Bloons TD Battles How to Win in Game Strategy Guide

Bloons TD Battles How to Win in Game Strategy Guide 1 -
Bloons TD Battles How to Win in Game Strategy Guide 1 -

This guide can help you win in BLOONS TD BATTLES.

1. Placement

Bloons TD Battles How to Win in Game Strategy Guide - 1. Placement - F4F6713
Where you place things is an important thing.
EX: I place a dart monkey in front of a straight line to take piercing into effect.
Placement is IMPORTANT it can help have a higher chance of winning.
Another example is…
EX: I switch the hand a Boomerang monkey attacks from so it can line up with the path where the balloons come from.
What about multi shot stuff? Well that changes everything depending on what it is…
EX: I place a multi shot monkey beside the path the balloons come from to take more advantage over it being able to hit more things.

2. What Monkeys?

You should be using more cheap but good monkeys, like the Dart monkey.
People normally see Dart monkey as a bad monkey that no one should use but that isn’t true.
What you may be asking, how is it not not bad?
It is cheap and can help with piercing.
Dart monkey can get multi shot and it can see camo balloons.
What else can you use against the on coming hoard of balloons?
Boomerang monkey… why, it can use something that can pair with dart monkey… Fire boomerangs (pop lead balloons).
So now we have the best on pairing duo, but what about 3?
There indeed is one more monkey that adds to the strategy… a Ninja monkey! It can shoot up to 8 ninja stars at once and you can add that it can detect camo balloons. Plus Ninja can defeat Lead balloons!

3. Interest

Okay many people know this but knowing some people don’t I’ll educate you of it.
Interest? You probably don’t know what I’m talking about… here for more education it’s the green thing you see t the bottom middle of the screen.
It judges how much money you make per round.
This can help you make rapidly.
How do you upper the interest?
You can summon balloons to sabotage the enemy.
How, don’t know how you don’t already know but you can press either the bottom right or bottom left balloons and it will summon the balloons on the other side upping interest.
Sometimes things take way interest and that’s because they could be stronger than normal balloons.

FINALE: The Strategy

Firstly, what monkeys; Dart monkey, Boomerang monkey, and Ninja monkey.
Secondly you need to place a dart monkey on YOUR OWN in a place that is easy to pierce balloons.
Now you’ve placed the monkey now level up the bottom path up to 2-3.
Now place ninja close to the start and level him up to 4-2.
Now that he’s fully leveled up get to placing a boomerang monkey.
Make sure you place it at a good place and make remember that you can switch the direction you through the boomerang in by switching the primary hand.
Now level up the Boomerang monkey to 2-3 or 2-4.
Now FINALLY to end it off make sure you save up 15 hundreds or 1.500$ to buy a M.O.A.B.
Now cross your fingers that M.O.A.B will defeat the enemy.
Now finally, if you win the game then you can say that you have one of the best strategy’s in the world.
Bloons TD Battles How to Win in Game Strategy Guide - FINALE: The Strategy - F8FC5F7

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