Arma Reforger How to find the Evron Bigfoot Location

Arma Reforger How to find the Evron Bigfoot Location 1 -
Arma Reforger How to find the Evron Bigfoot Location 1 -

The island of Evron is home to an elusive species of Bigfoot, also known as Yeti, Sasquatch, Samsquanch or Buga-boo. In Southern Louisiana and Alabama, on the other side of the world, they are referred to as the “Evron Swamp Booger”, although the species does not live in a swamp habit. Preferring to stick to woodland areas and running down to small ponds at night for a drink of water, the Evron Bigfoot is seldom spotted by humans. However, they generally lurk just outside of war zones and wait to loot the battlefield when no one is looking.
The Evron Bigfoot is considered by both NATO and the Soviet Union to be a critically endangered species. Only about 23 individuals still exist in the wild. Killing one is an international warcrime and punishable by death in every country on Earth, even the ones like Sweden. Spotting one in game will unlock the “Cryptid Sighted” achievement, which less than 0.02% of players will ever earn.

How to find the Evron Bigfoot

How does one find Bigfoot on the Isle of Evron?
The truth is, those who look for this elusive species will never find it. The Evron Bigfoot is believed to have telepathic abilities letting it know if someone is searching for it or not. This has helped the species survive, undisturbed, for centuries.
But the Evron Bigfoot must exist somewhere within the local files for ArmA, right? The answer is technically, yes, however these files are believed to be protected by AES-512 military grade encryption, and the only living man who has the key is none other than Marek Spanel. It is rumored that he carries this key around on a Soviet-issued USB flash drive from the Cold War on a gold chain, always keeping it close to his heart. The Enfusion Engine only unlocks the assets and loads the Evron Bigfoot for a worthy player who is pure of heart and intends the creature no harm.
When interviewed and asked about the Evron Bigfoot, Marek did not divulge much information. He denied the existence of the Soviet USB flash drive, however a distinctive, thin gold chain could be seen hanging around his neck and a small square object was hidden under his shirt. “Endangered species should be left alone,” Spanel said, with an authoritative tone. “If I knew of the existence of such a creature, I would not open it up to being hunted by people who are only interested in killing one for a trophy.”

What to do if you sight the Evron Bigfoot?

How you should react if you spot the creature:
If you spot the Evronian Bigfoot, immediately lower your weapon. You should then thrust your butt upward and hold it as high as possible while grabbing onto a small tree or shrub. This lets the creature know you are not hostile and possibly receptive, so he will approach to analyze your scent. Upon realizing you are not another bigfoot but simply a non-threatening human, the creature will go about its business doing usual bigfoot things, such as lurking in areas slightly out of camera focus and evading detection by scientific instruments.

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