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Bugsnax All Achievements Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Want to know what all the achievements are? Well here you go!


Hey there! If you’re here I imagine you’re just wanting to see what each achievement is and how to get it, most are fairly straight forward but let’s get to it!

Everybody Gets One

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Everybody Gets One - 05E226C
Catch your first Bugsnak. – The first achievement you should get, just follow the tutorial to capture your first (Of many) Bugsnax!


Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Wonderfalls - 6292B46
Check behind the waterfall for secrets. – After helping Filbo & catching your first Bugsnax, turn to the two waterfalls, walk through the left waterfall to get the achievement!

Gone Home

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Gone Home - A843D84
Find your way to Snaxburg. – Just follow the story until you reach town!

Double Trapper

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Double Trapper - F703DDC
Catch more than one Bugsnak in your Snak Trap at once. – Capture two or more Bugsnax at once in your Snak Trap, I personally did it by using Ketchup to lure down the two Fryders in the cave at Garden Grove, once both have entered the AoE trap ’em & bag ’em!

Perf Dirt

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Perf Dirt - DEFC2B0
Steal Beffica’s diary from her cave. – Once you’ve gotten Beffica to move back to Snaxburg, Go back to Garden Grove & “borrow” the diary from her cave!


Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Quartermaster - EE128DA
Catch 25 unique species of Bugsnax. – Very easy achievement that you should get naturally, just simply collect 25 Bugsnax variants!

Launch Party

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Launch Party - C875636
Stun a flying Bugsnak by launching another Bugsnak at it. – Easiest way I found to do this achievement was in the Scorched Gorge area, as this is where you will be given the Launch Pad needed, Lure a BBQ Bunger or a Spuddy onto a launchpad using whatever sauce they like, then take aim at a Cheesepoof and fire away!

Combo Meal

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Combo Meal - C2A638D
Transform a Grumpus with Bunger, Fryder, and Sodie. – Around this point in the game, going back to Garden Grove will allow you to find all Bugsnax required for this achievement, simply catch one of each and feed them all to a single Grumpus!

Midnight Snak

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Midnight Snak - 56BC3AA
Transform Gramble. – For this achievement, you must wait until night to find Gramble sleepwalking around the town, then feed him any Bugsnax as he sleeps, You Monster.

That Reminds Me of A Puzzle

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - That Reminds Me of A Puzzle - 01C3D5C
Solve the secret of the lava cave or the secret of the dunes. – Depending which side you go to first, you can complete a puzzle in Boiling Bay or Sizzling Sands!

Boiling Bay

If you’re at Boiling Bay, if you go inside the lava caves you will enter a room with Noodlers, Flamin Cheepoofs & statues of Cocomites, these statues are the key! Each statue has a different number of fangs, from 1 to 4, press them in that order! ( Or to save you time, farthest right, middle left, middle right, and farthest left) this will then open a path to the Sizzling Sands!

Sizzling Sands

However, If you went to Sizzling Sands instead, then once you arrive in the area, go to your immediate left, you will find some Incherrito statues near a sand dune, you may notice that the statues are looking at the others, starting with the statue on your left, follow the way they are pointing to solve the puzzle! (Or to save you time, closest left, farthest right, closest right, farthest left.) this will then open a path to the Boiling Bay!
Whichever way you decide to do this, that’s this achievement down!

Say Cheese!

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Say Cheese! - D1DD163
Scan a Grumpus after saucing them with cheese. – Now that you’ve reached The Sizzling Sands, you can get access to Cheese, find it inside of the giant Grumpus statue that Shelda sits in front of, once you’ve got some using your Snak Grappler you can just pull out your Slingshot, shoot Shelda in the face and then scan her! Don’t worry if you miss it at this stage though, you’ll have always have a chance to get this achievement thanks to someone later in the game.

I’m Stuffed

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - I'm Stuffed - 42B9EC8
Fully transform a Grumpus. – For this Achievement, make sure you completely change a single Grumpus into Bugsnax! This means change both of the legs, feet, arms, hands, horns, the nose, the teeth, the hair / hat and then finally their main body!

