Escape Simulator Grisha’s Basement Solution + Hints Walkthrough

Escape Simulator Grisha’s Basement Solution + Hints Walkthrough 1 -
Escape Simulator Grisha’s Basement Solution + Hints Walkthrough 1 -

Solution and hints to the Grisha’s Basement workshop room

Part 1

The Door

Hint1 find 3 keys .
Hint2 the keys are in the jar, behind the barrels and on the ground leaning on the staircase
Hint3 the keys are marked
Hint4 the keys are marked with roman numbers from 1 to 3 (I, II, III)
Solution insert the keys into the lock in the correct sequence – marked by 1, 2, 3
When you enter the room, with the door behind your back, there are 2 drawers on the left (and a large box with 8 drawers but they are already open). On the right there’s a chessboard, two drawers and a glass cupboard.

Left Top Drawer – 4 number lock

Hint1 find 4 pickables books
Hint2 books: on the boxes in the left corner next to door, on the jar next to chest, on the desk, on the barrel in the right corner next to desk
Hint3 on top of the drawers there’s a white square. Place books in the correct order in it
Solution1 when placed correctly there’s a letter G formed on the side of the books
Solution2 there are numbers written on the covers of the books. Pick up the books to see them and input the numbers into the lock in the order the books were placed
Code 3718
Inside the drawer there are 1st of 9 pictures and 1st of 10 namecards.

Right Top Drawer – 10 buttons in a circle

Hint1 what happens whewn you press a button?
Hint2 where can you find fire?
Solution1 candles in the chandelier
Hint3 which button corresponds to which candle? what is the door symbol for?
Solution2 stand with the door behind your back and look at the chandelier from below
Inside the drawer there’s 2nd of 9 drawings, 2nd of 10 namecards and hint card #1 needed to solve one of the riddles.

Right Bottom Drawer – 3 number lock and colour markings

Hint1 stand on the square carpet in the corridor and look through the door
Hint2 the light goes out when you are standing on the carpet. It can be solved by having one player stand on the carpet while another solves the riddle OR by putting something heavy on the carpet
Solution1 put a barrel on the carpet (barrels and boxes from the main room work too)
Solution2 count the red lights, items in the green light and the blue lights
Code 633
Inside the picture there are 3rd of 9 drawings and 3rd of 10 namecards.

Glass Cupboard – 3 number lock

Hint1 there’s and instruction written on top of the cupboard
Hint2 yellow underscores they indicate how many digits do you get from a subriddle
Hint3 tooth what objects in the room have teeth?
Solution1 tooth2 skulls. Count their teeth
Solution2 tooth3 there’s a skull on the desk, in a basket under the chemical apparatus, on the shelf to the right of the cupboard
Hint4 colours they are related to the chemical apparatus on the shelf, but where do you get the numbers from/
Hint5 colours2 shapes
Hint6 colours3 there are drawings with the same shapes and numbers inside
Solution3 colours4 book on the large box of drawers, in the bucket, in the cauldron
Hint7 arrows go where the arrows indicate
Hint8 arrows2 go to the corridor and look upstairs
Solution4 arrows3 there’s a marking on the beam supporting the trapdoor and markings on the ceiling. If you position yourself correctly they will form a number
Hint9 substitute the numbers to get the answer
Code 668
There are 4th of 9 drawings, 4th of 10 namecards and 9 bowls inside.


Hint1 what to do with them? you can put them inside the 8 drawers
Hint2 there are 3 more bowls
Hint3 on top of the cupboard, on the shelf below the chemical apparatus
Hint4 the hintcard #1 we got earlier
Hint5 on the right side there are some {} markings that can be found somewhere else in the room
Hint6 + 5th of 10 namecards on the drawer on top of the boxes in the corner. Inside of the drawer’s there’s a namecard
Hint7 side symbols explanation horizontally placed drawer = horizontally placed drawer – bowls on the same level can be placed in either drawer and the result will be the same
Hint8 bowls are marked with numbers
Hint9 numbers indicate on which level of the drawers you should put the bowl but there are more bowls than drawers per level
Hint10 use hintcard #1 to eliminate the incorrect bowl
Hint11 roman numbers correspond to the numbers on the bowls
Hint12 III blue is bad
Hint13 II green < pink but there’s something else about <
Hint14 I orange grains are bad
Hint15 IV different is bad
Solution III, II, I, IV don’t use the bowl with blue dots, don’t use the bowl with the green goo – < indicates both the green goo is bad and the colour indicates the white flour, don’t use the orange grains, don’t use the bowl that is different than other two
Hint16 place bowls from top to bottom or the other way?
Hint17 red pointing finger inside the cupboard
Solution2 4 is the highest level, 1 is the lowest level of the box of drawers
Left bottom drawer opens. Inside are 5th of 9 drawings, 6th of 10 namecards and hintcard #2.

