Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod – How?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod – How? 6 -
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod – How? 6 -
This process applies to every other texture as well i.e. Character skins etc etc


Getting started

You’ll need the game (duh) and UABEA which you can download here:
This is the software we’ll be using to open the asset bundles and import our own textures with.

Funky prep

Very important is that we need to pick out what Graffiti we want to replace. I have all Graffiti that’s included in the game uploaded here[] just pick the one you want to replace. Once you have that it is very important that your Graffiti has the same resolution (Small = 256×256, Medium 512×512, Large = 1024×512, XL = 2048×512. The filename has a S/M/L/XL in it so you’ll know what is what) The filename of your Graffiti does NOT matter. But remember what filename the graffiti has that you want to replace, you’ll need it later.

Importing your file

Now that we have everything prepared you can open up UABEA.
It should look something like this:
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod - How?

Now click on File>Open and select your BRC directory
If you don’t know where that is, right click the game in your library. Then Properties>Installed Files> Browse

To find where the game stores the assetbundles go through Bomb Rush Cyberfunk_Data>StreamingAssets>Assets then click on the “graffiti” bundle.

You’ll be greeted with this popup, pressMemory:
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod - How?

Next you’ll get a view like this, press Info:Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod - How?

Now things get a bit more crowded but don’t let that stop you. Click on the name column to sort all assets by name and then scroll until you reach the files called “grafTex”. Here look for the graffiti you want to replace. In this example i will replace grafTex_S0 (Which is Red’s tag). Click on that asset and then the Plugins button to the right.
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod - How?

After you clicked on Plugins you will be greeted with the choice between “Export Texture” and “Edit Texture”. We want to edit the texture of course so we click that and then “Ok”. Next pops up a new window where with a “Load” button on the bottom. After clicking that you can select your Graffiti file for import. Click “Save” next.
Back in the overview you wanna go to the top left File>Save. You can close the Window after.
Now back to the main window of UABEA click File>Save AGAIN and you’ll be all good.


All done!

That’s it. You did it! Now go find your graffiti in game and admire it
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod - How?

With this newfound knowledge you can basically edit any texture inside this game (Most importantly character skins). You’re also able to export pretty much everything but i will provide many assets in my google drive here[]. Expect some more folders after i finished the game 😛

Now happy modding and remember.
No weak ♥♥♥♥.

Written by Hang

Here we come to an end for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Graffiti mod – How? hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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