Tormented Souls Got stuck? A full guide with small tips and hints for you gameplay

Tormented Souls Got stuck? A full guide with small tips and hints for you gameplay 1 -
Tormented Souls Got stuck? A full guide with small tips and hints for you gameplay 1 -

Sometimes you get stuck. The game doesn’t have interactive map to tell you which room to focus investigating, but reading the flat out solution is no fun either. Here you can find incremental hints to nudge you in the right direction.
This is just fresh out of the oven so please leave comments on if the hints are too big or small, and which new sections I could add.

First room

You’re really not given much information to work with at this point. Make sure you investigate the room to find the clues. You need a 4-digit combination for the padlock.
Hint 1 : Check your files and items. Items can be rotated and investigated further in certain angles.
Hint 2: You want to focus on the pocket watch and what’s said about it.
Hint 3: The watch is said to have stopped at the time of twins’ birth, which was significant for their mother, she used it for everything.
Solution: The time of birth is 12:35, so the combination you want is 1 2 3 5

After getting out of the bathroom

You have a couple rooms to investigate at this point. Make sure to pick up the map in the hallway and also take a peek behind it. But eventually you need to do something to progress further.
Hint 1 : Make sure to check out the basement even if it’s scary. Just make sure to use your lighter. At the end of the hallway you’ll find someone who is helping you in the right direction.
Hint 2: Everything you need to restore power is in the generator room.
Hint 3: The missing valve can be found next to the generator control panel, make sure to plug it into pressure control panel.
Hint 4: You need pressure level 10 to start the generator, but the level might drop a bit when you press ignition, so you need to compensate for that.
Solution: Set the pressure level to 11. To do that, open all valves except the one on bottom left, which is the valve you inserted.

Maternity Ward

In order to proceed you need the item that is tightly gripped. Getting it is not very simple and involves many steps.
Generic Hint 1: After restoring the power you only have 2 new rooms to investigate. Both of them have something you will need to progress.
Generic Hint 2: You can’t do anything about the body as long as their heart is missing and you can’t insert plastic into the body. So focus your efforts elsewhere.
Generic Hint 3: You need to put together a plastic key item by using item combine in the inventory. The 2 halves can be found in the Dentist’s Room and Exam Room.
Hints for the Dentist’s Room:
Hint 1: There’s something red-and-white that you might have missed, because it’s at a central area and not near the edges.
Hint 2: There’s an organ donor box containing plastic heart half on the dentist chair left of the room entrance.
Hints for the Maternity Ward:
Hint 1: You can’t do anything with the body as long as their heart is missing. The path forward is in this room, you should do some reading and investigation.
Hint 2 : Pay attention to Maintenance Log and carefully investigate the room based on that.
Hint 3: Click on flickering wall lamp near the body.
Hint 4: Use your lighter on the candles on the mirror.
Hint 5: Insert the completed plastic heart inside the baby doll in the alternative reality Maternity Ward to restore the body’s heart in real Maternity Ward room.
Hint 6: Shock the body to acquire the T-handle. You need to combine it with hex socket found in basement alcove near the stairs. Finally use the T-handle in Waiting Room to gain access to the Main Hall.

The Main Hall before finding the threaded bolt

You suddenly have lots of area to explore. The biggest risk here perhaps is to get too invested into something you can’t solve yet.
Generic Hint 1: Always focus on where the priest is telling you to go and what is blocking you from getting there.
Generic Hint 2: Make sure to investigate lower floor in the West Wing, and the upper floor on East Wing. As the priest was saying, you want to get to the Library.
1F West Wing: (key item that goes on the door)
Hint 1: Make sure you go through the Kitchen and Store to unlock the corridor in Chapel so you can pick up something hard that goes on the door.
2F East Wing: (key item that helps you listen)
Hint 1: The wall-mounted monster is blocking your way in the hallway, deal with it first.
Hint 2: You need an external light source so you can equip a weapon to kill it.
Hint 3: There’s a switch nearby to turn on the lights.
Hint 4: There’s something in the Sewing Room that helps you listen.
Gaining access to your target room with key items:
Hint 1: Use the Iron Door Knocker on the Library Door.
Hint 2: Make sure to read the hint in the door about the beat. There’s also a hint in the Studio.
Hint 3: You’re looking for a human statue in a central location.
Hint 4: The statue in the Main Hall stairs.
Hint 5: Use the Stethoscope on the statue to hear a beat.
Solution: You need to click on the Library door knocker with the same beat as heard on the Main Hall statue. (note: the input here needs to be quite precise, so keep trying)

Main Hall after finding the threaded bolt

Even more rooms to explore with even more distractions.
Hint 1: Focus on where the priest is telling you to go and what is blocking your path.
Hint 2: You just received the Threaded Bolt, it must be the thing that helps you forward somehow.
Hint 3: There’s a Maintenance Log in the Reception that’s telling you something about fuses.
Solution: Insert the Threaded Bolt as the fuse in the Reception room box to open the door to West Wing Corridor.

West Wing Corridor

You only gain access to couple new rooms before being blocked again.
Hint 1: You already have access to everything you need to open the door further to West Wing Hallway, you haven’t missed anything.
Hint 2: The same threaded bolt from the Reception can fit in the fuse box in West Wing Corridor.
Hint 3: Maintenance Log has a clue about using the elevator to travel in both directions.
Hint 4: When you take the elevator to 1F, make sure to jam the elevator door with the nearby cart so it won’t close and prevent you from getting back upstairs.
Solution: Take the elevator to 1F Chapel, jam the door with the cart, go to Reception to grab the bolt, and return it to the West Wing Corridor fuse box, unlocking all the doors.

