Drug Dealer Simulator Useful Information for Cook Book + Recipes + Mixing Items in Game

Drug Dealer Simulator Useful Information for Cook Book + Recipes + Mixing Items in Game 1 - steamsplay.com
Drug Dealer Simulator Useful Information for Cook Book + Recipes + Mixing Items in Game 1 - steamsplay.com

Guide for cook book and all recipes everything you need to know.


These recipes (and all sections * the entire guide) are fictional and are only for the purpose of the DDS video-game.

I used to experiment a lot and create names for my filler according to what composed them.

like a salt based filler named “SeaBreeze”, or sugar based “CakeMix” both coupled with baking soda (BS)

But then you arrive in situation where you might be missing one or the other additives to complete a batch (you might use more sugar than others adds)…it…. get’s………………

I’m gonna try and stay simple, and cheap, to make you wiser about mixing.

= to minimize effort and cost of production and know what the f* to do and the reason why do it,

but also some experimental or fun, roleplay stuff.

I will not include Marijuana as an additive. less mixing !


Sell pure psychedelics. less mixing !

To follow the recipes given in ratio % percentage: Simply convert it to 100g = 100%. and target increment of 100g.

Multiply each parts by whatever you need to be, up to 10* for a (1kg) 1000g batch.

But when you know a bit more, try your own recipes, experiment ratio% and composition for profit, for addiction or for safety.

⚗ Mixing for newbies 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬

There are types of equipment:

Containers = Jars, Containers.

Grinders = “Mortar and pestle”, Coffee grinder.

Mixers = Mixing tray, Electric mixer, Lab mixer.

Liquids Mixers = Flask, trays.

Dryer = Dryers and the Crystallizer.

+ Pill Presser.

There are forms of products:




and for ganja: “dried flower” or something

for shrooms: something like “dried mushrooms”

mixing scenario/steps:

1.(if not powder) from boxes and pure products: grinders

2. POWDER in the mixing bowls,flasks: mixers

(2.1) If final product-form is reached, then it’s completed!

3. to the dryers, crystallizers to dry/crystalize

or pill presser to form pills.

🧪 General knowledge:

Mixing is done with mixers and liquid mixers.

Only powder can be mixed.

You need a grinder (mortar) to start crushing down additives that are not in powder form, before being able to mix them.

Get the mortar as soon as possible (Old Market Lady’s stand from 7:00am or something to I don’t know anymore… 16:20 (4:20pm) maybe).

  • You must start each mix by adding the base pure product first.
  • It will not keep the drug identity. Its gonna be a custom mix. Just know this.
  • So re-mixing a custom mix is not recommended, it like.. very unstable. Sometimes it works (towers) and sometime it won’t work. I have not been scientific with this, no research.

Pre-Mix (custom mix) as additive:

If you mix: a pre-mix into a mix, like using SuSa. It seems to works (1 time at least, with a pure base in the mix).

But if you mix a premix that’s already a pre-mixed mix.!?(inception?): it can make weird mix-details in the end! (not recommended).

  • So only mix first-gen pre-mix togheter (on top of base pure product.)

You cannot combine mixes(batches) together in Jars or Dryers if you used the mixing tray or the “kitchen” electric mixer. These 2 mixing items have losses (+ the small liquid-mixing glass trays). So 2 batches can’t have the same “mix-details” after application of the mix. (it would be ultra ULTRA RARE, not impossible in fact).

Addicted: clients with addictions order more and consumes faster. this is dangerous if the product is strong, addictive and toxic. These clients take lower qualities more easily. So you can mix the lowest percentage per area (at the bottom of this section), once they are all addicts.

= Safe weak and cheap Batchs for addicts = more money more quickly.

Mixing pure products:


Speed, Amp, Fet is the simplest and easier drug to mix with.

Meth is the hardest.

Coca and Hero are not difficult but sensible. Clients want good stuff but good stuff is dangerous.

