Fishing Vacation How to Get All Achievements Playthrough Guide

Fishing Vacation How to Get All Achievements Playthrough Guide 1 -
Fishing Vacation How to Get All Achievements Playthrough Guide 1 -

In this guide I will explain how to get every achievement in this game


In this guide I will explain how to get every achievement in this game. I will organize the guide by having a section for each day explaining what achievements are possible in said day or what actions are needed in order to get achievements in upcoming days. let’s get started.
Achievements that are tied to specific endings I will hide as a spoiler.
Some achievements will be tied to more than one specific steps, these achievements will have display the current step out of the total number of steps needed to get the achievement. example: achievement name: (current step/out of total steps) (#/#)

Any and/or Everyday

Right on the money: Make a perfect cast. this one in my opinion is the most annoying one to do, so I would recommend going after other achievements where you’ll probably get this one by accident; if not, then reload the fist day and keep trying.
Worm wrangler: Move the shovel around and spam the X key, You’ll get about 8-12 worms this way, if you don’t get 10, try again the next day.
100% Fishing Vacation: Get every achievements
Fisher? I barely know er!: Catch every possible fish you every day (including prologue) and fish near the lily pads every day as well; once all the fish for the day have been caught continue fishing until you run out of bait. You don’t need to catch every fish, just catch at least 30 different unique catches in a single run.
Mythos researcher (1/2): In the upper left room there is a book that you can read every day before and after fishing; read it until all that’s left is torn pages. (continued on day 3)
Wart defeated: Fish near the lily pads everyday including the night of day 2 (with the exception of the prologue) and catch whatever is near the lily pads until you catch Wart on day 3.


Fish on!: Get your fist catch! that’s it.

Day 1

There is no specific achievement tied to day 1. Day 1 is where you should work on previously mentioned achievements that you need to work on every day and/or anyday.

Day 2 and Night 2

This is where different achievements will branch out away from each other, meaning you’ll have to have multiple playthroughs in order to get the ones you miss.
The head, the tail, the whole damn thing (1/2): Skip going night fishing. (continued on day 3)
New sneaks (1/2): go fishing at night. (continued on day 3)
Ending A/D (1/3): Before you go fishing talk to your friend and listen to his story. Catch every fish until you there is one last shadow spot on the far end of the lake where a hand will grab your line. Once you reel it in you’ll get the first key. (continued on day night 2)
Night 2 and spoilers
New sneaks (1/2): go fishing at night. (continued on day 3)
Ending A/D (2/3): Go night fishing and catch every fish available, when returning to the cabin you will find a trial of eaten fish; search one of the fish for the second key (continued on day 3)
Ending B (1/2): Go fishing at night (continued on day 3)
Ending C: When given the option to go night fishing decline and finish the game

Day 3

Down in the cellar: find all the keys to unlock the cellar. In order to do this you must be on the path of Ending A/D.
The head, the tail, the whole damn thing (2/2): catch all of the fish, the last fish will be the shark.
New sneaks (2/2): Go fishing until you catch the second shoe
Mythos Researcher: You must be on the path to finishing either ending A or D in order to get this. At the end of the cellar is the shrine room where the last remaining pages are, just simply read them
Ending A/D (3/3): Catch the second shoe in order to get the last key to open and explore the cellar. Once you exit the cellar leave the cabin, you’ll be asked to go back inside to find the keys. Once you get the keys you will be attacked by the monster.
Ending A: Escape the game and enjoy the ending
Ending D: Get caught by the monster
Ending B (2/2): Make sure you do not receive all three keys before finishing day 3 and finish the game. This can easily be done by not catching all of the fish on day 2 and not picking up the key on night 2


This was my first guide so let me know if I made any mistakes, typos or how I can improve on this and future guides. Also I hope the dev makes more gameboy style horror games.

Written by DivineWalrus

Here we come to an end for Fishing Vacation How to Get All Achievements Playthrough Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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