Arma 3 Battle Positions Types

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types 1 -
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types 1 -

Battle Positions (BPs) are defensive fighting positions to stop an Enemy advance. The 5 types of BPs are: primary, alternate, supplementary, subsequent, and strongpoint.


Definition of battle position:
“A defensive position on which is concentrated the main effort of the defense”
“The battle position is where the main effort of defense is concentrated. Companies and platoons are assigned battle positions. The battle position is made up of a series of sectors of fire that support and interlock one another. Based on the battle position of the company, platoon battle positions are assigned a right and left limit of fire in which gunfire can be delivered”
“a defensive location oriented on a likely enemy avenue of approach”

5 Types of BPs

Five kinds of battle positions exist:
– primary
– alternate
– supplementary
– subsequent
– strongpoint
BPs can be made for:

  • dismounted infantry
  • IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles)
  • armor (tanks)


Primary BP

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Primary BP - D311416
Primary Fighting Positions cover the enemy’s most likely avenue of approach into the AO. It is the best position from which to accomplish the assigned mission, such as cover an EA.

Alternate BP

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Alternate BP - 5C9BA1C
Alternate Fighting Positions cover the same area as the primary position. Located so the occupant can continue to fulfill his original task, such as covering the same avenue of approach (AA) or EA as the primary position. These positions increase the defender’s survivability by allowing to engage the enemy from multiple positions. For example, a unit moves to its alternate positions when the enemy brings suppressive fires on the primary position
***Alt BPs don’t ‘have’ to face the same direction of fire as the primary…just as long as they cover the same AA (Avenue of Approach)***

Supplementary BP

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Supplementary BP - CF14CFE
Supplementary Fighting Positions are prepared to guard against attack from directions other than those from which the main attack is expected. A supplementary position is a secondary position that does not cover the same sector of fire as the primary position. Supplementary positions are for security reasons and ensure protection, when occupied against surprise enemy attack from an unexpected direction. Movements to supplementary positions and concealed routes are covered to avoid enemy detection.

Subsequent BP

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Subsequent BP - 0E5855B
Subsequent Fighting Positions are those that a unit expects to move to during the course of battle. A defending unit may have a series of subsequent positions in depth. Subsequent BPs still have primary/alternate etc. positions

Strongpoint Defense

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Strongpoint Defense - 93F316C

    “A heavily fortified battle position tied to a natural or reinforcing obstacle to create an anchor for the defense or to deny the enemy decisive or key terrain”


Defensive Ops

There are three basic types of defensive operations:

    “A type of defensive operation that concentrates on denying enemy forces access to designated terrain for a specific time rather than destroying the enemy outright”

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Defensive Ops - E2D8B1C
In an Area defense, the entire unit prepares extensive defensive position(s).

    “A type of defensive operation that concentrates on the destruction or defeat of the enemy through a decisive attack by a striking force”

Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Defensive Ops - 003BF4F
In Mobile defense, a smaller section of the unit prepares defensive position(s), while the remaining forces conduct a counter-attack(s)

    “A type defensive operation that involves organized movement away from the enemy”

Retrograde ops include: Withdrawal, Retirement and Delay
In Retrograde defense, the entire unit prepare hasty fighting positions
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Defensive Ops - 4AF6BC1

Fighting Positions

There are 2 categories of fighting positions:

  • hasty
  • deliberate

Use razor wire/mines etc. to protect the BP (at least 35m for grenade throwing distance)
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Fighting Positions - CE409D9
3 types of wire obstacles exist:

  • protective wire – provides all-around protection (grenade distance of 35m or more)
  • tactical wire – used along sector limits to concentrate fire (especially MGs)
  • supplementary wire – breaks-up the tactical wire and prevent locating friendly position(s)

Fighting positions can offer:

  • overhead protection
  • crew served platforms (MG/AT)
  • vehicle firing points


A3 Vanilla

In A3, players are only able to:

  • hide behind existing cover (natural/man-made)
  • add fighting positions in the editor (build ‘upward’ and not into the ground)

Here are the most common existing A3 fighting positions:
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - A3 Vanilla - B3A1AAD
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - A3 Vanilla - E544BAE
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - A3 Vanilla - 59498F9

Arma DLCs

DLCs offer a few options…
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - Arma DLCs - 5F4F1AC


While using the ‘ACE’ modification you can use a ‘entrenching tool’ to build a small/large trench
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - ACE Mod - B54CDFF
Arma 3 Battle Positions Types - ACE Mod - 3C1565E

3rd Party Creations

There are various options from third party creators…


There are 5 kinds of battle positions:
– primary
– alternate
– supplementary
– subsequent
– strongpoint
BPs are used a defensive fighting position(s)
Use razor wire/mines to protect BPs
In the vanilla form, you can only build fighting position(s) in the editor
DLCs offer a few options
3rd party creators offer some options as well

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