If you cut Coca or Hero too much with cheap weak(safe) filler only: they might say it’s not good enough. So you need to bring strength to the cutting part too for low quality mix. That’s my assumption.

That is where it becomes dangerous, trying to cut for profit using toxic additives might give them “good stuff” but it’s still dangerous.


Amp is not so addictive nor dangerous: Its mostly you who make it stronger and nastier cutting it with meds.

Ecstasy is nice to play around mixing just like AMP. (once you get the pill maker)

Next: Harder drugs: these ones are very strong already so apparently you can cut more as long you keep the mix strength balanced.

Meth is so strong and addictive it so dangerous and lethal: You must cut it to reduce toxicity and avoid ODs. top quality about 75%.

Hero is the same as meth but my top quality is 66.6% or something. (by this time addicts clients are likely to accept it no problem.)

Coke is toxic also but can be ez to manipulate with top quality of 72% roughly. (by this time addicts clients are likely to accept it no problem.)

Save money and risk less ODs:

You do not need to use Viagra, Fent or other addictive meds for already highly addictive drugs like Meth, Coca or Hero. Although some could be use to keep strength in a low quality mix.

Well, once addicted, clients sure don’t need it.

If you get big orders maybe you should have an extra super-weak-safe-cheap recipe to be sure to avoid ODs.

15g of some good batch compared to 30g of the same batch can be “russian roulette” if your mix and the drug are just strong/toxic enough to be lethal at 30g +.

Areas have various qualities expectations

(it’s different(randomized?) per clients in those areas)

Roughly pinpointed probable %:

Towers is the lowest You give them strong-mix with 50-60% base.

Stink is about 60-69%

Kennel is between Stink% and Old market%.

Old marketplace is about 69-74%

OldTown is around 73-80%

Well it varies per clients around those ratio but you get the idea!

Harder and stronger drugs somewhat works differently. it seems you can sell 66.6% hero to Oldtown addicts for exemple with no compaints. Where 66.6 speed will get complaints.

A good thing is testing products on high expectations clients. If they complaints, give that batch to the addicts of the same area or give that to lower expectation areas non-addicts. If its an addict complaining, the mix could be good for the lower quality non-addict.

Combine-able batches in containers, etc..

You need to use exactly the same name, composition/ratio and steps/order of mix.

So your mix-details should show the same order of ingredients and ratio. EXACTLY THE SAME. And it NEED to be applied with 0 loss to maintain the ratios intact.

Once applied (named, and mixed THE SAME) your mixes should be combine-able in packages/bags + jars/containers + crystallizer/dryers and the pill maker.

    No processing loss equipment:

  • I use “no-loss” instruments: “Mortar and pestle” and “Large lab mixer”, It sure helps keeping round numbers!
  • Use the liquid mixer “Flask”.
  • Including the Crystallizer, and the Large lab dryer.

= the most expensive equipment in each categories (except Mortar).

All other dryers, mixers and liquid mixers have loss, so it’s worthless: it has no ability to produce constant same mixes/batches for combine-ability in the crystallizer and large lab dryer and containers/backpacks/pockets

🖊 Custom acronyms/abbreviations

Su = Sugar

Sa = Salt

BS = Baking soda

WP = Washing powder

Ibu = Ibuprofen

Para = Paracetamol

Vi = Viagra

Neb = Nebilanex

Fent = Fentanyl

it’s not custom, it just is:

MDMA = E = XTZ (Ecstasy/Candy in dds) (Bought/Sold in pill form in dds but always mixed in powder form)

AMP/SPEED = amphetamine / fet in dds

💊 Additives – Fillers (Stretchers, Softeners and Lethal’s)

💰The Basic Fillers💵

💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 all very good for profit.

SuSa 50%50%

Sugar 100g | Salt 2x 50g = 100g each (50%-50%) to have a premix SaltSugar SugarSalt SuSa SaSu, dig it ?

