Eximius: Seize the Frontline XR Commander & Starter Build Order Playthrough

Eximius: Seize the Frontline XR Commander & Starter Build Order Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Eximius: Seize the Frontline XR Commander & Starter Build Order Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

A basic guide to AXR commander and a starter Build order

Basics of command

When starting as the commander you will still spawn as an officer, to transfer to command mode press “Q”.
This will shift you to the top down command view and grant access to the commander interface.
You will begin every match with 6 Scouts(basic combat/support hybrid infantry) and 3 Demolishers(Combat/Anti structure infantry)
Any of these units can be used to capture Resource Points(RP) and Victory Points(VP)
Scouts are cheap combat infantry that can gain support abilities such as scanner and mine clearing once upgraded via the infantry equipment upgrade.
Demolishers are low tier combat infantry with anti-structure demo packs, they can be upgraded at tier 2 with rocket launchers via the infantry equipment upgrade.
If you are playing with AI officers it is recommended not to assign them infantry.
AXR infantry is quick to produce and relatively cheap, however they can only be built via the HQ which will be busy constructing buildings, unlocking unit upgrades and later constructing vehicles so it is best to keep your HQ working constantly to avoid getting stuck waitng for the HQ build queue to be clear.
to help with managing your units and structures I recommend using the Ctrl groups(Ctrl+[1-9]) this is especially useful for managing your manufacturing structures but is optional.
For controlling infantry you have 2 options
Move or Attack move
depending on which you give will change the units behaviour
Move orders will cause the infantry to prioritise reaching the ordered location, ignoring cover but firing on the move, this is best used to reach a location or to rush a enemy, but keep in mind your infantry will leave themselves exposed while on the move.
Attack move orders (“F” for Attack move orders) will cause infantry to prioritise engaging enemies, if they encounter an enemy they will stop their move order and find cover or attack those enemies, this is better to avoid over extending into enemy forces or keeping at long range.


Commanders have 3 resources to work with
Credits – Core resource used for most purchases
Power – Tech resources used for research and advanced units
Supplies – Support resources used for Call ins and special equipment
You will begin the game with 5000 credits, 1000 Power and 0 Supplies
You can increase your resource income by capturing RPs across the map, each RP displays the relevant resource
Each Credit RP gives +10 Credits
Each Power RP gives +5 Power
Each Supply RP gives +5 Supplies
All + values are provided per second
Any locked down RP gives double resource income, RPs can be locked down by ordering a MULE to lockdown the RP (500 credits and 500 power) or by deploying a Power Reactor near to a RP.
In addition to capturing RPs you can increase your Power income by constructing Power reactors(1400 credits), you may construct a maximum of 4, each one generates +3 Power or +6 if deployed near to an RP, the Reactor will glow white if it is in range while deployed(only 1 reactor per RP).
AXR are a power dependant faction, needing it for both their tech and dedicated combat units, Ironguards.
If you have locked down half the RPs you will find you cannot spend your Credits fast enough to keep up with income.
Do not be disheartened, but whenever your HQ is not busy building queue scouts to make use of the spare credits.
as a rule you can afford to unlock a major tech with around 2000 power and is a better metric for tracking your resource management.
Supplies are related to powerful support powers.

Starter Build order

Access the HQ and order MULE>Power Reactor>Power reactor
Place the Power reactors on your 2 closest/safest RPs
order your Scouts and demolishers to capture RPs, with the first order given for the nearest power RP
Order your MULE to the Power RP and order it to lockdown the RP as soon as it is captured
As soon as you have 1000 power order the fabricator from your HQ
Order the HQ to Build 5 scouts after which build 2 more Power reactors, if you cannot find safe locations to set them up set them up inside your base walls
As soon as you have 2000 power build the research module and place it within your base walls
From here you have 3 upgrade options for the research module


  • Robotics computing module – Unlocks Knight Ironguards(Generalist Heavy infantry) and Heavy infantry upgrades
  • Mechanised computing module – Unlocks Sigma tank(Tank destroyer) and vehicle upgrades
  • Tactical computing module – Unlocks Specialists/Templar(Elite infantry)

However you may also choose to delay this and focus on tier 2 with
Omicron tanks (generalist light tank)
Rook Ironguards (Anti-infantry Heavy infantry)
Demolisher AT weapon upgrades
being available from the research module
The easiest to learn is the Robotics and Ironguard due to their straight forward AI and strong upgrades

Personal suggestions and tips

  • AXR HQ should be producing at all times
  • Ironguards have high DPS but a significant reload time, so lone Ironguard are easily overwhelmed.
  • Ironguard have shorter view range than infantry, be sure to keep scouts nearby to support
  • AXRs primary repair tool is the repair drone, it has a short cooldown and low cost, use them early and use them frequently
  • AXR units benefit greatly from the health upgrades on the HQ(especially tier 3), but you can’t afford them all, only get the upgrades you NEED.
  • AXR’s tankiest unit is the Ironguard Rook, if you need to hold a position use them
  • Ironguard Knights sprint when out of combat and makes them extremely dangerous when coming round corners
  • Omicrons are all round raiders but they need to be constantly micro’d and supported(repair drones)
  • Robotics divisions Ironguard cores are cheaper, faster and lower pop cost than normal Ironguards at the cost of damage and durability, they make for great shocktroops to charge and overwhelm the enemy
  • if you need fighting power ASAP spam Demolishers, they have a very fast production time and when upgraded are able to threaten most targets(but they die really fast)
  • Stealth division’s greatest asset is their phantom drones, keep in mind stealthed units are only detected when:
    -in close proximity
    -In sight range of Point defence turrets
    This means you can kill enemy units without being seen via ambushes(yes, you can shoot without being spotted)


Written by Tren

Here we come to an end for Eximius: Seize the Frontline XR Commander & Starter Build Order Playthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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