ATLAS How to build a galleon ship – Tutorial guide

ATLAS How to build a galleon ship – Tutorial guide 1 -
ATLAS How to build a galleon ship – Tutorial guide 1 -

first i want to tell you some important things such as materials you need.
all materials you need is :
○ Fiber 12500~
○ Hide 1200
○ Thatch 10000~
○ Metal 2200-3000~
○ Wood 12000-13000~

How to build a galleon

First of all … your party need to be at least 3-4 so invite your friends and enjoy before build a galleon.

  • Step 1

the wood a galleon needs is all of woods in an island maybe 300-500 trees so this is impossible with 2 person and maybe 3 but 4 is okay i built it with my friends. (also riding a galleon is also hard with 3-4 person so you need to hire a crew to help with cannon shooting and drive).

  • Step 2

Before you build the floors, you have to coordinate your buildings because if you put the first floor, you can’t go back under the floor and you might even get stuck there and die.(this happened to me but my friend brought me a ladder to unstuck myself).

  • Step 3

i recommend to have all the materials(Wood,iron,stone…) before complete the ship because players may come and destroy your half built ship and that’s a lot of materials.

  • Step 4

build cannon windows a lot for first,second and third floor if you can handle the cannon materials(balls,iron,…).

  • Step 5

the last step for all ships is Main,Fore,Mizzen Mast(ship masts) you need 6 for a galleon

Whole materials you need for parts:

Ship Framework

  • Wood 4200
  • Thatch 5600
  • Metal 680
  • Fibers 2560

Large Wood Ship Deck x6

  • Wood 5160
  • Thatch 3900
  • Fibers 2400

Large Wood Plank x22

  • Wood 33880
  • Thatch 29040
  • Metal 528
  • Fibers 33880

Large Wood Gunport x52

  • Wood 80080
  • Thatch 68640
  • Metal 1248
  • Fibers 80080

Large Sails x6

  • Wood 3072
  • Hide 1200
  • Metal 480
  • Fibers 6480

Hope you all enjoyed and if it was helpful please like and if you have any question you are free to add friend and dm me <3

Written by Nozomu

Here we come to an end for ATLAS How to build a galleon ship – Tutorial guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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