Dungeon Souls Obtaining All Achievements + Walkthrough

Dungeon Souls Obtaining All Achievements + Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Dungeon Souls Obtaining All Achievements + Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

Quick breakdown of all the achievements for Dungeon Souls. Contains a few spoilers. Might add screenshots later

The Whole Crew’s Here

Unlock every class in the game.
You start off with the barbarian, archer, and thief, with only ‘Normal’ difficulty available. It is possible to get this achievement in one run, but don’t fret if you don’t!

  • Brawler – kill 500 enemies
  • Cleric – defeat the soul guardian (Boss of the ‘Cathedral’)
  • Engineer – buy the ‘Rocket’ from the merchant OR find it in a chest.
  • Necromancer – kill 20 skeletons in a single run. Can be found in the Dark Dungeon (First three levels of the game).
  • Nightblade – Kill a necromancer. Necromancers can be found in the Dark Dungeon
  • Warrior – Defeat the Skeleton King (Boss of the Dark Dungeon).
  • Wizard – Get Merlin’s Hat item. This is obtained when either by killing Merlin, or by him dropping it if you choose to pet the owl in level two of the Forgotten Library.


Professional Baker

To unlock this achievement, you don’t need every recipe in the game, just the ones listed below. The first 34 recipes are found in the Forgotten Library and The Core. There is a total of 35 recipes you will need, and you can keep track by checking the Arcane Forge whenever you feel like. The 35th recipe is obtained once you earn the achievement ‘Freedom’. Please note that you only need to FIND the recipes, you don’t need to craft them.
Recipes from the Forgotten Library:

  • Fire Axe
  • Fire Bow
  • Fire Dagger
  • Fire Scepter
  • Fire Staff
  • Fire Sword
  • Friendly Cloud
  • Herberk’s Pendant
  • Ice Axe
  • Ice Bow
  • Ice Dagger
  • Ice Scepter
  • Ice Staff
  • Ice Sword
  • Magic Core
  • Ninby’s Essence
  • Ninby’s Grace
  • Poltergeist Bow
  • Poltergeist Dagger
  • Poltergeist Staff
  • Shell
  • Storm Shield
  • Wind Axe
  • Wind Bow
  • Wind Dagger
  • Wind Scepter
  • Wind Staff
  • Wind Sword

Recipes from The Core

  • Power Axe
  • Power Bow
  • Power Dagger
  • Power Scepter
  • Power Staff
  • Power Sword


Can Someone Call a Witch Doctor?

Equip five cursed items. Cursed items come from cursed chests. Cursed chests do not guarantee a cursed item, however, as sometimes they can be empty. You need not equip five UNIQUE cursed items, as you can equip two Blizzard Capes. This achievement can take awhile, as cursed chests aren’t guaranteed on every floor.
List of Cursed Items:

  • Amplified Tome
  • Blind Blade
  • Blizzard Cape
  • Scepter of Power
  • Shoes of Haste
  • Vital Armor


Indiana Jones’d

Get killed by a boulder trap. This one is very self explanatory; literally just trigger a trap, and wait. Either the trap explodes, or a boulder spawns, and does damage as it pushes you along its path.

Gold Swimming

Earn one million gold. This achievement doesn’t require you to do it in one run, but who’s stopping you? The background counter for gold does NOT reset if you need to reset your data if you accidentally killed the owl who is actually Celestia, the transmogrified daughter of Merlin .

Puny Skeleton King

Kill the Skeleton King, the boss of the Darkest Dungeon in under 30 seconds without taking any damage. It is highly unlikely you can do this in your first encounter of him, as that’s only two floors of loot. Once you defeat the final boss and begin another cycle, just give him a good thrashing.

I Am Now Ready!

Complete the tutorial. Achievement is immediately unlocked once you complete the tutorial.

Good Architecture

Reach a dungeon level of 30 floors. This can be done in your first run. Normally, you can get this by beating the final boss and entering another cycle of the dungeon, and keep going. This achievement is immediately unlocked once you hit the 30th floor of your run.
This one can also be achieved before defeating the final boss, by going to every secret level, and repeat Rockstone Mountain a few times. Every area has three floors, which includes the boss room.
List of all the areas in Dungeon Souls:

  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Forbidden Library – Optional area, entrance is on the second floor of the Darkest Dungeon. Can only be accessed if you have a ‘Book’ item in your inventory. Simply click on the golden bookcase (Labeled ‘Empty Shelf’ if you don’t have any book items in your inventory).
  • Sewers
  • Frost Caverns
  • Fae Garden – optional area, entrance is on the second floor of the Frost Caverns. Can only be accessed if you have a plant-based item in your inventory. Simply click on the green tree (Labeled, ‘Strange Tree’ if you don’t have any plant-based items in your inventory).
  • Cathedral
  • The Judgement
  • Rockstone Mountain – optional area, entrance is on the second floor of The Judgement. Can only be accessed if you have at least ONE of the following items in your inventory: Compass, Magnet, Spiked Shoes, and/or Butterfly Wings.
  • The End
  • The Core – optional area, entrance is on the first floor of ‘The End’. Entrance spawn is random. To increase your chance, run through Rockstone Mountain, and click on the statue in the boss room.


Keep ‘Em Coming!

Unlock by killing 500 enemies in a single run. The game doesn’t provide a visual count for you to track your kills, but this is another easy achievement to unlock just by playing a run and going through multiple cycles.


Free the souls of every class in the game, and beat the final boss. This achievement can be done in a single run. Souls are obtained from the Soul Guardian, the boss from The Cathedral. In your first cycle, the soul obtained will always be the soul of the class you are playing. To free said soul, beat The Judgement and The End. When the final boss is killed, you will get a message stating ‘xxx soul has been freed’. Just continue that run, and go through multiple cycles until you have freed every soul.
If you die during a run, when you select a class to start a new run, any class that has been freed will state ‘Summon’ instead of ‘Revive’. Please note that when obtaining a soul after defeating the Soul Guardian, it might read ‘N/A’. This might cause you to not be able to free a soul in that cycle. Just pay attention to when you kill the final boss. If you didn’t get a message stating a soul was freed, you just got to play another cycle.
The achievement is unlocked the moment you free the final soul. It will also be telling as you will get a fancy cut scene for all your troubles, so sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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