Disco Elysium How to save the game guide!

Disco Elysium How to save the game guide! 2 - steamsplay.com
Disco Elysium How to save the game guide! 2 - steamsplay.com

This is an edited save immediately after the introduction sequence (aka as soon as it is possible to save) but NO other action has been taken. The save was then edited to make you some kind of Superstar!
PS. The save *is* in hardcore mode


Q: Why use this save instead of making your own?
A: Well for one I have a BS in Computer Science, which means I have a little bit of an idea what I am doing… maybe. But more importantly, I try to make my edits “clean” – aka the same as if they had been made during the course of normal gameplay to try and limit any unintentional bugs. And the changes I do make are still within normal gameplay parameters – aka you’ll start off with 13 in all skills instead of say… 20 which would NOT normally be possible.
So, what exactly did I edit?
All your stats have been set to maximum; 6 in all main attributes, +6 on top of that to all skills, and every skill has even been set to have the +1 from “signature skill” as well. This does however still leave room for growth; you can increase those maximums via drug use or certain internalized thoughts and then spend your skill points towards those new maximums. Bonus if you only do drugs AFTER Kim has gone to sleep btw.
Additionally, this save is primed to allow you to get the Torque Dork thought – in that the character had LESS than 4 encyclopedia during that initial dialogue sequence – which is a requirement.
The time has been edited to give you the fastest possible run through of that intro sequence without actually having missed anything; aka the longest possible dialogue route was actually taken – angry apes all the way down, champion – but you’ve lost no time from having done so.
Finally, the thought Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre has not only been unlocked from the get go, but it is also already internalized – normally you’d have to wait till day 3+ to be able to unlock this which gives you +10 XP and +2 Real for each and every successful Encyclopedia passive.
After further consideration, I decided to add in The Jamrock Shuffle as well since its unlocking can also take a while and I didn’t want to *avoid* containers for that long.
Options to increase your learning caps include: – [steamcommunity.com] 
Jamais Vu (Derealization) = All INT learning caps raised by 1
Guillaume Le Million = All PSY Learning Caps raised by 1
Waste Land of Reality = PSY+1 (beware that “No positive effects from alcohol”)
Anti-Object Task Force = All FYS learning caps raised by 1
Caustic Echo / White Mourning = All MOT learning caps raised by 1
Drugs: – [fandom.com] 
Nicotine = +1 Intellect (+2 with the Boiadeiro thought)
Pyrholidon = +1 Psyche (+2 with the Cop of the Apocalypse thought)
Alcohol = +1 Physique (+2 with the Revacholian Nationhood thought)
Amphetamine(Speed) = +1 Motorics (+1 PSY as well with the Lonesome Long Way Home thought)
There are only 12 “thought” slots and there are exactly 12 other thoughts listed on this page, thus the above drug buffing thoughts should probably be “forgotten” as soon as their benefits have been locked in with spent skill points. The order in which you do these things might also be important; eg the perm buff of Guillaume Le Million might need to be active BEFORE you get Cop of the Apocalypse and drink some Pyrholidon. As long as all buffs are active at the same time it shouldn’t matter, but say you did it the other way around? The buff of Guillaume Le Million might only work on the normal learning cap – aka without that +2 from the drugs and thus a +1 on top of a -2 wouldn’t actually raise anything… likewise you’d want to finish with Anti-Object Task Force and Physique’s alcohol buff before you take Waste Land of Reality.
Come to think of it… once you’ve completely maxed out all skills you’d be free to forget ALL of the learning cap related thoughts and internalize completely new ones… tho I’d still hold on to Jamais Vu for the orb XP.

