XERA: Survival New Players Guide and Basic Information in XERA

XERA: Survival New Players Guide and Basic Information in XERA 1 - steamsplay.com
XERA: Survival New Players Guide and Basic Information in XERA 1 - steamsplay.com
A guide to get started in xera survival if your new


Basic Beginners Guide for XERA: Survival

Made By: Shooken, With help from Zinckron, IcedYoshi 
This is by no means an expert guide, Just another player like yourself, 
putting the time in to try and help out others and so you don’t go through the same struggles that I did when I first started. 
1:Create and Customize your character: Simple enough. Make your character look the way you want. 
2:Putting on clothing: Before you join a server you need to equip your clothing by going into your wardrobe. You do this by going to customize character then selecting the wardrobe tab, choose your clothing and click Save. 
3:Joining a server: Click play and choose your region, then select a server, just a suggestion if you’re new you might want to start out on a low population server just to get used to the game a bit first. 
4:Starting your wipe/building Section: So you created your character, found a server and joined it. Now you’re asking yourself what the hell do i do now. Well the skys the limit, you could go to a town and loot some buildings for weapons and ammo and craftables, 
or you could go try to do an event and kill some AI, or maybe you want to start by getting your base together, 
Whichever you choose you will most likely want to start by looking for some small looking trees to find some branches, sticks, and plant Fibre to make a hatchet and pickaxe. 
Side note; You need a hammer to upgrade your base. i.e Wood to stone, stone to metal. Also you can use the hammer to code lock everything. (which I highly suggest you do) You also use the hammer to pick up and demolish things. 
You also need to build a LAND CLAIM first and place it, once you do that you can build your base in the highlighted area. Also if you are grouped with anyone, the land claim owner which is the person that placed the land claim has to be online for anyone else that is in the group to be able to build, otherwise they will have to remove their Land claim and let another person that is on and in their group place it. It can be picked up by using a hammer. 
5:Basic Key functions: Tab key to open your inventory, craft menu, Campaign missions, and finally your stats. Now your Campaign missions are your bread and butter, 
They teach you the basic mechanics of the game and how to play plus rewards you with in game cash and experience to gain levels. 
6:Settlements: Settlements are a safe haven in the game where you can store anything in your global stash and transfer it to other servers, 
It also has a vendor where you can buy multiple different things like weapons, ammo, food, water ect, and that changes every 20 minutes or so. 
There is also a public helicopter that can transport you from settlement to settlement for a fee of $500 in game currency. 
You can also sell your junk and stuff to the vendor like Gold and silver bars are very nice and get you a pretty chunk of cash. 
Side note; Your Hunger, and Thirst will go up slowly while in the settlement while your RADS will go down. 
7:Vehicles: There is a maximum number of vehicles spawned on a map and that is 18. They cost fuel to run and also have some storage where you can store loot. 
The storage in the vehicles consist of 5 slots but can stack multiple things such as thousands of ammo or weapons or drinks, ect. 
Side note; vehicles despawn after 3 hours of inactive use on claimed land. 
8:Farming Resources: The tools in the game all farm the same amount of resources, it’s usually +1 per hit. 
Side note; When you place your ores in the furnace you need to put in wood logs to start it. 
9:Turrets: There are 3 different Tiers of turrets and only 1 of each can be placed per person so a total of 3 all together per person. 
Side note; They only shoot AI as of right now, not players. 
10:Raiding: C4 has a base damage of 150 Damage per. So an example would be 1 C4 per wooden Box, 4 C4 for wood wall, 8 C4 for stone, 12 C4 for metal. 
Grenades do a base damage of 25 per. So an example would be 6 grenades for 1 box. 
11:Events: Events trigger periodically around the map which rewards random resources, weapons, ammo, cash and xp. You can see all the events that are happening on your map by pressing M. 
12:Groups: Everybody likes playing survival games with their friends who doesn’t, and to do that you simply just press and hold P on your keyboard and find the players name in the list and invite them to your group. 
Side note; You will have to make a party and invite each other every time you log in the server. 
13:Upgraded Backpacks: Yes every backpack in the game you can upgrade VIA the crafting bar and that makes it hold more weight. 
14:Civilian Bunker Security Data: As far as I know the only places to get this is from Campaign missions, Downed helicopter events, and from the Civilian Bunker event itself. 
15:Types of AI: There are 3 types: the red ones (XOID) which are basic, the blue ones (Stalker XOID) which are a little stronger and faster, and finally the green ones (Heavy XOID) which are even faster and super strong. 
(Beware of the green ones, try to run around obstacles and jump up on boxes while killing it. DO NOT STAND STILL) 
Red and Blue XOIDs you can just Melee and stun lock them pretty much, the electric pipe or knuckles are very useful against them, but definitely shoot the green one (Heavy XOID) 
16:PVP: Now the best tips i can give to you for PVP is only stuff that i personally use and like, and i mainly stick with 3rd person because i find it a lot easier to see my surroundings and to see around corners which is a huge advantage 
against people that are playing in first person, and always try to stay behind or near cover and use it to your advantage, And most importantly and i mean it Always and i mean ALWAYS keep extra water and meds on you. 
Dehydration comes quickly and you might need those meds to keep yourself alive until you find water. 
Side note; Grenades are your friends, always try to have one or two on you if you’re going for a roam. 

Written by Shooken

This is all for XERA: Survival New Players Guide and Basic Information in XERA hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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