Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Inforrmation Guide Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Inforrmation Guide Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Here you will find some information about the Digimon Overall Lore but not this Game in specific.
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There is Two translations 

  1. The Japanese Source Material 
    • This is considered to be the most accurate but its not the most known by the fans.
  2. The English Dub 
    • This translation uses different names, with much inconsistencies, but it is most known and accepted by the fans and used in most Media like Games, (this specific game for example)

The two translations uses sometimes the same words to refer to different things, and this can be cofusing, if something dont make sense or you dont find it, try searching for its another translation. 
Some examples: 
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 


Digimon, short of “Digital Monster“, are beings made of Data and the Amount and Type of data inside their DigiCore is what determine their size and appearance
Digimon have been depicted in many different continuities, some of the settings have differed slightly in each work. That is because interpretations of Digimon differ from creator to creator. 
One day, a virus possessing artificial inteligence spread onto computers throughout the world. The virus evolved in a way similar to living organisms, changing its appearance and nature on the Network, becoming the Digital Lifeforms that came to be known as Digital Monsters
Also Computer Kernel, is a program and data said to be Found at the Center of a Digimon’s Body, that controls the entirety of a Digimon, corresponding to their Heart and Brain, and analogous to their Soul
A Digimon can continue to exist long after its body has rotted away so long as its DigiCoreremains unharmed, but also the Digimon will immediately cease functioning if they lose their DigiCore
Demon-species Digimon possess a Digicore concentrated with mighty powers of darkness called a DarkCore
Many Undead Digimon have rotted to such an extent that their DigiCores are visible 
Powerful Mega Digimon, such as the Digimon Sovereings, each have 12 DigiCores that Orbit their bodies
When two Digimon undergo DNA Digivolution (Jogress), their DigiCores are normally Totally Fused, resulting in a single new Digimon. When this process is left incomplete, the resulting Digimon maintains its form in a very unstable state, is thus unable to store its DigiCores within its body, so they manifest outside. 
Digimon Don’t Have Physical Sexual Organs, as they are made of data, they reproduce not through sexual reproduction but through a universal system of data recycling, copying/pasting, and data merging. 
The size of a Digimon is Determined by the Amount of Data and content embedded in their Digicore, and the size of the texture expressing their body. 

Evolution Stage

Also referred to as Leveland Generation, is the level of development of a Digimon is at. 
There are Six Stages of normal evolution, after hatching from a Digitama, through which a Digimon can naturally go through. 
There is a Difference between the Japanese Source and the English Dub names, so people may get confused a little bit. 
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

Japanese Source English Dub
Super Ultimate Ultra

The Super Ultimate level (Ultra) is not actually a level of evolution 
It’s more like a title that is given to a specific species of Digimon to demonstrate that it has surpassed the usual power level of an Ultimate Level (Mega) Digimon 
A Digimon could be considered a Super Ultimate Level (Ultra) in one universe but not in others. 

Digivolution (Evolution)

Evolution (Digivolution) 

    Digimon evolve with varying conditions. Methods generally being either age, collecting data, winning battles or drawing energy of a human. Digimon have six natural stages of evolution, as well as others obtained through artificial help. Due to the influence of the Dark Area, the evolutionary trees of any Digimon have been altered, enabling them to evolve into many different forms.


  • In addition to referring to the narutal Digimon process, Evolution can refer to the temporary “artificial” process by which a Child (Rookie) Level Digimon evolves to the Adult (Champion) Level partnered with a human Trainer.

Super Evolution 

    There is two different methods of this type of evolution:

    • An evolution from a Adult (Champion) Level Digimon to the Perfect (Ultimate) Level using a Tag and Crest. 
    • An evolution of a Digimon of Indeterinate Level to a stronger “future” form using a Xros Loader.

Perfect Evolution 

  • Used by a Child (Rookie) or Adulto (Champion) Level Digimon to reach their Perfect (Ultimate) Forms.

Ultimate Evolution (Mega Digivolution) 

  • The process of evolution from the Perfect (Ultimate) or a Jogressed Perfect State (Ultimate DNA Digivolution) the Ultimate (Mega) Level.

Warp Evolution 

  • Is the process of rapid evolution Skipping at least One Level, this is most commonly seen as evolving a Child (Rookie) straight to the Ultimate (Mega) Level, but can also evolve a Child (Rookie) to Perfect (Ultimate).

Jogress Evolution 

  • Also spelled Jogres Evolution and DNA Digivolution, fuses two or more Digimon of any level to evolve into a single merged Digimon, usually of a Higher Level. 
        Warp DNA Digivolution

        • Two Digimon DNA digivolve together (Jogress) and Warp Digivolve together at the same time to reach a Digimon of a Higher Level.


        • Two or more Digimon Jogress into a single digimon of the Same Level.


