Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for “Master of Insight” Achievement.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for “Master of Insight” Achievement. 7 -
Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for “Master of Insight” Achievement. 7 -

Like in the standard version of the game, this achievement is glitched, but closing the game and reopening it unlock the achievement.

Beginner Recipes

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for

  1. Berg Medicine: (Starting Formula).
  2. Sotea: Gather Well Water.
  3. Uni Bag: (Idea from Uni).
  4. Simple Sweets: Gather Ramel Wheat (Merbert Farm).
  5. Bomb: Complete “Slay Monsters” quest.
  6. Ramel Flour: Investigate South Wheat field (Merbert Farm).
  7. Zettle: Investigate bookshelf in the book store.
  8. Red Neutralizer: Gather Red Uni (Chick Woods at Night).
  9. Ingot: Complete “Farm Beast” quest.
  10. Apcol: Obtain Whimsy Strawberry.
  11. Honey: Gather Beehive.
  12. Blue Neutralizer: Investigate fountain near church.
  13. Golden Thread: Gather Silver Web.
  14. Cloth: Gather Animal Fur.
  15. Meister Mittens: Make Simple Sweets with Salty effect.
  16. Ice Bomb: Perform lots of synthesis and obtain water.
  17. Bagel Sandwich: Obtain Ramel Flour.
  18. Lightning Bomb: Obtain Raiden Ore.
  19. Spruce: Gather Kifa (Gathering of Beasts).
  20. Victor’s Charm: Win a battle with low health.
  21. Mana Feather: Slay Kaiser Pidgeon.
  22. Warding Charm: Obtain Pious Charm (Pamela).
  23. Grandma’s Cauldron: Make Ice Bomb.
  24. Friendly Persona: Defeat Silent Beast (Prospector’s Strand).
  25. Puppeteer String: Auto Obtain (Event).


Growth Recipes

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for

  1. Neutralizer G: Buy 300 Cole’s worth of items AND sell 300 Cole’s worth of items.
  2. Bottled Misfortune: Lose a battle.
  3. Refuel Bottle: Investigate pond in Forgotten Nursery.
  4. Monochrome Glasses: Use Monika’s Light Edge and Brave Heart skills.
  5. Alchemy Drops: Synthesize Honey with Kirchen Bell Special trait (Use Kirchen Milk as Water ingredient).
  6. Craft: Synthesize Uni Bag with Explodes effect (Gunpowder value >=50).
  7. Practice Cauldron: Obtain Practice Cauldron (Buy from Cory).
  8. Stahl Metal: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 5 (Perform synthesis, use items in battle).
  9. Puni Jelly: Defeat a Green Puni, Red Puni, and Black Puni.
  10. Mofcott: Synthesize Cloth with Carries Heat trait (Kaen Stone -> Ingot -> Gold Thread -> Cloth).
  11. Neutralizer Y: Jump 100 times.
  12. Gathering Gloves: Story related (Meklet/Atomina event).
  13. Deluxe Backpack: Gather 10 times.
  14. Wonder Stimulant: Synthesize Berg Medicine with Size+ trait.
  15. Silvalia: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 6.
  16. Fairy Guide: Synthesize Spruce with Flickering Light trait (Luminous Water [Gather at Sun Moon Moor] -> Zettel -> Gold Thread -> Cloth -> Spruce).
  17. Refresh Oil: Investigate Ancient Kitchen in Forgotten Nursery.
  18. Puni Missile: Fight a Blue Puni and let it use its Puni Press attack.
  19. Feather Ornament: Beat a Saber Claw (Scar of the Land).
  20. Alchemic Clay: Story Related (During Make Plachta’s Body events).
  21. Imp’s Mischief: Get a treasure chest from a monster drop (Randomly dropped after battling monster).
  22. Crystal Ball: Talk to Fortuneteller NPC at Street (Night) next to the Blacksmith.
  23. Mineral Extract: Obtain Good Water (Gather at Calm Banks, Prospector’s Strand).
  24. Expert Cauldron: Obtain Expert Cauldron (Chest at end of Silent Bedroom in Sun Moon Mor).
  25. Spirit Needle: Story Related (During Make a Tool to Move Souls events).
  26. Adal Cloth: Story Related (During Make Plachta’s Clothes events).
  27. Hades Compass: Story Related (During Make a Tool to Move Souls events).
  28. Codex Of Creation: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 7 (Need to progress events for certain characters [Cory, Leon, Fritz, maybe others]).


