Arma 3 Vehicle Damage Monitor Script

Arma 3 Vehicle Damage Monitor Script 1 -
Arma 3 Vehicle Damage Monitor Script 1 -

Script to monitor vehicle hitpoint damage in real time

How to use

Where should I hit the vehicle? Does shooting grenades at it help? I saw the texture change but what’s really happening?
I put together a script to quickly execute with the debug console and display the damage to each hit-point in real time. I used this to learn how to efficiently disable certain vehicles in PVP, but it works for every vehicle and unit I’ve tested it with.
Arma 3 Vehicle Damage Monitor Script - How to use - 8AB9263
Arma 3 Vehicle Damage Monitor Script - How to use - A97CBF6

Arma 3 Vehicle Damage Monitor Script - How to use - DDB128D
1) Load into the editor or wherever you have debug permissions.
2) Aim your weapon at a vehicle.
3) Access the debug console.
4) Paste the script in the debug console and local exec.
The script will continuously run until the vehicle or unit has been deleted or destroyed.

The Goods

_vic = cursorObject //vehicle to test hitpoints
terminate real_vicwatch;
real_vicwatch = [_vic] spawn{
 params ["_vic"];
 while{alive _vic} do {
 sleep 0.2;
 _displayPoints = [];
 _hintList = [];
 _hitPointsDamage = getAllHitPointsDamage _vic;
 _hitpoints = _hitPointsDamage select 0;
 _damaged = _hitPointsDamage select 2;
 _toPercent = [format ["%1%", _x*100 toFixed 1]];
 _toPercent pushBack "%";
 _toPercent = _toPercent joinString "";
 _damaged set [_foreachindex, _toPercent];
 } foreach _damaged;
 _pointsNumber = (count _damaged) - 1;
 _displaypoints set [_forEachIndex, format ["%1: %2",_x, _damaged select _forEachIndex]];
 //create array of strings in "hitpoint: damage" format
 } forEach _hitpoints;
 for "_i" from 0 to _pointsNumber + 2 do {
 _hintlist pushBack _i;
 _hintlistString = _hintlist joinstring "\n %"; //line breaks and format notation
 _hintlistString = _hintlistString select [4]; //remove 0\n 
 _hintlistStringFormat = [_hintlistString]; //creates array to add hintSilent parameters
 for "_i" from 0 to (count _displaypoints - 1) do {
 _hintlistStringFormat pushback (_displaypoints select _i); //assembles hitpoint strings with hint formatting
 hintSilent format _hintlistStringFormat;//displaypoints select n+1, displaypoints select n+2



This script is pretty niche and I’m mostly posting it for my own future reference, but let me know if you find a use for it or if there’s a way to better optimize it.
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