Dead by Daylight List of All Perks For Survivor and Killer Guide

Dead by Daylight List of All Perks For Survivor and Killer Guide 1 -
Dead by Daylight List of All Perks For Survivor and Killer Guide 1 -
a list of all perks (both survivor and killer) with their power ratings and how to counter them the best way


perks – part I

all data for version 4.7.2 

power score title teachable by how to counter
💔💔💔 decisive strike Laurie Strode down the survivor who was unhooked recently, but wait out 60 s or use him as bait
☠☠ barbecue & chili Cannibal always change your position after someone hooked
☠☠ hex: no one escapes death you see an opened gate – use it
💀💀 hex: ruin The Hag find the totem and cleanse; do not do gens alone
💀💀 franklin’s demise Cannibal just forget about your item
💔💔 mettle of man Ash
💀☠ hex: blood favor Blight tell others to cleanse that totem
💀💀 hex: haunted ground Spirit hide!
💔💔 iron will Jake Park make them spill blood
💔💔 dead hard David bait it and wait it out; bait throws if playing Huntress
💔💜 unbreakable Bill Overbeck always keep downed survivors in sight
💔 borrowed time Bill Overbeck do not hit unhooked survivor, and never let multiple survivors come for the save
💔 deliverance Adam keep hooked survivor in sight when gates are opened
💔💜 prove thyself Dwight Fairfield do not let survivors do gens in pairs and trios
💀💀 agitation Trapper fear the basement
💜💜 lithe Feng Min do not chase that survivor, bait him instead to come to you
💜💜 spine chill look sideways when approaching survivors
💜💜 adrenaline Meg try keeping survivors dying when the gates are opened, never injured
💀💀 sloppy butcher
💜💜 head on Jane Romero if survivor enters locker in a rush – he has it
💜💜 kindred do not face in obvious directions after leaving the hook area
💜💔 calm spirit Jake Park
💀💀 i’m all ears Ghost Face do not rush vault, even when killer far away
💀💀 surveillance The Pig check around the corners – the pig may be coming already!
💀🎃 make your choice The Pig unhook and hide in lockers, or run far away
🎃💀 brutal strength Trapper do not stand near the dropped pallet
☠💀 a nurse’s calling Nurse do not heal nearby the Nurse
💀🎃 thanatophobia Nurse
💀🎃 overcharge Doctor be ready for the skill check
💀🎃 infectious fright Plague do not chase the killer when he downs someone
💀🎃 knock out Cannibal do not try to heal your friend too quickly
💜 sprint burst Meg just chase him and hit anyway
💜 we’ll make it
☠ bitter murmur face in random direction for 5 s after gen completion
💀 corrupt intervention Plague search for the free gen, but do not run; do totems on your way
💜 for the people Zarina Kassir be nearby when players healing
💀 tinkerer Hillbilly look around the rock – Hillbilly may be running for you
💜 self-care Claudette use for economizing your medkits; do not use for full healing
💀 rancor Spirit hide actual direction of your next attack when gen completed
💀 spies from the shadows
💜 flip-flop Ash
💜 power struggle Elodie Rakoto beware of survivor crawling towards unused pallet
💀 gearhead Deathslinger
💀 pop goes the weasel Clown try to not be hooked nearby critical gens; distract if playing against Nightmare
💜 urban evasion Nea
💜 bond Dwight Fairfield
💜 inner strength Nancy Wheeler let her waste time on doing totems and healing in lockers
💀 overwhelming presence Doctor do not heal nearby killer, especially Doctor
💛💛💛 quick & quiet Meg always watch every survivor and track their moves
🎃🎃🎃 blood warden Nightmare you see a gate – use it
🎃🎃 hex: devour hope The Hag you see Exposed status – do not unhook anybody
💛💛 dark sense
🎃🎃 mad grit Legion
🎃🎃 forced penance Executioner
💛💛 tenacity Detective Tapp assume tenacity if you can’t find crawling survivor
🎃🎃 hex: huntress lullaby Huntress be super-focused after gen 4
💛💛 no one left behind
🎃🎃 dragon’s grip Blight
🎃🎃 hex: the third seal The Hag
🎃🎃 lightborn Hillbilly
💛💛 botany knowledge Claudette
🤡🎃 hex: thrill of the hunt
💛💛 smash hit Yun-Jin
☠ hex: undying Blight cleanse all cursed totems
🎃 beast of prey Huntress
🎃 insidious
🎃 unnerving presence Trapper
🎃 coulrophobia Clown
🎃 deerstalker
🎃 monitor & abuse Doctor
🤡 bamboozle Clown
🎃 starstruck Trickster never stand nearby the player being carried
💛 left behind Bill Overbeck always be the first to find the hatch
💛 hope
💛 resilience
💛 saboteur Jake Park always keep at least two hooks in sight when carrying
🎃 shadowborn Wraith
🤡 bloodhound Wraith
🤡 predator Wraith
🤡 monstrous shrine


