ATLAS Global Font

ATLAS Global Font 1 -
ATLAS Global Font 1 -
Are you tired of seeing squares instead of letters in the nicknames or chat messages from other players? You know several languages ​​and want to use your knowledge to keep your tribe informed, or maybe you decide to use special letters from other languages in nicknames, or even in the names of tames? If so, follow this guide!


What do you need.


Note: This requires a minimum of 700MB of free space and the appearance of the used fonts will be different from those to which you have become accustomed to.



At the beginning.

The first thing to do is go to the folder: 
ATLAS Global Font 

Next, we look for the downloaded file, unpack it to the “Game” folder . 
ATLAS Global Font 
Now we have our own version of localization.We will continue to set the startup parameter of the game on Steam. 


Run the Steam app and go the the Library. 

Find the ATLAS 
ATLAS Global Font 

Right click on the name and choose “Properties” 
ATLAS Global Font 

You are looking for “Launch options” tab 
ATLAS Global Font 

In this window we add a parameter “culture=global” (without quotes). 
ATLAS Global Font 

Just “CLOSE” the properties window. 
Now run the game and enjoy all languages in chat and more!


With each update of localization you should update ShooterGame.locres file in your “global” folder. 
You can get this flie in the “en” localization folder.
ATLAS Global Font 

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