Then we have the very nasty ☠ washing powder ☠ nobody wants, use it only in 1% to 4% if dont want to risk accidents, otherwise try a bit more for 💵money and fun.

Backing Soda is fairy tiny poop. It’s soft!

Insight on Safe additives:

SuSa is a STRETCHER mix (50%-50% sugar and salt). Roughly balanced “not to temper the strength, toxicity or addictivness” for 75-80% base pure products

Sugar is slightly less toxic than Salt, so if you are using one or the other, consider it.

Baking Soda is a SOFTENER. Used to lower strength, toxicity and addictivness.

☠ Insight on Dangerous additives:

It’s dangerous/lethal and should be added in minimal quantity. These all add strength to your mix. Some also cost more than other and are not a cheap solution for cutting for profit and even could kill a loyal customer. They are “boosters” of strength, addiction and toxicity.

The DDS wiki “Mixing 3.0” gives you more details (see Credits for link). I didn’t know it was this complete before starting this section. So I adjusted my notes.

💲 illustrations roughly represents an evaluation of the profit potential (based on cost/g and usability)

☠ illustrations roughly represents an evaluation of the lethal potential (based on mix-strengthener-toxicity-strength-addictivness in usable amounts)

Recommended percents are as if only one of these additives is in mix.

/!\ Careful mixing more than one of them together, you should consider using less (recommended) % percents per additive.

☠ ☠ ➕ Washing Powder 💲 💲 💲 💲 💲 is a nasty weak mix-strengthener. It’s very toxic but kinda boost the strength of the mix a little bit. Very cheap and a little safer than Neb.

(around 4-5% max recommended)

☠ ☠ Paracetamol 💲 💲 💲 is a great mix-strengthener + addictive. It’s pretty toxic but has great other qualities. Cheaper than Viagra, safer/better than other mix-strengthener and Ibu.

(recommend about 7-8%)

☠ ☠ ➕ Ibuprofen 💲 💲 💲 is great mix-strengthener + a little addictive for EARLY game. But deadly if too much is in the mix because of it’s toxicity. (Jamie’s Pharma Ibu is better than Gas-Stations Ibu).

(recommend: max 7-8%)

☠ ➕ Viagra 💲💲 is a great addictive additive and a great mix-strengthener. It’s very addictive but also toxic and strong, makes it quite dangerous. Overall: Safer than Fentanyl and well-used it’s safer than other meds or drugs for addictive boost = The Best addictive potential.

(recommend: about 8%) and since it’s good at everything, you really don’t need anything else, but a stretcher with some BS in it.

☠ ☠ ☠ Nebilanex 💲 is a strong mix-strengthener very toxic and dangerous. Better result than WP. (recommend: around 2% max, I haven’t mixed it much.)

☠ ☠ ☠ Acethone 💲💲 is a liquid-solvent used in liquid mixers before crystallization.

Strong additive. Strongest mix-strengthener and can be lethal.

(max 4% recommended)

☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ Fentanyl 💲💲 is very strong and extremely addictive opiate, extremely dangerous toxicity and potency. Dangerous mix-strengthener. Whispers death.

(recommend: around 2-3% max, cant recall, I haven’t mixed it much.)

Using other drugs as additives: They can make mix super strong so it’s dangerous, just saying.

Put meth in the fet and E in the crystal. clever uses of each other.

Meth as an additive for addictivness. But very toxic too. Beats Ibuprofen for addiction.

Amp or E in the meth is to replace a portion of the toxic methamp with less toxic amp. Keeping some strength at the same time.

MDMA/E is also an “Amphetamin cousin” and is less toxic than Amp.

Meds are cheaper than Amp and Ecstasy (per gram), but they are more dangerous, toxic & lethal (per gram).