        • Is the process of Splitting a Jogressed Digimon back into its individual component Digimon.

    Dark Evolution 

    • Is a Variation of which is usually triggered by the Negative Emotions of a Tamer being so great that they have a negative effect on their partner Digimon, initiating evolution to a “Darker”, generally uncontrollable Digimon. This type of evolution can also happen because of the Infection”


    • Is a process similar to evolution, which occurs on Infected Digimon, which may cayse the Digimon to Develop new Mutant Form an/or progress to the next evolution stage. The Digimon are generally uncontrollable.

    There are also two artificial stages of evolution, which can be accessed through the use of a Digimental (Digi-eggs) or a Legendary Spirit to get to Armor Level and Hybrid Level, respectively. 
    Armor Evolution 

    • Evolves a Digimon to the Armor Level by using a Digimental (Digi-Egg)

    Spirit Evolution 

    • Is the process of evolution from any level (or from a human) into a Human or Beast Hybrid Digimon using a Single Legendary Spirit. 
          Slide Evolution (Hybrid)

          • Is the transitional process in which a Hybrid Digimon Activates another Legendary Spirit and evolves directly into another Hybrid Digimon without reverting to their base form, this has been only seen to have been done between the Human and Beast spirits of the same element.
          Double Spirit Evolution

          • Is the process of Evolution from any level or a human to a Fusion Form Hybrid Digimon using any two Legendary Spirits (Human Spirit and Beast Spirit) of the same Element.
          Hyper Spirit Evolution (Unified Spirit)

          • Is evolution from any level or a human into a Transcendent Form Hybrid using Ten Legendary Spirits in certain combinations.
          Ancient Spirit Evolution

          • Process of evolution from any level or from a human into Susanoomon, using all twenty Legendary Spirits. The process can entail multiple base individuals envolving, with as few as two and as many as five seen.

    Slide Evolution (Other) 

    • Is the transitional process in which a Digimon with access to multiple forms, either of the same or of different levels, switches into one of their other forms.

    Mode Change 

    • The process by which a Digimon shifts into another mode of the same Species.

    Matrix Evolution 

    • There is two methods of this type of evolution. 
        Matrix Evolution (Perfect)

        • A Digimon Evolves from the Child (Rookie) or Adult (Champion) Level to Perfect (Ultimate) using a Blue Card.

        Matrix Evolution (Ultimate) (Biomerge)

        • A evolution to the Ultimate (Mega) Level achieved by fusing a Tamer with its Digimon Partner.

    Hyper Bio Evolution 

    • Also called as Bio Hybrid digivolution, there is two methods of this type of evolution. 
        Hyper Bio Evolution

        • A human with Digimon data Infused into their DNA evolves into their respective Digimon of the Armor Level.

        Hyper Bio Extra Evolution

        • A human with Digimon data Infused into their DNA evolves into their respective Digimon of the Ultimate (Mega) Level.

    Blast Evolution 

    • Is a temporary Evolution induced for a short time, usually induced by a Tamer. Ultimates (Megas) who Blast Evolve, Transform into Stronger Ultimates (Megas)

    Burst Evolution 

    • Is a form of evolution similar to Blast Evolution and Mode Changing. An Ultimate (Mega) Level Digimon is energised by a massive quantity of Digisoul to evolve into a more powerful variant of themselves, usually surrounded by an Aura of energy. While in this form, the Digimon may burn up all of their energy and revert back to a Digitama.


    • A digimon evolves into their X-Antibody variant when modified by the X-Antibody. It’s also the name of the evolution of any Digimon already modified by the X-Antibody.

      • Special Evolution process discovered when experimenting with the Prototype Digimon “DORU Series” using the Death-X relic. it allows Digimon to increase their level while dying, forcing the X-Antibody to evolve the body in order to stay alive by consuming other DigiCore.


    • Process related to evolution in which Multiple Digimon are merged into a single conglomerate entity, usually under control of one of the component Digimon, achieved by use of a Xros Loader or a Darkness Loader held by its choser Heneral. It is Similar to Jogress Evolution which component Digimon, in DigiXros the component digimon are referred to as “DigiXros Units”, but it also involves attributes of Mode Changing, allowing the Units to rearrange their data and became body-parts or weapons for the new form.


    Warrior Ten (Legendary Ten Warriors)

    Ten Digimon that protected the Digital World in the past. They were created from the same data that created the Digital World and is connected with their 10 Legendary Spirits. 
    After their fight against Lucemon, they each separeted into a Human and Beast Spirit
    Their names have the prefix “Ancient“. 
    The abilities of each member of the Warrior Ten were latter passed on to certain types of Digimon. 
    Legendary Spirits 
    Legendary Digital Spirits, Legendary DigiSpirits and Battle Spirits. 
    Used to Spirit Evolve into Hybrid Digimon
    They were created from the Legendary Ten Warriors after their battle with Lucemon. 
    Each spirit also has a symbol associated to it referring to the spirit’s main attribute. 
    Susanoomon bears an eleventh symbol. 


