Worms W.M.D Information Guide for Arms & Weapon Descriptions

Worms W.M.D Information Guide for Arms & Weapon Descriptions 1 - steamsplay.com
Worms W.M.D Information Guide for Arms & Weapon Descriptions 1 - steamsplay.com
what every weapon and utility does. and how to use it



are shot with variable initial strength and shells are affected by gravity and wind

bazooka a shell is launched into air with selected strength and direction; affected by wind and gravity; explodes on impact; maximum dmg 45
golden bazooka only available on some platforms (i.e. Worms Facebook) or awarded for completing challenges, replacing the usual Bazooka; maximum dmg 60
bazooka pie emits flame puffs on explosion
homing missile same as bazooka, but aims at target you select before launching; only affected by gravity at start of its trajectory; bumps off water
homing clustile



same as ballistics, but shells do not explode on impact, but on timer; only affected by gravity

grenade throws a grenade over a ballistic trajectory affected by gravity; the grenade also rolls down the terrain and explodes when timer comes off; timer is set with numbers 1-5
silver grenade awarded for challenges; more powerful and emits flare
gas grenade same as grenade, but also emits a cloud of green gas which is affected by wind and poisons worms; poisoned worms lose 5 health each turn, until either healed or reach 1 hp
sticky grenade can stick on walls or ground, does not bounce
cluster bomb a grenade which breaks into smaller grenades on first explosion, which explode on impact with anything
cluster bomb Mk2 very powerful cluster bomb
delayed clusters same as cluster bomb, but those smaller parts explode on full stop; effective when hostile worms hide in vertical tunnels
banana bomb a very powerful cluster bomb; has larger mass and thus cannot be throwed too far away
super banana bomb can be manually detonated, both the initial cluster and the smaller ones
worm stinger same as lick, but explodes on proximity with worm (i.e. persists between turns); completely destroyed e.g. with a shotgun shot
tasty worm lick launches a trail of small mines connected by chain which stick to terrain and explode after timer goes off; effective when it’s hard to make a precise shot, and hostile worms have few health points left
dodgy phone battery a grenade which makes a chain-lightning effect between worms standing close to each other; can damage your own worms, too
charged phone battery
unwanted present a throwable dynamite which can be delayed for a number of turns; the more delay is, the ?? more powerful it explodes
really unwanted present
holy hand grenade a powerful grenade; makes a big hole in terrain; continues rolling and explodes on full stop only
holy mine grenade also emits 3 mines on explosion



can be shot from a distance in straight lines, are not affected by gravity or wind

shotgun can be shot over a short distance if a direct visibility exists between your worm and hostile; two shots with movement allowed between them; max 25 dmg each
training shotgun same as shotgun, but with a laser sight
triple barrel shotgun same as shotgun, but three shots; max 10 dmg each
uzi shoots multiple small projectiles with a jittered direction; distance larger than shotgun; direction can be tuned while shooting
luzi same, but projectiles bounce off walls; effective if shot into a small tight room where hostile worms hide; can be shot from large distances
minigun a powerful version of uzi



require you to get close to a hostile worm

mega punch
baseball bat
alloy baseball bat larger strength and dmg
flaming bat ?? less strength, but emits flame puffs
furious prod twice as further prod
two handed prod prod two worms in one turn



require you to drop the explosive; affected by gravity; timer is fixed and cannot be changed

vehicle mine explodes on contact with a vehicle only
poisoned dynamite
stuffed turkey surprise
ming vase



activated remotely or from cover; any distance; do not have retreat time

airstrike calls an aircraft which drops multiple shells either from left or right, as selected
mine strike drops multiple mines
demon strike
liberty strike shells bounce off the ground multiple (?? 3) times
carpet bomb even more powerful version of liberty strike
stinking carpet bomb
bunker buster falls from above, drills the ground, explodes on contact with a worm or when certain depth is reached; can fall through hollow areas on its way; max dmg 30
tri bunker buster same, but 3 shells
mega buster same as buster, but very powerful explosion
concrete donkey a large shell falls from above and drills all the way down to water, dealing enormous damage to any worms or interactive objects on its way, and launching them into the air multiple times; maximum dmg is dealt if used inside V-shaped terrain areas; previously called Piano Strike
concrete angry donkey
W1 rocket can be delayed for selected number of turns
OMG strike the terrain is destroyed from an angle with rays, jittering over the course; leaves a large hollow area which worms can barely stand on
OMG LOL strike
armageddon multiple large shells fall from all directions under random angles and destroy almost entire terrain, leaving only the most deeply hidden worms alive


