Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial

Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial 1 -
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial 1 -

Are you tired of having 300k in your savings? Do you want to make 3.6+ millions in a single year? This guide is for YOU. This guide won't help you if you already have plenty of cash. A simple trick I learned in the Casino Phase 2 update will allow you to put your financial woes behind you.


If you are anything like me (or a compulsive Gambler), chances are you have been to the gutter more than once before, going completely broke with not a cent.
This is exactly how it happened to me, too, during the update to the casino phase 2. I was a bit too sloppy with my gambling and ended up with $7500 worth old coins in my pocket as well as 800k in my bank account. I was desperate for money at that time.
I didn’t go and make that money legally. I sold whatever I could find to make some money and then went back to the table to gamble in the hope of scoring a few lucky wins. I noticed something. I had just 20k in my bank, but I could place bets on well over 200k worth chips. The number of bets you can make was not limited by your total money. You just needed to be able pay for the first one.
If I have 5000 cash and I don't have enough money to bet 10k chips, I won't be able to. If I have 10k in cash, I can still bet as many 10k chip bets as I like up to 200k. I won't lose the initial 10k even if my bank account is -200k.
At first glance, I didn't think much of it. However, it proved to be very beneficial. My 20k and me put 200k chips on the red, and we won. Boom, 400k instantly in my bank account. I used 20k of mine to get it.
Then, I noticed another thing. I lost all my money gambling again and went to my inventory to sell some scraps. What I saw turned my head immediately. I got my money back temporarily every time I sold something, any item. It doesn't really matter how high the item is in value. I sold $100 and got my 20k back. Now I have the option to use this exploit to place as many bets as I wish without any monetary risk. And I can keep betting full amounts on green to hopefully earn that 35:1 payout.
Don't worry. If this is all a little confusing because of my rambling, I will fully explain how to do it and how YOUA can become rich just like I did. 😉

Step 1: Get Ready.

So. You have decided to go the criminal's route and rob the poor casino owner all his credits. Nice! 😀
Stock up on cheap items to sell after a lose. I went to "Celebrations", the store up on Boardwalk.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 1: Get Prepared. - 771AEC8
You can choose any cheap item you wish. I selected the heart balloons from the Valentines section. Each one is $100
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 1: Get Prepared. - B35CAA9
Now. Here's the crucial part. This glitch REQUIRES(, as far as I know) allows you get to 0$ for 200k chips. This means that you will need at least 10k chips, and less than 200k. This number can be reached in any way you want. In my case, I was already at these two numbers when I started so I was okay.

Step 2 – Gamble your savings away (, but you get it back temporarily)

These are the things you should be aware of:

  • Sell enough low-tier trash products
  • Cash above 10k and below 200k
  • If you're unlucky), be patient and keep going (.

Here's where the fun begins. Now, let's have some fun. My opinion is that you should bet 100k on both 0 or 00 greens to diversify the odds.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 2: Gamble your savings away! (but get it back temporarily) - 711A40A
As you can see I only have $57k left in my bank but I'm placing 200k bets. You can do the same thing. You must make sure that you tick over the 0 when the bet goes through. Otherwise, -200k is deducted from account.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 2: Gamble your savings away! (but get it back temporarily) - 0D2BC49
Here is my friend and I betting that 100k/100k will be split on both greens. We hope to win that 3.6M prize.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 2: Gamble your savings away! (but get it back temporarily) - 3E2CF5B
Woopsie! All my credits are gone!
Yes, lady luck is not your forte and you didn't get the green card on the first attempt. It's not a problem! Here is where you can put your items.
Your account now has 0 credits. You have lost -200k. Now you have to go into inventory and sell one of these trash items. The amazing things will happen. Look what happened to my heart balloon when I quickly sold it!
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 2: Gamble your savings away! (but get it back temporarily) - 6F19034
Your eyes don't lie. I just received back the exact amount I bet with. I'm not sure if the money has permanent or temporary properties, but you can immediately re-bet this cash on the 100k/100k green split. This is your main loop.
You lose all your cash. You sell your trash item and get your cash back. Continue this process until you score a hit.
You win! Great! We will discuss next steps, because you're not content with just a few million. 😉

Step 3 – Land a hit, and wash your illgotten gains.

There comes a time when the odds are outweighing your incessant betting and you find yourself on the greens. It's exactly like what happened to my case.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 3: Land a hit and launder your ill-gotten gains. - 8C75902
This is me just winning the 200k bet on green, and earning a fat 3.6million coins. But what next? I am not content with a mere 3 million. This is where laundering your cash comes in.
You can always place another bet, but now you have to use real money which you don't wish to do. Once you win, head back to our friend: The celebrations store.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 3: Land a hit and launder your ill-gotten gains. - 68EB751
The way money is stored is as follows: You go back the Celebrations store, you go to summer events, buy the orbiting pet and you go back to the Celebrations shop until you get to 200k. (At all times, I sat at 50k.)
The only problem with this method is the sale price. It's reduced in half, so every sun will sell for 50k instead 100k. But this isn't a problem, as you can continue gambling until your hair turns gray. This is the whole loop.
You win, and you buy 3.6 millions worth of suns. Then you go back, place another bet until you win, win again, go back into the celebrations store, buy all suns you can to get to below 200k again, and go back again to betting.
Once you're done, simply sell your inventory and watch the cash flow in.
I kept repeating the same trick until I reached 16,000,000, and spent about 3. I had no need for more money.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Step 3: Land a hit and launder your ill-gotten gains. - FF1DDC2


That's it! You should now have enough money to do anything you want. It's unclear when this will be fixed, but it seems like quite the oversight. It is one that I will gladly accept. B)
Have fun robbing the casino blind men, and get that bag.
Oh, and I'm even more lucky than that, winning a 200k bet with a straight-up number.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Conclusion - C50C985
P.S.: We would love to meet you online.
Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial - Conclusion - 6CF8690


Written by bababoey, C.S.

Hope you enjoy the post for Tower Unite Money Glitch Tutorial, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!


  1. I don’t really understand how you can bet over the amount of your current balance, because I kept spamming to bet but I can’t seem to go over the amount that I currently have..

  2. bro i was ready to do the glitch and went over to the roulette table, and it hit double 00, so i got the 3.6 mil payout my first try and didn’t even need to do the glitch.

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