Program Files x86 folder (aka a system folder!!)
If you already have this setup outside of a system folder, you can skip this part.
To do this, open Steam, head to Steam>Settings>Downloads>Steam Library Folders>Add Library Folder. Now select a location outside of a system folder.
If you run into an error that says it cannot be installed onto the same drive or anything like that,
you can either
A) try to remove the default location, which I believe will fudge all of your installed games,
B) make a partition, which if you don’t know how to do that, I’d suggest googling it as I don’t have much experience with it,
or C) try and follow this Github link: –




The Steam version is not the greatest. It lacks many modding compatibility due to a majority of modders only working with 1.0, as well as somehow more bugs, and removed songs!
For more information, check out –

The above link is for the downgrader. Download it, then continue.

Find your GTA San Andreas main directory, then open the downgrader with an archiving program, such as 7-Zip.
You should see:

  • SA DowngraderFOLDER
  • install.batFILE
  • jptch.exeFILE

Drag and drop EVERYTHING into your main directory, then run “install.bat”.
This will lead to the game and radio being downgraded to it’s 1.0 state.


This is for installing the absolute essentials for modding, as well as a bug free stable experience.

Download the above link, then continue.

Open the Essentials file with an archiving program, such as 7-Zip.
You should see:

  • modloaderFOLDER
  • bass.dllFILE
    And more.

Drag and drop everything into your main directory, replacing when asked to.
You can exclude the readme files if wanted. You should also read the (remove GameUX) thing if you’re on Windows 7 or below.
I’dhighly advise getting Windows 10 and debloating though:

YouTube player

If you wish to find out what’s inside of this Essentials pack, there’s more information on the download page, but I will give a quick rundown:

  • Requirements for tons of mods: modloader, CLEO, CLEO+, Silent’s ASI Loader
  • The rest are bug fixes and stability.


Quality of Life

Now, let’s go over some of those epic quality of life mods!
Do note that if you want to play SAMP or something, I have yet to test if all of these mods work so try with caution! But mods are easy to install, and uninstall! 😎

If you DO want SAMP, I’d suggest checking out these two mods:



Honestly, I want to include this in the Essentials section, but it takes a bit of configuration if you wish to mod. So I excluded it! This mod does so much to the game, it could legit have it’s own section. I’ll touch on some of the best things though.

Download it, open with archiving program, put the MixSets folder into the modloader folder in your main directory.
This is how most modding works, you just put stuff into the modloader folder. It’s a lil bit more complicated than that, a comprehensive guide can be found –
Now, I’m gonna guide you through configuring this mod. If you wish to skip this, I’d suggest opening the (settings) folder in the mod’s file.
So let’s configure this! Head to your game’s main directory, open modloader>MixSets.
And now, I’d suggest using – to edit this next file. We’ll be editing the MixSets.ini file.

  • Performance – I’d suggest changing ProcessPriority to 5 (default) so the game uses a higher priority. This won’t be TOO useful unless you have a lot of programs on in the background.
    I’d also suggest changing StreamMemory to something higher (especially if you wish to have higher quality textures) to prevent the map from disappearing.
    The max you can use is 2048, the higher you go (from 256, the default) means higher RAM usage, but also less disk usage. I’d recommend putting it on 2048 (max) or 1024 if you have 2 GB or more RAM.
  • Fixes and Improvements – I’d suggest turning everything on except BrakeReverseFix (it’s subjective of course, but I feel as if it feels really weird) as well as NoWayForSiren.
  • Disables – I’d disable tutorials, replay, and idle cam.
    The tutorials are annoying, especially since for some you’re restricted with movement, –
    The replay can become annoying (it’s also pretty bad) for if you use mods, because it can 1) crash your game and 2) the key is incredibly close to the key we use for an upcoming trainer suggestion.
    I just disable idle cam because I don’t idle much and don’t see the point to have it.

I’m done talking about MixSets, as I could go on about it for hours, but if you want to change your graphics or want to disable the handling changes, head further down the .ini file. Those are probably the most subjective things, so I won’t speak more about it.
BUT, I will note that I use 1.1 FOV. It’s a nice addition!

More Bug Fixes & Patches!

Just a ton of fixes, mostly for the map.



Some epic Vanilla+ visuals!

For a general idea as to how my game looks with this setup, check out this flickr album: –



Miscellaneous & Gameplay


And that’s about it.

Ending Notes

Here’s some more links you can head to for more information regarding debugging, as well as just some bonus stuff: – – – –

Hope this guide helped you!
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Viva San Andreas


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