I’d also recommend internalizing: – [fandom.com] 
Jamais Vu = +1 XP for every orb clicked
The Fifteenth Indotribe = +10 cents for each green orb clicked
Actual Art Degree = Conceptualization passives heal +1 Morale and give +10 XP
Indirect Modes of Taxation = Ultraliberal dialogue options give +1 réal
and/or Mazovian Socio-Economics = Communist dialog options give +4 xp
and perhaps even Hobocop = more money from selling tare
But all the rest of these can be obtained on Day 1 or even sped run towards.
A good speed run towards these might look like:
Avoid clicking any orbs except those which you cannot come back to; eg the green orb on your door before having found your keys and the red orb on Klassje’s cigarette. Additionally, only talk to those you cannot come back to; eg Klassje, or those you are required to talk to in order to progress; eg Kim. Otherwise, head directly to Joyce and follow this guide to get an Actual Art Degree – [reddit.com] . Avoid any further conceptualization checks until it finishes internalizing, then talk to Lena (Wheelchair lady) about understanding your reality, before going back to Joyce to unlock Jamais Vu and The Fifteenth Indotribe. Once those internalize, then you can click all of the orbs you’d been avoiding. At this point you’d be free to do anything you like with all bonuses that could be active… active; Ultraliberal and Communist dialogue bonuses require already having selected those lines previously which means you’ll get them naturally and without loss.
One final note; you might want to intentionally FAIL the conceptualization check when first talking to Kim to unlock the thought Detective Costeau – which would require save scumming in-order to roll a double 1 snake eyes, not necessarily to internalize but as a part of being a completionist. Same goes for Coach Physical Instrument and Volumetric ♥♥♥♥ Compressor if you want them. But of course all of this is entirely up to you, Superstar!

Download Links

Actual Save:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/3duiytdqap88vxf/WHIRLING-IN-RAGS%2C%20DAY%201%2C%2008-08%284_18_2021%2012-31-23%20AM%29.ntwtf.zip – [dropbox.com] 
Save Photo: (might or might not actually be needed)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/58oe0pqv60n5dk7/WHIRLING-IN-RAGS%2C%20DAY%201%2C%2008-08%284_18_2021%2012-31-23%20AM%29.jpg – [dropbox.com] 
Where to put these files – [google.com] 

Heads Up (Technical Help)

When the game attempts to unlock a thought which has already been added via editing; there will be a small error. It is fairly easy to fix if you don’t like the discrepancy, but has to be done to the individual save once it appears. It manifests as the thought appearing to revert from fully “internalized” to “100% in-progress” and attempting to internalize it a 2nd time will only make things worse by now making the one thought appear to be assigned to two different slots.
To fix this:
Open up the save’s “.ntwtf.zip(create a backup in-case you make a mistake)
Extract it’s “.2nd.ntwtf.json
Open with any text editor; I use Notepad++ – [notepad-plus-plus.org] 
Search for either “master_investigator(Jamrock Shuffle)
– or “trant_heidelstam(Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre)
LOL, I sort of forgot what exactly needed to be tweaked to put things right again…
But the gist is this; the blocks should appear as follows:

 "gainedThoughts": [


 "fixedThoughts": [


 "thoughtCabinetState": {
 "thoughtListState": [
 "name": "trant_heidelstam",
 "isFresh": false,
 "state": "FIXED",
 "timeLeft": 0


 "thoughtCabinetViewState": {
 "slotStates": [
 "Item1": "FILLED",
 "Item2": "trant_heidelstam"
 "Item1": "OPEN",
 "Item2": null

There will also be a block which looks like the one below, you shouldn’t have to worry about this one; it just defines that -2 Suggestion which Wompty-Dompty Dom Centre comes with.

 "type": "THC",
 "amount": -2,
 "explanation": "-2 Suggestion",
 "skillType": "SUGGESTION",
 "modifierCause": {
 "ModifierKey": "trant_heidelstam",
 "ModifierCauseType": "THOUGHT"

If the data is different than it appears above you’d want to edit that section
eg changing “state”: “KNOWN”, or “state”: “COOKING”, to “state”: “FIXED”,
I included that last “Item1”: “OPEN”, in case you already got the duplicate entry error and need to know what to replace the 2nd entry with.
Once you are done editing, save the “.2nd.ntwtf.json” file and overwrite the old version within the save’s “.ntwtf.zip
The easiest mistake to make here is missing a comma or else adding a comma where it doesn’t belong
If in doubt feel free to ask below for help

Written by Drake Ravenwolf

This is all for Disco Elysium How to save the game guide! hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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