perks – part II


💛 no mither David
💛 boil over Kate Denson
💛 technician Feng Min
💛 dance with me Kate Denson
💛 distortion Jeff
💛 ace in the hole Ace
💛🖤 balanced landing Nea survivor runs on top of the hill – he has it
💛💜 small game
🖤💛 lightweight
🖤💛 leader Dwight Fairfield
💛🖤 detective’s hunch Detective Tapp
🖤🖤🖤 poised Jane Romero
🖤🖤 we’re gonna live forever David
🖤🖤 deja vu
🖤🖤 plunderer’s instinct just let him do that challenge :), or punish him
💀 surge Demogorgon
🖤 premonition
🖤 empathy Claudette
🖤 streetwise Nea
🖤 diversion Adam
💀 dark devotion Plague
🖤 fixated Nancy Wheeler
🖤 pharmacy Quentin Smith
🤡🎃 whispers
🖤 wake up Quentin Smith
🖤 windows of opportunity Kate Denson
🖤 this is not happening
🖤 built to last Felix Richter
🖤 buckle up Ash
🖤 up the ante Ace
🤡🎃 territorial imperative Huntress
💀 stridor Nurse
🎃🎃 iron grasp
🎃🎃 unrelenting
🤡 fire up Nightmare
🤡 remember me Nightmare
🤡 zanshin tactics The Oni
🤡 hangman’s trick The Pig
hysteria Nemesis
hex: crowd control Trickster
hex: retribution Deathslinger run away from the cleansed totem
flashbang Leon Kennedy
mindbreaker Demogorgon
blast mine Jill Valentine
iron maiden Legion run away from the locker
autodidact Adam


perks – part III


object of obsession Laurie Strode do not use predictable routes of map traversal
off the record Zarina Kassir
play with your food The Shape
cruel limits Demogorgon
self-preservation Yun-Jin
bite the bullet Leon Kennedy
rookie spirit Leon Kennedy
soul guard Cheryl Mason
save the best for last The Shape
enduring Hillbilly
blood echo The Oni
eruption Nemesis
alert Feng Min
no way out Trickster
discordance Legion
counterforce Jill Valentine
breakdown Jeff
thrilling tremors Ghost Face
nemesis The Oni
spirit fury Spirit
coup de grace The Twins
dead man’s switch Deathslinger
deathbound Executioner
dying light The Shape
hoarder The Twins
oppression The Twins
lethal pursuer Nemesis
red herring Zarina Kassir
deception Elodie Rakoto
better together Nancy Wheeler
trail of torment Executioner
appraisal Elodie Rakoto
sole survivor Laurie Strode
open-handed Ace
resurgence Jill Valentine
aftercare Jeff
fast track Yun-Jin
solidarity Jane Romero
blood pact Cheryl Mason
any means necessary Yui Kimura
repressed alliance Cheryl Mason
furtive chase Ghost Face
babysitter Steve Harrington
second wind Steve Harrington
lucky break Yui Kimura
breakout Yui Kimura
visionary Felix Richter
desperate measures Felix Richter
camaraderie Steve Harrington
stake out Detective Tapp
🖤 slippery meat
vigil Quentin Smith


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