Two Worlds: Epic Edition Useful Game Information for New Players Guide

Two Worlds: Epic Edition Useful Game Information for New Players Guide 1 -
Two Worlds: Epic Edition Useful Game Information for New Players Guide 1 -
Two Worlds Epic Edition is a fantastic RPG game with really bad press and reviews.
If you are able to scratch the surface then you will find yourself immerse in hours and hours of fun and joy.
This guide tries to help you in the first hours and also gives you some crucial information that will
make your life easier.
Two Worlds throws you into it’s world with no warning so this guide is to ease that first encounter with the game.
There are no spoilers nor walkthroughs in this guide.


If the game does not run.

Then you need to install PhysX 9.12.1031 System Software Legacy.

You can google it or download it form this –

Why all the hate ?.

Why this game is so hated and so poorly rated ?.

Well, mainly two factors cover that :

1. The game was first released on Xbox, with many bugs and a serious frame rate issue.

2. The game is not easy to get into. No tutorial and is definitely not a walk in the park, either. You die a lot, in the first couple of hours.

Also, Two Worlds has been accused of :

  • Balance problems.
  • Bad combat system.
  • Bad voice acting.
  • Poor story.
  • Short main quest.

Well, aside from the voice acting, nonsense.

The fact is, that, this game needs at least 4 hours into it, to really start to understand it and to unfold it’s true potential.

I was stubborn enough to figure out my way and after a while I started to realize the true beast the game is.

Story, main quests and side quests quality are a mixed bag. Some of them are fine and some are just the average stuff.

The bad reputation about combat system and balance issues shows a lot about the people that reviewed this game and also about many many gamers these days. You start as the average joe with almost no gear and skills. So you want to slash everything already ?, You want a Hollywood movie or a true RPG game?.

Of course you will die a lot, and enemies, specially in groups, will tear you apart. You need to pick your fights, be smart, keep yourself on the roads, and in general, slowly make your way so you get more powerful and better equipped. Sounds familiar?. Yes, it’s an Open World Adventure / RPG game!.

Like in any other world populated by different factions and races, you will encounter enemies that are beatable and others that just will wipe the floor with you. YES, the world have regions and you have to be smart enough to know when to backoff and go somewhere else.

Does all of this ring any bells to you ??. It’s a true RPG game, where you are not “god” and you need to, actually, make a man (or woman) out of yourself.

Eventually, when you choose your natural path, as a consequence of how you manage to initially progress and, of course,your personal likings, you start to get better at everything and all of the sudden, the combat system is not that bad, you do more stuff, you learn to control masses and in general you start to be more confident and competent.

Does the game have issues ? Yes.
Is it worth playing ? Totally.

What the game really offers.

There are some basic features that are well covered and make the game enjoyable.

  • More than 60 hours of gameplay.
  • Good character progression with meaningful and effective skills.
  • Specialization in one or several paths possible.
  • Hundreds of armor sets and weapons.
  • Possibility to combine similar armor and weapons.
  • New armor and weapons as a result of the combination of similar ones.
  • Easy to understand and use chemistry system.
  • Meaningful (and necessary) buffs.
  • Open world with several landscapes and difficulty levels.
  • Several dungeons where to get nice loot.


Useful knowledge – Playing and not sucking at it

There are some things that will ease your life:

  • Avoid direct confrontation at the beginning. You don’t suck. Keep yourself on the roads. If you encounter groups of hostiles, try to run away and guide them against wild beasts. After that, you can come back to see if some one was killed and get some loot.
  • Avoid being surrounded.
  • If you can fight from inside a healing shrine, do so. This is not cheating, it’s adapting and using environmet to your favor.
  • Learn to use the Q and E keys. Most of the hostiles can be avoided by studying them and dodging using the Q key. This will not work if you are surrounded.
  • Learn to use chemistry fast. Buffs are really important, specially when you fight groups.Chemistry is really easy to use; just combine stuff and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Strength buffs are incredibly effective.
  • Bow is really bad until you gear up and invest in bow skills. So it’s hard to do at the beginning; you’re better of with close combat skills.
  • Magic is really bad until you gear up and invest in magic skills and get more magic cards. So it’s hard to do at the beginning; you’re better of with close combat skills. Try to get heal magic cards fast and stack them. With 3 cards stacked, you can even rely on this for healing and forget about healing potions.
  • Lock picking and stealing are really useful. Invest in lock picking early. Some gear will come out of stealing that will ease you life a lot.
  • Keep healing and mana potions. Specially for chemistry matters.
  • Skills can only be learnt from some NPCs ; so explore.
  • Keep yourself on the north of the map; even if main quests sends you south early. North (with some exceptions) is more accessible at early stages.
  • Don’t mind dying. There is always a revive / healing shrine and a man shrine close. In this game, dying is not an issue; as a matter of fact, you learn a lot from dying.
  • Loot a lot. Money is not a problem in this game, specially if you loot armor. You won’t have founding issues if you keep looting armor as you go. Once you get a horse, you will have a lot of inventory space and weight capacity.
  • In close combat, there are skills that combined with 2 handed weapons are really useful for crowd control.
  • Weapons types are really meaningful for different enemy types. You need different sets of gear and weapons on your inventory. Gear up depending of the enemy type. I(nvenroty) key always pauses the game.


Written by Ibitato

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