Venineth How to Get Achievement & Secrets Guide

Venineth How to Get Achievement & Secrets Guide 1 -
Venineth How to Get Achievement & Secrets Guide 1 -

This is a guide for the achievements which you don’t get by just completing the game normally.
Original translation of achievement descriptions by htp34r: – [] 
xuboxolekt: Collect all secret collectibles. 4 per level, 44 total. Walkthroughs exist.
vuud: Finish the second level without opening any small gates. There are 3 of them, each protecting one of the buttons that open the big 3-part gate.

  1. The first gate you see. Resist the urge to press the small gate button. Climb up one of the decorative spheres behind the gate and open the first part of the big gate.
  2. The area with a big spinning beam above an acid lake. Jump down to the right shore of said lake, and roll along it (it’s safe). For the ascent, use the hill on the right to get a speed boost and go up the left one. FastAccel helps, info below.
  3. The multi-leveled area above an acid lake with rocks. Before you enter it from the first area, get on the rocky ledge on the right. Accelerate and jump over the round platform ahead. You don’t have to land on it, simply going over it will set a checkpoint. Finish as usual.

shpaara: Third level. When you encounter the first material gate, go through it, back around it, and through it again. You end up with a metal ball, so you can now ride the elevator that would normally fizzle out to demonstrate that other materials can’t use them.
Secret achievements (trinoid):
Breakout/Arkanoid minigames heavily featuring the forbidden shape. Unlocked by collecting the secret collectibles (also enterable by carefully pressing yourself against the force fields). Entrances are located on the opposite side of the hub. Complete all for an alternative ending (“42”).
FastAccel: Unintended glitch/quirk/mechanic used in speedrunning. The game has multiple sets of movement keybinds and will listen to all at the same time. Pressing any direction “multiple times” results in increased acceleration (top speed remains at 35 m/s though). Use software like JoyToKey if you only have 2 hands.


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