Here’s a summary of drugs lethal evaluation: (the non-present drugs in this list are not lethal)

Amp ☠

MDMA ☠ ➖

Meth ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

Coke ☠ ☠ ➕

Heroin ☠ ☠ ☠

Sry if this not so correct. I just wanted to illustrate lethal potential. (illustration scale: Meds are still more dangerous and toxic per gram)

🧾Recipes – Fillers

Big Batchs of Fillers


1️⃣ Flexible Premix no.1

The blood of my guide:

  • The simple SuSa:50% Sugar

    50% Salt

  • And along with SuSa in the mix (or not): use BS and WP accordingly to adjust for your need. (Cheap cuts)Or BS and Meds without WP.


👨‍🔬 The Caring Drug-Chemist’s Fillers: 👩‍🔬

I use “Softener” in my +addictive mixes and for Meth.

  • 200g of a Softener: in a mix: can be replaced by SuSa + BS ( 52%-48% portions).52g Su

    52g Sa

    96g BS (8bags)

  • 300g of Stretcher(“SuSa+”): in a mix: can be replaced by simple SuSa (equal portion).148g Su

    148g Sa

    4g WP to top off.

note above: these 2 batchs doesn’t make a stronger or deadlier mix.

🕴 The Simple Man’s Soapy Filler:

One-And-Only stretcher

For simple use, don’t bother mixing WP or BS for every batch. Just use Soapy.

In my recipes you might find this premix with other premix or BS, but the main precursor for that filler is the least hassle when in the action of cutting your products. (so it’s less flexible and is not perfect, but very usefull)

  • 270g of Soapy100g Su (1box)

    100g Sa (2bags)

    48g BS (4bags)

    22g WP to top off to 270g.

  • or just go full 540g Soapy 200g Su (2boxes)

    200g Sa (4bags)

    96g BS (8bags)

    44g WP


Gangs Fillers:

You can use washing powder. Use WP to save Sugar-Salt and BS.

It depends maybe on difficulty & reputation I don’t know. But surely: same rule: you need to keep strength in the mix.

(use 1-2g acet for liquid mixing if you mix meth for Keiji).

to be completed and tested but it should be working np.

  • 400g of GangFiller 1 for 72%75g Su

    75g Sa

    250g WP

  • 250g of K-Gang WP for 56% Keiji.250g WP

Ballena mix

Cut down to 71.4%-72%.

Keiji mix

Cut down to 56%-72%.

✨ Special mix-filler for Amp and MDMA:


    Stretcher booster:

  • 150g of Special mix do not mix with meds.60g Salt

    60g Sugar

    25g WP

    5g BS


Yolo Don’t Care Any More and I’m broke:

or also for towers 😀 not serious

Mr.Clean: booster

50g WP (half a box)

12g BS (1bag)

= 62g of a nasty lethal mix-strengthener

Clients might not like it or die, but you needed that xtra money, saving on pure product and sugar and salt haha.

If you are so hyped after getting your first 20-50g of coca not serious

“FairyDust”: Coca-Soda around 50%50%.

add to anything if you turn Fairy your self.

Yeah.. have fun. stop grinding sometimes > <

🧾Recipes – Speed


Nothing is serious yet it is. These recipes (and all sections * the entire guide) are fictional and are only for the purpose of the DDS video-game.

Starting Mixes: just for the first 2 days.

  • Speed77-78% Amp

    23-22% Salt


    10g Amp

    2-3g Salt

  • 🔗SpIbu80% Amp

    8% Ibu

    12% BS


    20g Amp

    2g Ibu

    3g BS

    (+0.xx leftover)

  • Speed O’market71-74% Amp

    2% Ibu

    25-22% SuSa

    2% BS


    21g Amp

    1g Ibu

    6g SuSa

    1g BS

🔗before getting proper equipment and To get addicts try this no-Ibu recipe:

  • SpecialSpeed for non-addicts78%-80% Amp

    22%-20% Special mix

💲Cheap cuts:

  • Spo(high) +Dealers77 – 78% Amp

    23 – 22% SuSa (Stretcher) or Soapy

  • Appletini(mid) or high addicts +Dealers73-74% amp


    21-20% SuSa (Stretcher)

    4% BS



    27-26% Soapy

  • Soap(low)66% Amp


    24% SuSa (Stretcher)

    6% BS

    4% WP


    34% Soapy
    what are you putting in your nose ?!

