Answers to the questions that I had. I am still a beginner, so other beginners could be interested.


This is for vanilla. As soon as you use mods the answers might be different.

  • Priority Missions have no time limit to take them
  • “gunnery always applies when you’re firing a weapon. Firing indirectly has a penalty, and Tactics’s bonus is there to provide a way to counteract that. So direct or not, gunnery matters.” — Mudpony
  • Ronin have no (dis-)advantages
  • Normal pilots can be customized (Backers?)
  • Gunnery is important for every shot, indirect ones too
  • Tactical has two normal items where you get better percentage with directed shots (-> headshots!!!)
  • Certain mechs seem to have bonuses: Marauder/Headshot, Warhammer/Energy weapons
  • The head slot is 45 armor +16 structure on all mechs (61) (unsure if true!)
  • heat exchangers are better than normal heat sinks as soon as your mech fires on average over 60 heat points worth of weapons every single turn. In practice it’s a bit more complicated than that (water, ice, different biomes etc) — Nwodaz
  • Eject: When you select the pilot you want to give orders to, you have the window on the left with the info about the mech, in that window there is a little red square with some kind of arrow. Hover on it and you’ll see the text “eject”. — lmgava
  • Borderless window: To play in full screen borderless window mode, set your in game video options to WINDOWED, and resolution to your desktop resolution. Exit the game.
    Now add -popupwindow to the battletech launch options, and if you’re getting it on the wrong monitor, add -adapter N where N = your monitor number – 1, so monitor 1 is 0, 2 is 1, etc.

(I tried to name the author of the answer when possible.)

Written by ZanyScum

This is all for BATTLETECH Basic FAQS hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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