Hope Recipes

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for

  1. Eye of Mercury: Reach Alchemy Level 25.
  2. Traveler’s Shoes: Enter fields in 5 different locales (Locale is shown in the top right corner of World Map).
  3. Supreme Hot Milk: Obtain Kirchen Milk (Buy from Marguerite).
  4. Training Charm: Investigate the furnace at the Blacksmith.
  5. Clear Drops: Synthesize Alchemy Drops with Super Sweet effect (Honey value >=120).
  6. Flame Powder: Obtain Black Orb (Gather at Husk Forest).
  7. Pure Water: Obtain Luminous Water (Gather at Sun Moon Moor).
  8. Angel Ribbon: Synthesize Gold Thread with Purifying Water trait (Holy Water (Buy from Pamela) -> Zettel -> Gold Thread).
  9. Ori Bomb: Synthesize Bomb with Blue Flames effect (Paper value >= 100).
  10. Noble Sapphire: Synthesize an Accessory category item.
  11. Rubilium: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 8 (Synthesize, Receive thank you gifts).
  12. Plain Waffle: Synthesize Supreme Hot Milk with Hot effect (Medicine Mat value >= 80).
  13. Natural Yeast: Synthesize Bagel Sandwich with Fluffy effect (Water value between 60-89).
  14. Nectar of Life: Get LP to hit 0 (Just go back and forth between 2 points on the World Map).
  15. Blitzlite: Fight a Gold Puni and get hit by its Lightning attack.
  16. Stahl Ice Bomb: Use an Ice Bomb.
  17. Snowflake Crystal: Obtain Silver Crystal (Gather at Underground Lake).
  18. Hustle Belt: Investigate southernmost rock in Scar of the Land: Pierced Ruins.
  19. Hexe Auris: Story Related (From Listen to Plachta’s Request event).
  20. Tuned Cauldron: Obtain Tuned Cauldron (Chest behind Unliving King at the end of Underground Lake).
  21. Spirit Weave Cloth: Synthesize Puni Jelly with Activate Division effect (Neutralizer value >= 120).
  22. Sage’s Soil: Fritz’s events (Deliver Doll Materials).
  23. Gunade Ring: Obtain Gunade Ring (Buy from Tess) OR Synthesize Training Charm with Training Mastery effect (High Class Talisman value >=95).
  24. Ares Brooch: Leon’s events (Give a Present to Leon).
  25. Warding Incense: Julio’s events (Prepare the Medicine).
  26. Honey Syrup: Tess’s events (Sweet Medicine).
  27. Precise Parts: Cory’s events (Investigate the “Machine Box”/Deliver Parts).
  28. Angel’s Whisper: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 9 (Defeat certain monsters, Beat Unliving King).