    Towers and low addicts:

  • Dischit60% Amp

    3% Para or Ibu (from jamie drug store)


    25% SuSa (Stretcher)

    9% BS

    3% WP


    37% Soapy

🔗To make it more addictive:

  • SpoV V for addictiVe and Viagra77% Amp

    8% Meth or Viagra (or both 4%)

    15% Softener (or 8% SuSa + 7% BS )

Scrap for towers

any bad batches (too bad for stink or kennel)

🧾Recipes – Pills


Nothing is serious yet it is. These recipes (and all sections * the entire guide) are fictional and are only for the purpose of the DDS video-game.

I like to design all sorts of pills:

💲Money saver mixes:

  • Coin 75 (high)75% MDMA

    25% Stretcher (SuSa) or Soapy

  • Coin 67 (mid)67% MDMA


    22% Stretcher (SuSa)

    4% WP

    7% BS


    33% Soapy

  • Coin 59 to be tested (low)59% MDMA

    25% Stretcher (SuSa)

    3% WP

    3% Para or Ibu (Jamie’s drug store)

    10% BS

🔗To make it addictive:

  • Cupidon 7474% MDMA

    8% Meth

    6% Vi

    12% Softener (or 5%SuSa + 7% BS)

  • Cupidon 6969% MDMA

    8% Meth

    6% Vi

    17% Softener (or 10%SuSa + 7% BS)

🎉Party time: Strong stuff (not for max. profit, more for quality, dealers, roleplay)

  • xTaz 7777% MDMA

    6% Amp

    17% Stretcher

  • PacMan 7171% MDMA

    10% Amp

    19% Stretcher

  • Tornado 7575% MDMA

    10% Amp

    5% Meth

    10% Softener (or 6%Susa + 4% BS)

Experimental, reference or for “known cocktails”:

  • Candy flip 7373% MDMA

    2% Neb

    25% LSD

  • Hippy flip 7373% MDMA

    2% Neb

    25% Shrooms

👨‍💻Matrix pills

  • BluePill64% MDMA

    1% Ibu

    1% Para

    1% Vi

    1% Neb

    1% Fent

    19% SuSa

    12% BS

  • RedPill69% MDMA

    5% LSD

    5% DMT

    5% Shrooms

    12% SuSa

    4% BS
    Scrap for towers

    any bad batches (too bad for stink or kennel)


🧾Recipes – Meth


Nothing is serious yet it is. These recipes (and all sections * the entire guide) are fictional and are only for the purpose of the DDS video-game.

Recipes for clients/dealers, not for Keiji.

I like to use about 4% MAX Acethone. Just for reference. Quite strong /!\

(4% can be deadly it seems with “big addicted clients orders”)

Drug Lord! this substance is hard to tame!

Powder mixes:

  • 🔗AluMeth 76 for high non addicts & small orders.76% Meth

    24% Softener (or 12% Susa and 12% BS)

  • Jesus Cryst 70 dealers and complaining clients.70% Meth

    5% MDMA

    25% Softener (or 13% Susa and 12% BS)

  • Chris Talmet 6666% Meth

    6% Amp + 2% MDMA or (8% of one or the other)

    26% Softener (or 14% SuSa and 12% BS)

  • Sp-ICE 55 reworked to be tested55% Meth

    12% Amp

    8% MDMA

    25% Softener (or 13% SuSa and 12% BS)


R.I.P the weak.


🧾Recipes – Coca


Nothing is serious yet it is. These recipes (and all sections * the entire guide) are fictional and are only for the purpose of the DDS video-game.

Recipes for clients/dealers, not for Balenna.

to be tested, I adjusted some values and didnt really notice any compaints or od yet. (small to med orders)

I want to try using Amp as an additive to coke. soon.