In The Arms of the Gramble

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - In The Arms of the Gramble - EB827B8
Donate max amount of Bugsnax to Gramble’s ranch. – Once Gramble is back in Snaxburg and gives you the ability to donate to his Ranch, go all the way with it! There are 3 stages of donations, which will unlock more inventory space for you to carry even more Bugsnax!
1. Donate 6
2. Donate 12
3. Donate 18
Note: These do not need to be different variants, feel free to just capture & donate multiple of whatever you want! one you’ve done the 3 stages, the achievement will pop! (You can keep on donating to lil’ Gramble if you want tho!)

Halfway There

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Halfway There - DD8C380
Catch 50 unique species of Bugsnax. – Another achievement that you should be getting just naturally from your playthrough, capture half of the base game Bugsnax population!


Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Clothesline - DD55745
Stun a Bugsnak with the Trip Shot attached to your Buggy Ball. – One you get the Trip Shot in Sugarpine Woods, simply place it down on a path where a Kwookie will pass through, put down your Buggy Ball & connect the two, then chase the Kwookie into the wire and boom, Achievement done!

Talkin’ Bout Bugsnax

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Talkin' Bout Bugsnax - A7F4565
Interview every Grumpus. – Make sure to interview all of the Grumpus’s you meet, for sake of clarity this means you must interview:

  • Filbo
  • Wampus
  • Beffica
  • Gramble
  • Wiggle
  • Triffany
  • Cromdo
  • Floofty
  • Snorpy
  • Chandlo
  • Shelda
  • Eggabell

The best way to do this is to just interview every Grumpus immediately upon their return to Snaxburg, in regards to Eggabell, you will need to interview her at her Igloo at Frosted Peak.

Know Thy Neighbor

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Know Thy Neighbor - 8794909
Return every Grumpus to Snaxburg. – Unmissable achievement once again, just have everyone return home! (Note: Although Eggabell won’t actually come back to Snaxburg, you have to offer her to before the achievement will unlock)

Dapper Capper

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Dapper Capper - AA4E306
Collect 10 hats. – Over the course of the game, you should eventually run into a Bugsnax wearing a hat, capture it and it will unlock a board on the side of Gramble’s Barn, this can show you a picture of one of the areas in the game, when it does this means there is a hat to go and collect! Go to that area and look at every single Bugsnax, as any one of them could be wearing the hat, do this 10 times and the achievement (and style points for your ranch Bugsnax) are yours!

Candid Cryptid

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Candid Cryptid - A231683
Scan the Snaxsquatch – This one is quite easy! although the Snaxsquatch can appear at multiple places, hiding behind trees or up high, disappearing quite quickly one you look at it for a few seconds, during the end game, there will come a time where you hear Filbo screaming for help, before jumping down to him, just pull out your Scanner, walk up the edge, look down & take a scan of the beast!


Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Documentarian - C3A981B
Watch all of Lizbert’s video diaries. – For this achievement you need to get all 5 of Lizbert’s Reels then watch them. Fairly easy to do if you’re playing the game and doing the Grumpus’s sidequests, as some of them have the keys you need to gain them all!

  • 1. beside the projector in Lizbert & Eggabell’s Hut, easy grab.
  • 2. Inside the cabinet next to projector. You will need to do Beffica’s sidequests to gain the key.
  • 3. Inside the chest in Lizbert & Eggabell’s Bedroom, You will need to do Chandlo’s quests.
  • 4. You will need to go to Sugarpine Woods, turn to your immediate right and go through the trees, following around the edge, you will find the Reel inside of a bag.
  • 5. Inside the Chest at Shelda’s Hut, You will need to do both Shelda’s quests to get access to the chest & Floofty’s quests to get the key to open it.


Grab Bag

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Grab Bag - AC7486C
Empty one biome of all its Snakpods. – I found it easiest to do this in Garden Grove, one you arrive you need to get all 5 Snakpods.

  • Sitting on a wall inside Beffica’s cave.
  • Go outside of Bef’s cave and then jump onto and over the tree tops following the outside of the cave wall. Turn around just outside Beffica’s window and look down at the nearest tree. The Snakpod is sitting in between some branches.
  • Go to the cave with Fryder’s on the ceiling. The Snakpod is on a pillar seen when looking out of the cave.
  • When heading up towards Wambus’ old farm there is a Snakpod at the entrance on the upper right-hand side of the path.
  • The last Snakpod is on the wall behind the Pen on the farm.


