Wobbly Life How to Unlock All Pets Tips

Wobbly Life How to Unlock All Pets Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Wobbly Life How to Unlock All Pets Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
A guide to unlock all the pets in wobbly life that can not simply be bought.


1. Ghost pet

To get the ghost pet you first need to go to the temple in the jungle and go through it until you get to the part with the teal ball, you are going to need to complete the puzzle and get the ball. After the ball has been acquired bring it out of the temple (go back from where you came) and bring it to the waterfall (which is also in the jungle). Go behind the waterfall into the cave and once again go through it until you come across the ball puzzle, get the ball by completing the puzzle and leave with it. Once you have gotten both balls bring them to the mining job and leave them outside. Accept the job and break ores and explore until you find an ore that has a tunnel behind it. Once you do that quit that shift and go get the balls. Accept the job once again and bring the balls to that same ore. Go down the tunnel and there will be a door with two pedestals that you need to put the balls in. After, the door should open and there will be a tombstone inside, take it and bring it to the grinder and grind it up. And there you go it will unlock the ghost pet and you have to go back to the pet store and buy it for $1,200 bucks, and i recommend working at the mining job to get enough money if your poor.

I did this by getting the ball from the temple first and putting it in the hot air balloon outside, I then flew over to the waterfall and got the second ball, i put them both in and flew to the mines. I recommend this as the way to transport the orbs.

2. Top hat chicken/ rich chicken

This one is very simple, all you have to do is go to the farm and feed one of the chickens in the coop money, and boom its unlocked.

3. Monster pet

In order to get the monster pet you need to do the factory job and feed the giant monster in the quarry 50 barrels, and then you should get it. This was a pretty simple one.

(Special thanks to Panda le penguin and F0rg0ten for informing me on how to get this.)

4. Burger Spider

Go to the burger job in the city. Accept the job and make a burger of everything. Put that burger into the machine again. And turn in the burnt burger,.

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