  • WhiteLady 7171% Coca

    4% Para

    25% Soapy
    alternative 71%: with susa

  • Cinderella 7171% Coca

    4% Para

    17% SuSa

    8% BS

  • PuffRider 6464% Coca

    5% Para

    31% Soapy (or 19% SuSa and 12% BS)

  • FranciscoParadise 5858% Coca

    6% Para

    36% Soapy (or 24% SuSa 12% BS)
    Dangerously Lethal Cocktail:

  • 🔗SpeedBall 66 (For ADDICTION ++) just included… to be tested on NON-addicts only small orders < 9g66% Coca

    17% Hero

    1% Fe

    16% BS (might be too ¢(O_0) soft(0_O)? maybe make it 12% BS and 4%SuSa)

    High expect.Clients will complain but probably will ask more and get addicted anyway.


🧾Recipes – Hero


Nothing is serious yet it is. These recipes (and all sections * the entire guide) are fictional and are only for the purpose of the DDS video-game.

I tried mixing MDMA in hero but it seems to create complications. Maybe there’s some logic behind mixing drugs togheter….or Hero is just too deadly already and I just had a reminder of it with my client.

So I removed any other drugs except Fent. But damn i wanted to add mdma to Copine recipe.

  • Copine 6666% Hero


    10% Soapy

    12% SuSa

    12% BS


    (22% SuSa and 12% BS) need 1 less premix

  • 🔗Eve 66 +Addictive to be tested66% Hero

    2% Fe

    3% Vi

    29% Softener (or 15% SuSa and 14% BS)

  • Fix 6060% Hero

    2% Ibu (Jamie’s drug store)

    30% SuSa

    8% BS

  • Junk 55 to be tested (I lost the recipe of a good batch…)55% Hero

    2% Ibu (Jamie’s drug store)

    2% Para

    25% SuSa (or 29%)

    16% BS (or 12%)


⚗ Mixing liquids and crystallization💎

Fill the crystallizer (or dryers) and how to make crystals out of a powder-mix

made BEFORE THEY CHANGE MIXERS AND DRYERS capacity and edited recently.

You need 2 fluid “Flask” mixer, a batch of any powder-mix (200g to 798g) | or the ingredients for a batch, a bottle of Acetone and your chosen dryer/crystallizer.

In order:

  • Add exactly <A>g of Acet. per flask/fluid-mixer.
  • Add exactly <B>g of mix to each flask/fluid-mixer on top of the acetone.
  • Name your drug here -> COPY ctrl-c the name and PASTE ctrl-v to name the second flask <- , then apply and now you have exactly two dissolved mixes with the same amount and name.
  • Add/combine the 2 identical liquid solutions to the crystallizer/dryer.

<A> = 1g minimum (to trick the game it will be a liquid solution).

<B> = For the crystallizer: 249g maximum, to fill the crystallizer to it’s capacity.

And for the dryer: 399g to fill the flask, and fill the dryer with 2 exacts same batch.

The crystallizer is still 250g (it should be 400g at least). So to fill up the crystallizer you need only one flask.

I like to use (8g Acet + 200gMix per flask or 3-4%), otherwise the acetone bottle is dead cheap!

The acetone will evaporate, there is no loss in product, just the acetone.

Edit: Acetone is strong and toxic, and does seems to change your mix so maybe your mix should contain baking soda at least to compensate (Assuming you don’t use 1g Acet. for 399g of mix) to avoid ODs or complaints that is.

There is not*always a weak meth user that OD’s. but yeah remember some user have stronger tolerance than others and starting with meth, then coke and hero, you’ll see the eventual OD’s of the no-so-tolerant users which are careless enough to abuse dangerous products that’s cut with shady stuff.


Written by bUrnIt

Hope you enjoy the post for Drug Dealer Simulator Useful Information for Cook Book + Recipes + Mixing Items in Game, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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