Tips on How to Catch Trevenant in Pokemon Go

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Tips on How to Catch Trevenant in Pokemon Go

So, here’s the lowdown: if you’re looking to spice up your Pokemon Go game, catching a Trevenant is a cool accomplishment. Though not the easiest find, this spooky tree ghost offers uniqueness and power that’s worth the hunt—or evolution from a Phantump with some candy investment!

How does Trevenant evolve and what’s this special trading business?

Fun fact: You don’t always need 200 Candies to evolve a Phantump into Trevenant. There’s this nifty little trade trick that makes the evolution process smoother and, let’s admit, a bit more thrilling!

Meet Trevenant: The Guardian of the Forest

The Trevenant has this spooky yet captivating vibe, making its first appearance in the sixth Generation of Pokemon games. It’s known as the forest’s guardian, and with its mysterious powers, it surely adds a layer of excitement to your Pokemon collection.

But where can you find Trevenant and Phantump in Pokemon Go?

Well, that’s the tricky part. Currently, both Trevenant and Phantump are playing hard to get, meaning you won’t stumble upon them during your regular game play. But fingers crossed, this might change soon!

Could a shiny Trevenant make a grand entrance soon?

With Halloween sneaking up, there are whispers and hopeful glances amongst the community for a shiny Trevenant appearance. Wouldn’t that be a glittering, ghostly treat?

How does Trevenant stand out in Pokemon Go PvP?

In the PvP scene, Trevenant is not just a pretty face—it’s a strong contender, especially in the Great and Ultra Leagues. It’s got the stats and moves that make it a reliable partner in battles, so you’ll want this ghostly tree on your side!

What’s the best moveset for Trevenant in Pokemon Go PvP?

In the arena, a Trevenant wielding Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball is a force to reckon with. This move combo keeps the damage coming, intimidating Psychic-types like Medicham and Alakazam. Need to deal with Swampert and Galarian Stunfisk? No worries, Shadow Claw and Seed Bomb have got you covered!

What about Trevenant in PvE battles?

In PvE, Trevenant is a mighty Ghost attacker with its Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball combo. But hey, depending on the battle, don’t forget about other strong Grass-type Pokemon like Mega Sceptile, Mega Venusaur, and even the peculiar Meowscarada!

Getting to Know Trevenant’s Moves

Ready to strategize? Trevenant has a decent list of Fast and Charged Moves, no legacy ones though. Plan your battles wisely with these moves up your sleeve!

Fast Moves Trevenant Packs:

  • Sucker Punch
  • Shadow Claw

And the Charged Moves?

  • Seed Bomb
  • Shadow Ball
  • Foul Play

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