Battlefield™ V How to Play on Robot Server Guide

Battlefield™ V How to Play on Robot Server Guide 1 -
Battlefield™ V How to Play on Robot Server Guide 1 -

This guide will make it easier to enjoy this game.


Everyone, good evening. We appreciate you visiting this page.

I am an ordinary Japanese player. Let me quickly address the current situation. DICE Asia’s official servers are known for being full of hackers. The playing environment has improved over the past year, even though it’s still not perfect.

More than 90% are currently hosted on BFV ROBOT. The Chinese cat team is creating this software. This guide is intended to show you how to use the servers comfortably.

Cause and solution

Kick for server settings

  1. Banned Weapon: This allows admins to ban certain weapons in in-game settings. Type2A, which is widely banned, will be kicked instantly if you kill someone using Type2A on a ban server. The bannable weapons are different from one server to another. You can rejoin the server again.
  2. Auto Balance is a server that rewards players who play well. The server may kick stronger players to maintain balance. This depends on how many kills and KPM. Once activated, the feature will say “You have been banned or kicked out of this Community Game.” You can’t join this Community Game until you have the ban lifted. However, the ban will be lifted immediately. You will be able to reaccess the server. There is no way to avoid it.

Server settings banned

  1. Abnormal Stats is when your weapon data contains a very high accuracy or headshot rate. It will ban you and declare you a hacker. If you have never used cheats, but abnormal weapon data is present, in many cases, it will consider you a hacker and ban you. You might be eligible to request to be added to the global whitelist. To do this, send on discord your game report and the video and Moss files showing that your play is fine.
  2. Server Rules: Many servers place a limit on rank and will ban you automatically if your rank is too low or too high. Some servers have a limit on kills and KPM. If you exceed that limit, you will be banned. You cannot see certain characters in English user interfaces. However, you can check the server rank limit settings from the query site.
  3. Unreadable Name: An Origin ID containing many characters such as “I i 1” or “0 O” could be banned. You can assume a hacker used an ID like this. However, it is difficult to report such an ID accurately. I don’t know if there is a better way to fix this problem, but I suggest changing the id.
  4. Low Latency is a server that does not allow players with a low ping of less than 25 psi. This is due to a problem. This problem is only for Japanese players. I don’t know enough to fix it. The server explanation says it.

Local blacklist banned

  1. No Consideration– It is hard to keep a server full. Servers will be empty if you don’t consider the balance of your game and kill enemies after many players have left the game. The admin will add them to the local blacklist to get rid players who don’t consider the balance of the game to maintain his server. I recommend waiting for the next round to capture all objectives. This will prevent you from being added to the local Blacklist.
  2. Excess Kills Some servers limit the number kills. In addition, the number will often depend on whether you belong to the qq groups for the server. The limit may differ for vehicles and infantry. Players who help to fill up servers with people when they start can receive total kills. Don’t let a player exceed the limit.
  3. Stupid Behavior The use of ez and teabagging is not recommended. It will be added to the blacklist.

Global blacklist ban

  1. Significant Abnormal Stats– If the administrator, and not the software, decides that you’re a hacker or there’s actual abnormal data within your weapon data, you will automatically be added the global blacklist. The solution is identical to the above. You may be eligible to request to be added to the global whitelist. To do this, send on discord your game report of farming, along with the video and Moss file proving that your play is correct.
  2. Malicious Behavior– Did you insult someone, use any glitches or intentionally troll them? No solution is possible. I have no comment. Please check out my following account.


Weapon Threshold

You will be banned from playing on these servers if you exceed these thresholds. This data will likely be different from what I have now. It is not clear what the thresholds are for bolt-action carbines and antimaterial rifles. This should only be used as a sampling.

Here are some things to keep in mind. Shotguns that are specialized in slug shots often have a higher headshot percentage. The limit of 35 percent is too low to focus on the head when you are actively focusing. I would not recommend a slugshot specialtyization.

Battlefield™ V How to Play on Robot Server Guide - Weapon Threshold - 09C6E3E

Other Notice

Although it is not usually necessary, this information might be helpful.

  1. There are several fake servers called BFV ROBOT. These servers do not have anti-cheat features. If auto messages stop flowing in the chat box, either the anti-cheat function is not working or the server is not hosted.
  2. The software tracks your global ID and records it. You cannot change your origin ID after you are added to the blacklist.



You can refer to this if you don’t understand something in the description.

  • KPM – Kills per minute. You will be banned if you kill more than 15 players in 5 minutes, which is the limit for KPM at 3.
  • Farming– Repeated actions that lead to specific rewards It refers to actions such as repeating kills and revivals to unlock the gold skin on a weapon. It allows you to shoot your enemy without any hindrance and should cause abnormalities in headshot rate or accuracy.
  • Moss Anti-cheat software, created in 2010 by Nohope92. It is free to develop games for online e-Sports events. You can view the official website. Click the link to see them.
  • Tencent QQ: Social networking service used in mainland China. Discord is the operational use for a game server. This allows the administrator to manage the server remotely.



While I have provided the causes and solutions for banning that may occur, there are other standards and applicable rules. I am just one of the players who used this software to create my server. Although this information may be outdated, please don’t blame me. This guide was created because I love this game. If you still believe you have been unfairly excluded, please visit our discord and let us know.


Written by -Accarezzevole-

This is all for Battlefield™ V How to Play on Robot Server Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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