Deadside 100% Achievement Guide

Deadside 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
Deadside 100% Achievement Guide 1 -
List of all weapons for Full Arsenal Achievement.

The fastest way for Gunslinger, Need for Lead, Lead Storm, Son of a Shotgun, Rifleman.



I only covered the Achievements that I thought would be troubling and confusing to get. 

Tips & Warnings


  • Highly recommended to stick with one server and not change it sins it seems that the progression is not carried over to another one. [the tracker works like this now they might make changes in the future (2021/5/8) let me know if im wrong] 
  • Pick a server that is Max loot and it’s dead so nobody makes this whole thing harder for you. u can know if a server is max loot or not by just reading the title of the server and to find them easily search in the search bar “Max” and u will see them.[optional] 
  • Join a server with a starter kit & credit. [optional]


List of all weapons

Use this list for ‘Full Arsenal’ and 100 Ai kills achievements. 
Melee weapons 

  • Knife [Market] 
  • Army Knife [Market] 
  • Axe [Market] 
  • Fire Axe [Market]


  • Berta M9 [Market] 
  • IZH-70 [Market] 
  • TTK [Market] 
  • C1911 [Market] 
  • F-57 [Trader]


  • Scorp [Market] 
  • UMR45 [Market] 
  • MR5 [Market] 
  • P900 [Trader] 
  • BB-19 [Trader]


  • IZH-43S [Short Barrel] [Market] 
  • IZH-43 Double Barrel [Market] 
  • M133 [Market] 
  • MS590 [Market] 
  • N7 [Trader]

Assault Rifles 

  • AK-SU [Market] [Not sure if its SMG or AR] 
  • AK-SM [Market] 
  • AK-mod [Market] 
  • RPK-Mod [Trader] 
  • Grom [Trader] 
  • UAG [Trader] 
  • AR4 [Trader] 
  • MG-36 [Trader]


  • S85 [Market] 
  • Mosin K [Market] 
  • Mosin [Market] 
  • VSD Rifle [Trader] 
  • M99 [Trader]


  • R-5 [Rare] [Market] 
  • F-10 [Rare] [Market] 
  • GRM-40 [Trader] [Grenade Launcher]


  • Market is the one in the safe zone and trader is the event that pops on the map [trader is selling armor & backpack or weapons & ammo] 
  • if you planning to buy something from trader dont forget to grab money first.[AVG price for each weapon is 320.000$] 
  • this list can be outdated as the game adds new weapons in future updates.




Fastest way for 100 Ai kills Achievements [optional]

All you need to do is to follow these steps and do it over and over until u are done. 
use the list above to know which weapon is for what. 
First of all 

  • you need to be on an empty server so nobody interrupts you 
  • don’t change your server find a server that suits you and stick to it you are warned the tracker can be reset when you change your server.[you can leave the server that u in and reconnect to it without losing progression]

number 1, 2, 3 is always a mission and that’s why we are going there cuz there’s a lot of Ai there. 
number 4 is a military camp they are some ai and good loot. 
when u enter the server if the number one or two is not ready wait for it to pop it can take a bit. 
when they ready u going to do the number 1 or 2 doesn’t matter after doing both of them, go to the safe area to sell ur stuff and recover. 
then go to the number 3 when you are done you can go to the safe area and reset urself or go to number 4 your choice. 
note that if u wait a bit in number 4 there will be 2-3 extra Ai spawning and coming for you so stick around a bit if you want. 
now that u did all of these depending on how fast you were u need to wait for the number 1 and 2 to appear and do it again. 
A reminder that we are doing this to get a lot of Ai kills in the shortest time this is how i did it you don’t have to do it this way. 
Deadside 100% Achievement Guide 

Cold Steel

it’s self explanatory but FYI you can use an Axe and one-hit-kill them. 

Hottest Potato

it’s self explanatory but FYI you can use GRM-40 [Grenade Launcher] it’s much easier. 

Last bullet

Just do the kill 100Ai Achievements and ill change my steam name if u don’t get this one 😀 but seriously if you have a problem with this one use a double-barrel shotgun miss your first shot and hit the 2nd one mostly they will be dead if u are not in the one-shot kill range use both shots on them EZ. 

Full Arsenal

Use the list above there is 35 weapon in the game but u need 32 of them only the ones that you don’t need are: RPK-Mod | M99 .50 Cal | MG-36 


Deadside 100% Achievement Guide - Modder 
the easiest way is to put a weapon flashlight on the weapon you can buy it in the market or find it in the world 

A man’s home is his castle

Deadside 100% Achievement Guide - A man's home is his castle 
you just need to craft one item for this and that is the Land claim item craft it and then put it in Quick slot use it and it will show up in front of u stay far away from the road and buildings and it will turn up green put it down and achievement will pop 


buy or find an Axe or Fire Axe and use it on a tree. 
[if u are in the safe zone it’s not going to work. if u don’t have empty space in your inventory it’s not going to work keep dropping the woods to make space] 


Deadside 100% Achievement Guide - Gourmet 
in the safe area there are two NPC go to the one that selling recovery items and buy all the eatable items or find them in the world and then eat them. 



Let me know

Let me know if any part of the guide is confusing or if I should add any other Achievements here. 
Give a thumbs up if it was helpful. 
[FYI this is my first guide ever on steam] 😀 

Written by [WTH] MIR-12

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