Sundae Best

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Sundae Best - 751106E
Transform a Grumpus with Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery. – For this Achievement, you need to break a Scoopy Banoopy to pieces & capture the Scoopy, Banopper and Cheery seperately, then feed it to a Grumpus back in Snaxburg! (NOTE: DO NOT GIVE TO EGGABELL, SHE WILL NOT GRANT THE ACHIEVEMENT!)

Bossy Bugs

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Bossy Bugs - 5A49277
Defeat all of the Legendary Bugsnax. – For this Achievement, you need to beat all 4 Boss Bugsnax in the Base Game, they are all tied to a Sidequest from members of Snaxburg.

  • Mama Mewon – Chandlo’s “Throw Down” Quest.
  • Megamaki – Wiggle’s “Dance with the Dragon” Quest.
  • Mothza Supreme – Cromdo’s “A Slice of Heaven” Quest.
  • Daddy Cakelegs- Snorpy’s “Cake Boss” Quest.

Once all of those are done, that’s another achievement down!

Feeding Frenzy

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Feeding Frenzy - 3C962F7
Fully transform every Grumpus. – Feed everybody you’ve met with enough Bugsnax to transform their whole bodies! Just encase you need a reminder, this means you need to transform:

  • Filbo
  • Wambus
  • Beffica
  • Gramble – Can only feed him when he sleep walks (You Monster).
  • Wiggle
  • Triffany
  • Cromdo
  • Chandlo
  • Snorpy
  • Floofty
  • Shelda – You need to donate the items into her box, then go sleep for a day.



Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Sidetracked - 51EC1CE
Complete all of the side quests. – This achievement should come somewhat naturally if you’ve been doing missions for the townsfolk as you’ve been going along, there is 38 in total! check in with the townsfolk every time you go back to town, or wait till the point of no return, then go around and do whatever everyone asks of you!

Got to Catch Them All

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Got to Catch Them All - A93CA4F
Catch 100 unique species of Bugsnax. – A possible time consuming achievement depending on how you play, collect 100 different Bugsnax, in the base game, 100 was the total amount available, so if you beat every sidequest (so you can reach the boss fights and the Bugsnax within them) then collect all Bugsnax from every part of the map, then you’ll be done!

Deep Impact

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Deep Impact - 5C00341
Complete the adventure at Broken Tooth. – Beat the DLC Area, Broken Tooth, once you’ve beaten the story of the DLC, hop back on the raft to the main game and the achievement will pop!

Live Laugh Hut

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Live Laugh Hut - 41AB471
Fully furnish your hut. – This one is likely the most time consuming as you’ll need to do 50 of the request missions from your mailbox to get your Hut upgraded to have a second floor, then you need to equip one piece of furniture/wallpaper/paint etc. to every available spot, don’t forget to check outside and do your ceilings! (Note: If you don’t have a viable item for a slot, just do more requests, you should eventually get the item you need).


Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Survivor - FC8EE26
All of the Grumpuses survive. – This achievement is missable depending on how you’ve played so far. If you complete all sidequests before activating the endgame, then congrats! Everyone is invincible! If not, then make sure to defeat every enemy and don’t let them touch your fellow Snaxburg residents, don’t worry too much though, after you beat the game, reloading your save takes you to just before the point of no return, so you can just go beat the sidequests then and redo the ending!

Vacation’s End

Bugsnax All Achievements Guide - Vacation's End - 5524682
Complete the main story of Bugsnax. – Once you finish the game, this will pop, congratulations on beating Bugsnax friendo!

Wrap Up.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve now beaten Bugsnax 100%! The achievements in this game are not particularly that hard but hopefully if you weren’t sure about 1 or 2 of them, this guide might of helped you out.
First time ever doing a guide so any feedback is appreciated! Sorry if it’s a bit of a mess, I’ll try to clean it up, maybe add some videos for the puzzles etc.
When I get time (Unless somebody beats me to it) I’ll try to make a guide on all of the Bugsnax and how to capture them.
Have a wonderful day and take care!

Written by Cryptid_Scot

This is all for Bugsnax All Achievements Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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