Battle Brothers Profitable Loot Items Guide

Battle Brothers Profitable Loot Items Guide 1 -
Battle Brothers Profitable Loot Items Guide 1 -

TL:DR: If current hitpoints 5 is less than current worth. The full explanation is in the guide.

When is it financially profitable?

Repairing an item will increase its selling price by more than the cost of the tools. This sounds so simple, right? But what does it mean?
As a guideline, you can simply look at your current hit points (let's say 32/40), then add an imaginary number (320), and then half of that number (160). Then check to see if the number is less than what the tooltip says our item is currently worth.
Or, to put it another way, it is profitable when the following is true: current hit point x 5 current value

How to figure this out. Aka. The math.

The game may change. This section explains how you can develop a new rule and double-check to ensure it remains valid.
It is simple. What does it cost to repair one hit point? You should improve your item as long as one hit point of the item is worth more.
You only get paid a small fraction of the item's value when you sell it. We have to take that into account.
Let's now look at the numbers.
Repair tools
Battle Brothers Profitable Loot Items Guide - How to figure this out. Aka. the math. - E937F49
As you can see, a single tool repair 15 hit points. 20 tool points are contained in a single stack of tools.
That's one! 300 hit points will be repaired by stack of tools .
One stack is worth 200 grams, but you'll usually pay much more. This assumes that you buy your tools on average for 300 gold.
1 hit point for 1 gold repairs
300 gold may seem a little more than what you usually get for your tools, but it makes the math much easier and smooths out the other assumption about the selling price of an item. This brings me to…
Selling price
Battle Brothers Profitable Loot Items Guide - How to figure this out. Aka. the math. - 9061BDA
The price you can sell your equipment will depend on the type of settlement and your relationship with that settlement. It's usually around 15% to 25% of what the item is worth. . If you've never been in a settlement before, it's usually 15%. If you did some quests, expect to pay more than 20%.
Divide the sale price by the total cost to get the exact number.
This screenshot shows 17.4%. However, 20% is a guess as it's just a fifth.
We have everything we need. We assume we will buy tools a little more expensive than necessary and then sell the items for a little more than we would get in a random settlement. This simple math trick is for those who disagree with inaccuracies:
* 0.20 >
|current worth| > |current hit points| * 10 / 2
We're looking at this: If we had fixed the item, would we have sold it at a higher price than the repair cost?
If yes, it is worth repairing the item until it reaches full hit points.
If this inequality is true in form:
There you have it. Just plop a zero at the end and half of the hit points. Is that less than your current worth? Yes? It can be repaired.


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