WALKING weapons

activate weapon from your position, then it begins walking in chosen direction; do not have retreat time

old lady walks in direction and drops off cliffs, emitting gas puffs on her way
agile old lady can jump on key press
sheep on a rope
sheep on a long rope
goat on a rope
barbecued sheep flame puffs on each hop and on explosion
electric sheep emits lightning
super sheep
super flatulence sheep emits poison gas while flying
sheep launcher like bazooka which launches sheep which deploys on impact


REACHING utilities

various utilities for traversing the terrain; teleport, blowtorches and girders end your turn; all others don’t

ninja rope shots a hook and attaches your worm to a wall or ceiling, swinging on a rope; can be swinged multiple times depending on game setting; a special technique exists allowing the rope to make a full round upwards, thus can be used to climb cliffs or launch your worm into air
ninja rope pro
newbie rope
parachute allows slowly flying downwards and sideways; allows dropping weapons during flight; affected by wind
combat parachute is not affected by wind
party balloon allows flying upwards and sideways; weapons can be used while flying; heavily affected by wind
jetpack allows flying through the map and dropping throwables or explosives from above; can be combined with parachute or ninja rope; can have variable amount of fuel depending on game setting
jetpack eco half the fuel consumption
teleport instantly teleport your worm to any part of the map; ends your turn
safe teleport does not end your turn after teleporting, but you cannot change your weapon after that; 10 seconds remaining
blowtorch direction can be changed while active, in multiples of 45 degrees; you lose your turn if drilling upwards or when there is no terrain to drill; can damage worms even from beneath through the terrain if close enough
full blowtorch drills longer tunnels
tunnel kit same as blowtorch, but allows to stop drilling, walk, and drill again; total 3 charges, but ? half as long
girder a piece of structure that can be placed somewhere in air; rotates in multiples of 45 degrees and has short and long version; protects your worm from weapons, from being reached or used to block other worms inside their covers; can be distance-restricted depending on game setting; can be placed while your worm is mid-air, say, after roping
girder girth longer and bigger version of girder


STRATEGIC utilities

various items for defense

sentry gun ends your turn
sentry gun lite
TF1 sentry gun
mischievous drone allows gathering crates and medkits; ?? can fly underwater; does not end your turn
SG magnetic drone same as mischievous, but also has properties of repelling or attracting magnet; can be used to either get multiple mines out of your way or to gather them and drop on the hostile worms! flies longer; ends your turn!
electromagnet either attracts or repels all metallic weapons, tools and shells (bazookas, mines)
industrial electromagnet
worm select allows to switch to another worm amidst your already ongoing turn; use <Tab> key; does not end your turn
worm select adv.
kamikaze launches your worm at any direction in multiples of 45 degrees; the worm damages other worms on impact, and explodes at end of his trajectory
skip go do nothing


MISSING weapons

from previous versions

grenade Worms Armageddon throwables allowed setting bouncing amount, either <+> or <->, effectively turning grenades into rubber balls which can bounce off from ground and reach otherwise impossible paths
dragon ball Worms Armageddon a firepunch which can be launched over a short distance towards an enemy worm, including being mid-air; very effective if used over small cliffs separating you from the opponent, especially during late match stages
ninja rope Worms Reinforcements rope was not affected by terrain collisions, thus allowing for longer swings and roundabouts
bungee Worms Reinforcements like ninja rope, but allows only to swing downwards from a cliff; was replaced with a parachute which allowed to fly away from cliffs, covering large distances
pneumatic drill Worms Reinforcements like blowtorch, but allowed drilling terrain downwards; can be used to drop on top of a hostile worm through the terrain; later both function replaced with blowtorch; technically, could be used as a variant of parachute, bcuz activating the drill right before impact with the ground prevented the fall damage
mole bomb Worms Armageddon airstrike weapon; moles start digging the terrain in random directions, leaving scorched earth afterwards; exploding on worm impact
ferrets Worms Reloaded walking weapon; 3 creatures walk by the wall in chosen direction, exploding on impact with a hostile worm
kamikaze Worms Armageddon current physics-based kamikaze version is almost useless and rarely does what it was capable of previously


Written by ivan866_z

Here we come to an end for Worms W.M.D Information Guide for Arms & Weapon Descriptions hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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