Genesis Noir Walkthrough + Playthrough + New Player Guide [2021]

Genesis Noir Walkthrough + Playthrough + New Player Guide [2021] 1 -
Genesis Noir Walkthrough + Playthrough + New Player Guide [2021] 1 -
Hey you! Welcome to probably one of the shortest games you can complete within a day or two.


A Word or Two

Hey reader, you might be thinking to yourself, why is there an achievement guide for this game? It is a pretty easy to go through on your own and get the achievements yourself. And my answer to you is, why not? It’s nice to clear up for anyone that is playing the game, and it is a good place to shout out some youtubers that played through the game, if anyone is need of help and needs to see a walkthrough, please look down below.

Of course with any achievement guide, there will be spoilers–you have been warned.

The achievements in the game can be placed into two categories: one is for completing the levels, the other is for the two endings of the story. Since this is not a walkthrough of the game, I will leave some links below of those who do.

Without further or do, let’s jump into it!

Achievements Coming from Levels

Out of the 14 achievements that are in this game–12 of them are given after when you complete a level. The names of the achievements comes from the respective level. You can find them in the bullet time zone, going from right to left. With each session of stars (I think they are stars, I don’t know), you have to click through them until one of them becomes a golden diamond. And that is the level!

In order that you will find them in starts with Seeding, Starstruck, Reflections, Hunt, Gather, Thaw, Improvisations, Collision, Orbiting, Voyage, Singularity, and Free Will. If you are playing on your first playthrough, make sure you click through all of the “stars” to find all of them before doing the last one. The last one gives you a warning of some sort because you cannot go back into bullet time–and this part will go into the one of two ending you can choose. Just click through all of them–most of them are dead-ends anyway and don’t require you to play through them. The only ones you play through are the level ones.

After your first playthrough there will be a chapter selection open to you in the main screen. I don’t know if it will unlock everything since I found all the chapters in the very first playthrough. If anyone knows if it does, or if it doesn’t, please comment below :p

Achievements Coming from the Endings

Only 2 of the achievements come from the different endings you chose while playing the game. You will get to chose what ending you want at the very last chapter, Exodus. You can either chose to give the flower to Miss Bang, or throw away the flower and walk away. Each ending has a cut scene, and then you go into the credits! While playing this on your first playthrough, afterwards there will be a chapter select session in the main menu. At that point, you can find the Exodus chapter and go through it and chose the other ending.


The End

Other than that, that is all I got! This game is pretty simple to complete and you can easily achieve within a day or two. I honestly don’t know how to end this guide, so goodbye! I hope this helped in some way, shape, or form! 😀

Written by NotShelbie

This is all for Genesis Noir Walkthrough + Playthrough + New Player Guide [2021] hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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