Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update Wishlist Summary

Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update Wishlist Summary 1 -
Team Fortress 2 Heavy Update Wishlist Summary 1 -

A passion project of mine, a collection of the best workshop creations and community fixes, as well as some of my balance suggestions and new weapon ideas. It took me a month and a quarter to complete.


Link to the Wishlist – []

Click: Send your images of cosmetics and warpaints or weapons to open the link. The page’s Steam Workshop page is also available. vote has the link. This wishlist can be used to advertise workshop creations that require Valve’s attention.

You can find more information in the wishlist.

Link to this incredible space Heavy poster on preview image – []


  • 30+ Arms
  • 30+ maps
  • 180+ Cosmetics
  • 70+ – War Paints

…And all of these are still available for voting on Steam Workshop

  • Suggestions for improving Casual & Competitive
  • Balance suggestions for more than half of the weapons in this game
  • Some MvM Upgrade Ideas
  • And other community fixes…



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