Dream Recipes

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for

  1. Heart Pendant: Investigate bridge at the west side of Waterside Ruins.
  2. Flugel: Synthesize Angel’s Whisper with Soul Awakening Tone effect (Holy Water value >= 120).
  3. Spirit Earings: Use a Bomb category, Magic Item category, and Medicine category item.
  4. Geist Aizen: Investigate northeast corner of Prayerless Alter at Small Islet.
  5. White-Hot Headband: Fight a battle that lasts 5 or more turns.
  6. Lightning Crystal: Go to Prospector’s Strand while there is a Thunderstorm at Night (Go there at night and keep entering/leaving until there’s a thunderstorm).
  7. Mind’s Eye Monocle: Deal damage that is a monster’s weakness (Blue Puni is weak against fire).
  8. Emergency Bag: Run from a battle.
  9. Fairy Cauldron: Obtain Fairy Cauldron (Chest in Forest of Fairies: Den of Fairies).
  10. Magician’s Flute: Talk to Monster Researcher NPC in corner of Bookstore.
  11. Chronicle Mark: Synthesize Noble Sapphire with Ancient Seal trait (Ancient Tablet [Gather at Moon Sun Moor] -> Noble Sapphire).
  12. Piro Sotea: Synthesize Pure Water with Secret of Health trait (Zafloa Oil [Buy from Marguerite] -> Gold Thread -> Cloth -> Crystal Ball -> Alchemic Clay -> Neutralizer Y -> Refresh Oil -> Pure Water).
  13. Life Bangle: Use a total of 100 LP.
  14. Fairheit: Synthesize Adal Cloth with High Class trait (High Class = High Price and High Price+).
  15. Sofinancier: Synthesize Natural Yeast with Sunny Scent trait (Dawn Fur -> Cloth -> Crystal Ball -> Natural Yeast).
  16. Golt Aizen: Synthesize Ingot with Golden Radiance trait (Gold Puniball -> Alchemic Clay -> Neutralizer Y -> Zettel -> Ingot).
  17. God’s Gift: Investigate statue at end of Silent Bedroom in Moon Sun Moor.
  18. Flame of Origin: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 10 (Take damage, deal damage).
  19. Fire Dragon Medicine: Obtain Dragon Bloodstone (Dropped by dragon type boss monsters and some other rumor monsters).


Mystery Recipes

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for

  1. Philosopher Stone: Reach Alchemy Level 45.
  2. Time Control Hourglass: Investigate clock at Clock Shop.
  3. Living Cart: Synthesize Refuel Bottle with Auto Activate 50% effect (Neutralizer value >= 100).
  4. Dusk Drop: Defeat Yasuk and Durak.
  5. Crimson Stone: Defeat Magmacius (Dragon in Reverse Meeting Room at Fallen Palace).
  6. Mystery Elixir: Obtain a Dunkelheit (Forest of Fairies after buying Flower Blooming in Silence rumor).
  7. Ancient Cauldron: Obtain Ancient Cauldron (Chest in boss room at Library of All Creation. Only accessible after beating the final boss).
  8. Necromancer Flute: Talk to Evening Girl NPC at Nearby Forest (Night).
  9. Heaven’s Cleanser: Defeat Light Elemental.
  10. Flame of the End: Cancel 5 requests.
  11. Breezy Aroma: Investigate hill at Front of Atelier (Northwest corner).
  12. Sealing Book: Synthesize Codex of Creation with Steals Lots of Life effect (Zettel value >= 180).
  13. Hero’s Medicine: Investigate platform at the center of Blue Sky Altar at Fallen Palace.
  14. Harmonium: Obtain a Spirit Crystal (Scar of the Land after buying Crystal Blessed by Spirits rumor).
  15. Velvetis: Obtain a Rainbow Puni Fluid (Dropped by Super Puni at Sealed Temple).
  16. Ambrosia Garland: Defeat Dark Maiden at Prayerless Alter at Small Islet (after buying Maiden Full of Grudges rumor).
  17. Spirit Tears: Investigate small center island at Small Islet.
  18. Elixir Base: Gather 5 times at the Forest of Fairies OR battle a Kimmoch (Forest of Fairies) and let it use its Life Pollen skill.
  19. Element Guard: Use Sophie’s “Positive Release” Special Guard skill (300% defensive stance).
  20. Sun Drop: Story Related (Look for Sun Drops).
  21. Key of Truth: Story Related (Accept Trial from Plachta).
  22. Fertile Soil: Story Related (Look for Haze Grass Petals).
  23. Prototype Fertilizer: Story Related (Make the Item that Started Their Dream).


Final Notes

All credits go to KOEI TECMO & GUST for this amazing game saga.
Little Bomb – []  for the original guide.
Brazilian Portuguese Version: – [] 

Written by Chō 蝶

Here we come to an end for Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX All recipes for “Master of Insight” Achievement. hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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