    Crest” may reffer to two things. 

    1. The symbol of traits. 
    2. The physical manifestations of those symbols in form of small tablets which are inserted in a Tag.

    Tag is the pendant used to store and activate the physical Crests. 
    There are 11 crests 
    9 Crests manifested in the form of Small Tablets. 
    Crest of Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, Light, Kindness
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 
    2 Crests which haven’t a physical manifestation (only exclusive of a Bandai’s Toy), but are present in many places. 
    Crest of Miracles, Crest of Destiny 

    Digimentals (Digi-Eggs)

    Rare and ancient items, they allow Digimon to perform an Ancient Type of Evolution, know as Armor Evolution, that was used more commonly in ancient times in the place of normal evolution. Most of the Digimentals Represent One of the Crests possessed by the first Chosen Children 
    There are 15 Digimentals 
    11 Digimentals that allow a Digimon to Armor Digivolution. 
    Each Digimental is Enblazoned with a Crest, while There is No Crest of Fate (Destiny) or Miracles, they are emblazoned with a symbol analogious to one. 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Japanese Source English Dub
    Purity Sincerity
    Sincerity Reliability
    Fate Destiny

    And 4 Digimentals without much information about them. 
    Digimental of Darkness 
    Digimental of Pride 
    Digimental of Desire 
    Digimental of Tenacity 

    Armor (Stage)

    Armor Digivolution is an alternate path of evolution some Digimon can take 
    Mostly used in Ancient Times
    Using a Digimental (Digi-Egg) a Digimon evolve into a Special Armor Form unique to the combination of the Digimental. This is useful if there are any factor prohibiting normal evolution. 
    Armor Digimon began to be treated the same way as Adult (Champion) Digimon, and most of them can be considered as it. 


    Also know as “Heaven” and “Realm of God“. 
    The core of the Digital World’s universe as well as being God’s Domain. 
    This place exists in a higher dimension to that of the Digital World itself and all Angel Digimon come from here. 
    It is the primary duty of the Three Great Angels to protect this place and lead God’s Army. 


    Also referred to as “God of the digital World“, is the mysterious host computer that rules over the Digital World on one of the servers on the Network as well as being the name of the System that Manages the Digital World
    Originally was a generic name for the system that was operating on the supercomputer where the Net Ocean was discovered, and later, as a self-defense instinct to eliminate bugs, it began to function without making any judgment between good and evil. 
    Yggdrasil gathered the Royal Knights in order to manage the world. 


    Is an Immeasurably Powerful Being of Ultimate Goodness and Infinite Love that resides within the Digital World’s central “Kernel“, which is protected by the Three Great Angels and the rest of the Angel-Type Digimon
    Seraphimon – Was given the duty to Execute God’s enlightened Laws. 
    Cherubimon – Was given the duty to Guard God’s Wisdom. 
    Ofanimon – Was given the duty to Impart God’s Love and Mercy. 
    Holy Angemon – Servers as a speaker of God’s “Light” which seeks to preserve the order of DW. 
    Sakuyamon – Acts as an agent of God’s Will. 
    Kongoumon – Has been an agent of God on earth since ancient times. 
    Airdramon – A Mythical Animal Digimon said to be close to God. 
    Its often interpreted that “God” is a term used as a synonym for the Four Holy Beasts that govern the stability of the Digital World. 
    Its also said that God is an Existence beyond the Four Holy Beasts. 
    Some research reports that God has a different origin from the Digimon and in fact is the System of the Digital World itself. 
    Others believe that god may be the human who created the Digital World. 


    Is a formless, god-like entity, or group of entities, that maintains the balance between good and evil in the Digital World. 
    Because it has no body, it has to possess other people’s bodies to communicate. 
    Its also the entity that chose the Chosen Children and created their partner digimon, Digivices and Crests. 

    Field (Family/Species)

    Is an overall Branching group of digimon that each one belongs to. 
    10 fields, each with a different theme. 

    • Digimon can have more than one field or none, 
    • Digimon of the same field are likely to be able to evolve into similar forms, 
    • Field can also represent the habitat that the Digimon occupies.
    Field Type Area Element
    Nature Spirits (NSp) Generic Animal or Monster-like Desert-like Earth Element
    Deep Savers (DS) Aquatic or Polar Marine Water Element
    Nightmare Soldiers (NSo) Demonic or Undead Haunted Dark Element
    Wind Guardians (WG) Avian or Flying Grassy of Lofty Wind Element
    Metal Empire (ME) Mechanical or Mutaded Urban Steel Element
    Virus Busters (VB) Sacred or Angelic Holy areas Light Element
    Dragon’s Roar (DR) Draconic Digimon Volcanic Fire element
    Jungle Troopers (JT) Insectoid or Vegetation Tropical Areas Thunder Element


    Field Type Area Description
    Unknow (UK) Mutant or Uncategorizable Desert Many of its members were added to the Metal Empire family.
    Dark Area (DA) Demonic or Evil Dark Area Many of its members were added to the Nightmare Soldiers family.