Part 2

The Tybur Family Tree – biggest challenge

Hint1 namecard #5 if you missed it inside the pickable drawer on top of the boxes
Hint2 namecard #7 behind the top box where #5 was
Hint3 namecard #8 on top of a barrel back in the corridor
Hint4 namecard #9 on top of the desk
Hint5 namecard #10 below the books on top of the chair next to cauldron and barrels
The family tree is difficult. Understanding the rules is the first key and eliminating possibilities for a spot until only one remains is the best way to make sure you are correct.
Hint6 dotted line spouse marrying into the family
Hint7 pink/blue dots female/male
Rule1 in every generation but the bottom one there’s at least one person whose name ends with A
Rule4 the only way to determine when someone is definitely older is when the person is an ancestor of the other person. This rule is equivalent to Tom is John’s ancestor
Rule7 blood-related means there’s a common ancestor. People marrying into the family aren’t blood-related to family members that aren’t their descendants
Rule8 hint this is the only rule that shouldn’t be taken literally, as indicted by it being a joke
Rule8 hint2 names, genders and rules are the only sources of information needed to understand the meaning behind this rule
Rule8 hint3 focus on names and substring “son”
Rule8 explained the great-grandfather has 2 sons and a daughter named Sonia
Rule9 if at least one of Willy’s children had a name longer by at least one letter. Use this when you are missing only 2 name placements
Rules 1, 4 and 5 are extremely useful. I may skip some parts of the explanations of the solutions but I feel this ruleset is sufficient to solve the riddle.
Willy’s father hint rule 3 and 6
Willy’s father solution George, to the right
Willy’s mother hint rule 3 – there are only 2 possibilities
Willy’s mother hint2 it’s either Kate or Rhea. Use rule 5 and 1
Willy’s mother solution it’s Kate because if we assume it’s Rhea then using rule 5 Willy’s final child is Lilia but his final child’s name can’t end with an A
Willy’s wife hint Use rule 7, 6, 5, 8
Willy’s wife solution It can’t be Lilia because Rhea is her ancestor. It can’t be Sonia because she’s Willy’s aunt. It can’t be Rhea because Willy’s child is not Lilia. It’s Marina.
Lilia hint Use rule 5, 8
Lilia solution Lilia can’t be great grandfather’s daughter because her name is Sonia. Lilia can’t be the great-grandmother because Rhea wouldn’t be her ancestor. It means Lilia is Willy’s cousin.
Great-grandmother’s name solution the only woman left is Rhea
Lilia’s father hint rule 6
Lilia’s father solution Isaac
Great-grandfather hint rule 4 and 6
Great-grandfather solution No matter where you place John, Tom is the great-grandfather. He’s to the left as he didn’t marry into the family
Great-grandmother solution Rhea is to the right as she married into the family
Sonia solution the only place she fits is being Isaac’s wife
John and Rob hint use the final hint
John and Rob solution John is Willy’s son and Rob is Tom’s son
Solved line1 Tom Rhea
Solved line2 Kate George Rob Sonia Isaac
Solved line3 Marina Lilia
Solved line4 John
This probably was the single hardest riddle and testing it was mentally exhausting. The chest opens. Inside of it lies the 6th of 9 pictures and a sword.
Sword hint wall
Sword solution insert it into the picture above the chest a secret room opens


Hint1 some of the bones are marked with roman numbers and there’s a poster which tells you how are the bones named
Hint2 Do you see something about the names? Where do you have to input the solution?
Hint3 Remember the chessboard?
Solution First letter of the name of the bone and the number written on the bone. Put the chess pawns that are next to the board in the corresponding places on the board.
Code C2 C7 H4 F3
7th of 9 pictures appears.


Hint1 There are no diagonal lines
Hint2 It looks like a seven-segment display
Solution Symbols made up of complementary lines to the lines in one colour give you numbers. There are 5 different colours.
Code 1 3 4 5 6
Inside the chest there’s 8th of 9 pictures.

The Maze

Hint1 pick up the map. There are colours on the map and the map is separated into numbered parts
Hint2 red arrow on the barrel
Solution map segments are rotated. Arrow indicated the correct direction
Hint3 2nd segment after you reach the end of the segment look for hints that can be seen from the current room
Solution2 2nd segment purple arrow on the roof behind a beam
Solution3 3rd segment crack on the floor is shaped like an arrowhead and there’s something yellow inside
Hint4 4th segment the green arrow is very far away
Solution4 4th segment you can see the green arrow back in the original room with the desk
Maze correct path let’s assume red arrow indicates UP direction, left of the arrow is LEFT, right of the arrow is RIGHT, opposite of the arrow is DOWN. Segment 1: UP LEFT DOWN LEFT UP UP RIGHT. Segment 2: RIGHT RIGHT DOWN DOWN RIGHT UP Segment 3: UP UP LEFT LEFT Segment 4: UP LEFT LEFT DOWN LEFT
Follow the corridor until the end to reach the final picture.

The Finale – Pictures

Hint1 there’s only one place left where you can place the pictures
Hint2 the blackboard with the drawing of tower. What does the tower indicate?
Hint3 you are supposed to sort the pictures by height of the titans on them. The tower indicates the higher the picture is placed the taller the titan is
Hint4 apart from the pictures there are 2 things that differentiate the pictures
Hint5 the size of the pictures
Hint6 and the number of red lines
Solution3 sort by the number of lines (the more the taller) and the size of the picture (the bigger the taller)
Correct order 4 lines, 3 lines big picture, 3 lines medium picture, 3 lines small picture, 2 lines big picture, 2 lines medium picture, 2 lines small picture, 1 line big picture, 1 line small picture
Congratulations, you have heard a sound.
What happened? Final hint under the desk there was a chest which just opened and a journal fell out
Congratulations, you have solved the room.

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