VTOL VR AH-94 Tips and Tricks Playthrough

VTOL VR AH-94 Tips and Tricks Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
VTOL VR AH-94 Tips and Tricks Playthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

A collection of small/big tips and/or tricks I learned from flying the AH-94 so far.

Before you Read

This is a collection of tips and/or tricks I have learned THUS FAR while flying the apache. This guide will be updated constantly until I get bored with the game.
These tips and/or tricks will be as short as I can make them while still getting everything across.

Essential Tips

Tip 1

Be soft on the controls.
Many of the problems on here can be avoided with this simple tip. Don’t stress your aircraft too hard and you’ll be fine.

Tip 2

Lower collective when you start losing control.
This tip is practically essential to anyone new to flying the AH-94, please tell your friends this if they start rolling uncontrollably into the ground. Make sure to slowly raise your collective after doing this, or else you may go back into losing control.

Tip 3

Roll left while at high speed.
In this game, once you gain enough speed, the helicopter will gain a lot of lift on the rotor on the left side, and less lift on the right, as the rotor speed starts to get closer to the airframe speed. This will result in your airframe starting to roll to the right. At high speeds, even normal maneuvers might induce a loss of control (If this happens, read tip 2). To counteract this, roll the left slightly, this will reduce the chance of that happening. Don’t rely on this though, if you end up going so fast (above 250) and then lose control, lowering collective will be less effective and you might still end up spinning out into the ground.

Missile Evasion


– 1 Preventing The Launch

Tip 1

Stay behind cover.
This one should be simple, simply never be in the line of sight of radar or fighters until you NEED to. Don’t stay out in the open. (exception with be listed later on)

Tip 2

Get your jet friends to SEAD.
Another simple one, offset the duty onto someone else. Jets are fast and are very capable of dodging missiles. It’s not worth it to do it in an apache unless you have to. This also goes for areas infested with enemy jets.

Tip 3?

Stay still and low.
I am currently unsure of the effectiveness of this right now with rotors on, but standing still (ideally on the ground or in a place where the SAM will see you infront of terrain) is an effective tactic against radar SAMs. This is only if you realize you are in a situation where anything you do will result in 50 missiles headed your way. If you are in this situation, first of all, how did you get there, and pray that one of your friends will save you from this violent landscape.


Stay low, and don’t engage SAMs.

– 2 Evasion

Tip 1

You will not dodge every missile. This is a fact. Good luck.

Tip 2

Know the missile you’re dealing with.
Simple, if you are engaged with a long range SAM, or a jet from far away, know you’re most likely dealing with RADAR missiles. If you are engaged with a short range tank without a radar dish above it, or a jet that is really close, you are probably being engaged with Infrared missiles.

Tip 3

Stay high up.
Might feel contrary to my statement earlier, but this is necessary to pull maneuvers to evade missiles. If you are low down, the chance of you evading a missile decreases. Again, try to stay behind cover still.

Trick 1

Drive down
Pull a drive down maneuver, anticipate the path the missile will take to you to your advantage and use where you’re going to make it smack into the terrain. Be careful and don’t smack yourself into the ground.
This works for both types of missiles.

–a Radar

Tip 1

Get behind cover.
If you see a building or hill you can get behind, go for it ASAP. Try not to stress the airframe while doing this.

Tip 2

Keep a sideways profile.
Ideally, the best situation against a radar missile is heading perpendicular to it (you are going sideways from the missile/radar). Make sure to dump chaff while this is happening till the lock tone goes away. Do not start popping chaff until you are sure the missile has made halfway it’s journey.
If you are not in this situation, there are multiple ways to enter it.

Trick 1

VTOL VR AH-94 Tips and Tricks Playthrough - --a Radar - BCE4078
Sharp turn and descent.
Trade altitude for speed and getting a sideways profile on the missile, this will be your primary method of evasion in the open.
Be careful and don’t stress the airframe too much. If you start rolling to the right, LOWER COLLECTIVE!

— Fox 1 Radar

With the new update, a new type of missile is added.
info will be added soon, I need to test if missiles launched after losing tracking, can reacquire tracking after the radar spots the aircraft again.

–b Infrared

Tip 1

Get behind cover.
Get to cover as fast as possible. If you cannot do this, attempt all of the below tips, and if you are still hearing the lock tone, read Tip 5.

Tip 2

DUMP flares

Tip 3

Get speed ASAP
Get as much speed as you can

Tip 4

Keep sideways.
Try to keep the missile beside you so the flares have the best chance of getting it’s attention.

Tip 5

Embrace death.
You can take 2 IR missiles to the face. If you have no cover, you must embrace the missile. If an IR missile is shot at you and you aren’t already taking action, it’s probably over for you.

Trick 1

Play Minecraft
Play a different game to avoid IR missiles entirely. Move your house. Be private with your location. You do not know when IR missile will find you, but you must always be on your toes.



Originally posted by LazyPurple's "How it FEELS to Play Heavy in TF2":
I could be shot in the face at any moment if I'm not careful and every moment of life is a blessing


Closing Section

Good luck not dying with these new profound tips, go out there and not rolling like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ beyblade into a building at 200 knots. Yes this actually happened to me when I was new.
If you want me to give a tip on something, or have one yourself, please comment it down below.
Again, i’m still RELATIVELY new to the AH-94, but a lot of these tips I previously learned from ArmA and work well with this game.

Written by DL72

Here we come to an end for VTOL VR AH-94 Tips and Tricks Playthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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