Trombone Champ Secret Ending & Walkthrough

Trombone Champ Secret Ending & Walkthrough 1 -
Trombone Champ Secret Ending & Walkthrough 1 -

This guide will show you how to reach the final boss. While it will take some time, you'll find many hidden achievements and lore along the way.

Earn S-Rank for 4 Songs

While the S Ranking 4 songs in this game might seem daunting, there are a variety of easy songs that you can choose from.
You can use the difficulty meter for help in choosing songs to S Rank. However, I recommend "Warm Up," Trombone skyze," and "Ball Game" as my top three choices.
Don't let it discourage you if you don't get the S Rank the first time. You will need the Toots when you complete a song to continue your steps.

Earning the Blue Key

Once you have subbed 4 songs, go back to the main menu. Click the "Baboon” button. You will be taken into a dark room with the door at the bottom. Click on that door to interact with the 4 S tiles in each corner. You now have access to the Baboon.
Once you have spoken with Baboon, you will need to give your Toots and the Tootvessle for unlocking different equipment and eventually the Blue Key.
This section will require 10,000 Toots.

Earning the Red Key

TheBass Clef Card is required to begin the process of earning a Red Key. Use your Toots for cards. You will eventually need all of them, but for now, you just need the Bass Clef Cards.
Once you have the Bass Clef Card unlocked, you will need to tap the card repeatedly to unlock another dark room. This room is the exact same as the previous one. Click on the hatch and then click on each corner to unlock the trapdoor.
After speaking to the Baboon inside this room, you will need to give your Turds the Turdvessel. You can earn Turds by scrapping cards you don’t want. I would recommend you to scrap any cards that have multiples of the Hot Dog Cards. You will need 10 for a future step.
To complete this step, and earn the Red Key, 3,000 Turds will be required.

Collecting all of the Cards

I recommend you get a lot of cards before you begin this step.
Once you are ready, click on the candle at the bottom right to access the Demon. The Demon will ask you for a few cards first before asking for all 50 at once. This will give your trombone color "Champ", which is what you will need to defeat this boss.

The Final Boss

Now, you can defeat the Final Boss.
Before you travel to the Boss, you will need to go into Settings and locate the "Allegiance” option. From here, you will need change the Baboon Number to Inferno or the Baboon Preference at Hamadryas.
Trazom Card is required to access the Final Boss. Buy more cards using your Toots and/or buy the card you want using your Turds. Make sure you have 10 Hot Dog cards before entering the Boss Battle. You won't be allowed to defeat the Final Boss without them.
Once you are ready, click on Trazom Card. A box with 2 keyholes will be displayed on the screen. You will need to interact with each keyhole to unlock the battle.
Before you start the fight, you'll need to change to Servant of Babi your character and to change to Champ your trombone colour.
Although the final song is extremely difficult, you don’t need to have a certain score to win. All you needed were your 10 Hot Dog card.


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