    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 
    Some Digimon also lack families altogether, where they are either Baby Digimon too young to have family, or are otherwise unclassifiable. 

    Royal Knights

    Title given to an alliance of Thirtheen powerful Holy Knight Digimon that are the Digital World’s sacred guardians and are famed among Digimon as “Guardian Deities” of the Computer Network. 
    They were gathered by Yggdrasill in order to manage the World, and boast absolute power within the Digital World. Because the Royal Knights are assigned the highest rank of Network Security, it is absolutely impossible to violate Security in their presence. 

    Three Great Angels

    Three Archangels 

    • A group of Ultimate (Mega) Level Angel Digimon 
    • Protect the central Kernel of the Digital world, the domain of God 
    • Lead God’s Army.

    Created to face the rebellious Son of God, Lucemon. 
    God divided three of its own aspects and gave one to each of his three apostles who would be in charge of directing God’s Army in order to fight against all the Fallen Angel Digimon. 
    It is said that Lucemon’s abilities have now been inherited and split among the Three Great Angels. 

    • the Highest ranking among the “Male Angel” digimon and the guardian of the order and justice of God.


    • the Highest ranking among the “Holy Beast digimon and the database who hold a vast knowledge


    • embodying the deep love of God, the symbol of the existence of the Female Angels.


    Seven Great Demon Lords

    Is a term used for the strongest Demon-Type Digimon, they were once High-Ranking Angel Digimon, however they each committed a Deadly Sin and fell, becoming Fallen Angels
    Lucemon instigated a Rebellion agains God, alongside other Angel digimon that fell. 
    They were defeated to the Dark Area by the Digital World’s System (Yggdrasil), and being sealed there as punishment, continuing to exist as a deadly sin, a desire that they each pursue, becoming Demon Lords
    Each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins
    Each one of the Great Demon Lords has their own Crown which are distinguished by: 

    • Color– One of the Seven Colors of the visible spectrum of light. 
    • Sigil– of one of the Seven Olympian Spirits, a group of entities who, under God, ruled over the 196 provinces of Heaven and presided over the natural world for 490 years each. 
    • Celestial Body 
    • Level– this is “666” for all the Crown where “666” is the “Number of the Beast”. 
    • System– The demon that traditionally represents the respective sin. 
    • Code– Identifies the Sin associated with the aforementioned demon. 
    • Purgatory Level – Ranging between 1 and 7, represent the level in the purgatory this demon governs, being 1 the deepest one and more difficult to atone the sin and go to Paradise, and 7 the easiest.

    7 – Lust – Lilithmon (Laylamon) 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Lilithmon
    Code LUST
    Purgatory Level 7
    System Asmodeus
    Color Green
    Olympian Spirit Phul
    Celestial Body Moon
    Level 666

    6 – Gluttony – Beelzemon (Beelzebumon) 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Beelzemon
    Code Gluttony
    Purgatory Level 6
    System Belzebub
    Color Yellow
    Olympian Spirit Hagith
    Celestial Body Venus
    Level 666

    5 – Greed – Barbamon 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Barbamon
    Code Greed
    Purgatory Level 5
    System Mammon
    Color Purple
    Olympian Spirit Aratron
    Celestial Body Saturn
    Level 666

    4 – Sloth – Belphemon RM (Rage Mode) 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Belphemon RM
    Code Sloth
    Purgatory Level 4
    System Belphegor
    Color Dark Blue
    Olympian Spirit Phaleg
    Celestial Body Mars
    Level 666

    3 – Wrath – Creepymon (Daemon) 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Creepymon
    Code Wrath
    Purgatory Level 3
    System Satan
    Color Orange
    Olympian Spirit Bethor
    Celestial Body Jupiter
    Level 666

    2 – Envy – Leviamon 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Leviamon
    Code Envy
    Purgatory Level 2
    System Leviathan
    Color Light Blue
    Olympian Spirit Ophiel
    Celestial Body Mercury
    Level 666

    1 – Pride – Lucemon FM (Falldown Mode) / CM (Chaos Mode) 
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition Information Guide Playthrough 

    Great Demon Lord Lucemon FM
    Code Pride
    Purgatory Level 1
    System Lucifer
    Color Red
    Olympian Spirit Och
    Celestial Body Sun
    Level 666


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