Egg Hatching Guide for Pokémon Go

Egg Hatching Guide for Pokémon Go 1 -
Egg Hatching Guide for Pokémon Go 1 -

Egg Hatching Guide for Pokémon Go

Alright, Pokémon Go fans, let’s talk egg-hatching! You know those eggs you’ve been collecting? They’re like surprise gifts waiting to be opened, and they’re super important for filling up your Pokédex. Depending on how far you walk, these eggs pop open, giving you some sweet candy and maybe even a rare Pokémon like a Snorlax or a Blissey. Longer walks mean more candy – sweet deal, right?

Where Do These Eggs Come From?

So, you’re wondering where to find these eggs? Spin those Poké Stops! You’ll get eggs that need 2, 5, or 10 kilometers of walking. Oh, and if you’re a walking champ and hit 25 kilometers in a week, you’ll get eggs as a reward. But wait, there’s more! Those unique 7-kilometer eggs? You can only snag them from gifts your buddies send you – keep an eye out for yellow and pink eggs. And those mysterious Strange 12-kilometer eggs? Beat those Team Go Rocket leaders to grab ’em. Full on eggs? No worries, any extra Strange Eggs chill in your Bonus Storage, holding up to three eggs.

What’s Inside These Eggs Anyway?

The Pokémon crew inside these eggs keeps changing, often tied to special events. Remember, the Pokémon you get is locked in when you receive the egg, not when it hatches. Curious about who’s inside? Tap the egg in the app and scroll down to see a list of potential Pokémon pals, sorted by how rare they are. The more egg icons you see, the rarer your future buddy is. For all the deets on what’s hiding in different eggs, check out The Silph Road.

Incubate to Celebrate!

Ready to hatch? Just pop your egg into an Incubator. You start with one orange Incubator that’s good for unlimited use, but it only holds one egg at a time. If you’re feeling fancy, buy extra Incubators with coins from gym battles or real money. These babies can be used three times. Super Incubators? They make eggs hatch faster. Pro tip: Use multiple Incubators to hatch more eggs with the same amount of walking. Got Adventure Sync? Turn it on and hatch eggs even when the app is closed – just keep walking!

Score Some Free Incubators!

Keep an eye out for events and research tasks that hand out free Incubators. Here’s a tip: Use your forever-orange Incubator for those two-kilometer eggs, and save the fancier ones for the longer hauls.

Fixing Step Tracking Snags

Not seeing your steps count? Make sure Adventure Sync is on in your settings and that Pokémon Go can access your location. If it’s still wonky, try restarting the app or your phone.

Get the Most Out of Your Egg Hatching in Pokémon Go

Follow these tips and you’ll be hatching eggs like a pro. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to completing your Pokédex.

Why Aren’t My Eggs Hatching?

If your eggs are stubborn and won’t hatch, double-check your Incubator setup. Make sure Adventure Sync is up and running in your game settings. This nifty feature keeps track of your steps, even when the app’s taking a nap.

Turning On Adventure Sync

To activate Adventure Sync, pop into your device settings. iOS users, head to Privacy, then Location Services, and select Pokémon Go. Set Location Permissions to “always.” Android folks, go to Apps & Notifications, pick Pokémon Go, hit Permissions, and ensure Location is on.

Yo, Pokémon trainers! Let’s chat about giving your game that extra edge. First up, we gotta talk fitness permissions. If you’re on an iPhone, scoot over to the Health app, tap your Apple ID, hit ‘Apps’, and make sure Pokémon Go is getting the health data it needs. Android folks, you’re up next. Open Google Fit and double-check that Pokémon Go is on your authorized apps list. Easy peasy!

Chill and Wait, Trainers!

Now, here’s a heads-up: Pokémon Go isn’t exactly speedy when updating your walked distance. Say you’ve just strolled a cool 0.5 kilometers with an egg in the Incubator, don’t expect the game to show it right off the bat. It’s all about chilling and waiting. The game will catch up, promise. So, keep calm and carry on walking!

Stick to these pointers, and you’re all set for a smooth and epic egg hatching adventure in Pokémon Go. Go hatch ‘em all!

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