Operating Room

Lots of new rooms but you don’t seem to find any new key items.
Hint 1: The priest is again signaling you what to focus on next.
Hint 2: What you need is not an item, but an idea.
Hint 3: You can find all the inspiration you need in the Observation room.
Hint 3: Only you can see it and only you can do it. It seems like a bad idea, but there really isn’t another way to progress.
Hint 4: You can make the darkness fall and you have an item that can be considered a torch. Foilow the example to complete the ritual.
Solution: Go to the Operation Room and shut down the lights, make sure to have your lighter on. Run counter-clockwise loops around the corpse on the operating table.

Have I missed the shotgun?

You need access to West Wing Hallway before you can acquire the shotgun. Progressing the game can become quite difficult if you don’t find the 2 shotgun parts soon.
Hint 1: You’re looking for dolls holding shotgun parts. They’re not particularly hidden but they can be sitting in the dark.
Hint 2: Make sure to check both floors in the West Wing.
Part A hint: There’s a small chance you haven’t passed this by, or that you have missed it while being chased.
Part A hint: A scissor-arms guy in wheelchair, very dark, ring any bells? Somewhere in West Wing 1F.
Part A: West Corridor near when it loops back into the Main Hall. There’s a doll sitting on a bench holding it.
Part B hint: You have quite certainly been in this monster-free room, but maybe it was the noise that was distracting you previously.
Part B hint: Where was it that you heard and saw loud stomping in West Wing 2F?
Part B: The doll holding Shotgun Part B is in the Observation Room.

After finding the Scalpel

So many items, so many locations.
Hint 1: The scalpel is what you found most recently, so it will help you forward somehow. It’s very sharp. You will know where to use it when you see it.
Hint 2: There’s a chance you already saw a rope somewhere that you tried to break before.
Where is it?
Hint 1: Somewhere in the West Wing but it’s not the hospital area you were just investigating.
Hint 2: Long corridor, scissor-hands wheelchair guy chasing you, very dark, ring any bells?
Solution: West Corridor in 1F. There’s a floor hatch tied with a rope

Navigating the basement

There’s couple of things to help you survive these dark and enemy infested areas:
Hint 1: Make sure to light various candle holders / candelabras you come across, so you can equip weapons to deal with monsters. They’re easy to miss especially while being chased.
Hint 2: Keep checking your map, it helps you orientate in the dark and understand what the game is asking you to do.

How to get to Morgue

The long corridors just wind back to the Main Hall! Now what?
Hint 1: You probably saw an electrified pool of water you couldn’t pass. If not, go find it in the basement.
Hint 2: There’s a sign nearby offering you a little hint. You’ve seen them before.
Hint 3: Need to cut the power somehow.
Hint 4: You already did the opposite so it might seem like a step back, but if you look at the map you can see that it makes sense even if some travel is involved.
Solution: You need to shut down the generator again to pass the pool. It’s not as scary as it seems.

The Morgue

All that work to get here but no apparent way forward. It’s so creepy, so much blood and you just want to leave.
Generic Hint 1: Make sure to go turn on the generator again
Generic Hint 2: The metal dial you may have found can’t be used yet
Hint 1: If you investigate this room carefully, you’ll find evidence of something they tried to hide.
Hint 2: What you need to find here in order to progress is not an item or journal entry.
Hint 3: It’s probably the creepiest part of the room, look for something sus on the floor that gives you an idea.
Hint 4: The blood tracks under a cabinet in the alcove part of the room.
Solution: Pull the cabinet to reveal a hidden door

The Experiment Room

Am I really stuck here again?
Hint 1: One of the items in this room seems interesting.
Hint 2: What’s with the skeleton statue?
Solution: Press any button on the skeleton statue to reveal yet one more hidden path.

VHS Tape (Experiment Room)

What to do?
Hint: VHS Tape is old video format, you need to watch it.
Where do I use it?
Hint: Did you check where ladder in the morgue takes you?
What to do afterwards?
Hint 1: The items in this version of the room are slightly different and worth investigating again.
Hint 2: You want to focus on the lowered area to open up the path once more.
Hint 3: The poem must have significance being placed right next to the statue.
Hint 4: There’s some room for interpretation and It’s not very exact science but don’t be afraid to keep trying.
Hint 4: You’ve got 5 buttons and the poem has 6 verses, don’t be afraid to reuse once.
Solution 1: “Memory” = Head
Solution 2: “Butterflies in stomach” = Stomach
Solution 3: “Feel” = Hand
Solution 4: “Whisper” = Throat
Solution 5: “Letting go hurts” = Heart
Solution 6: “Scream” = Throat

Getting the key behind bars

There’s something interesting behind the bars and you wouldn’t mind freeing her as well. But how?
Hint 1: The lock is made of metal, what could even work on it?
Hint 2: It’s not a key, it’s not a mechanical tool, it’s not even anything solid.
Hint 3: If you don’t have anything suitable, you need to go investigate rooms near the Chapel.
Solution Use the Nitric Acid found in the Store to melt away the lock.
The additional twist to solution: The acid takes days to have an effect, so you need to use the acid in the past, in the VHS tape version of the room.

After getting the combination key

This unlocks a big set of areas for you to explore. But only If you can solve the riddles on the 4 doors this key can be used to open. You need to unlock all of the 4 doors to progress further, but you can do them in any order.
Completing the key:
Hint 1: The key is initially missing a part that needs to be combined with it to complete it before it can be used.
Hint 2: If you missed the part, go check the basement again. The “Navigating the basement” part of this guide has some hints about that.
Solving the riddles in general:
Generic Hint: You won’t need any additional items, journals, or observations to solve the riddle, just what’s on the door.
Generic Hint: The 3 indicators above the lock correspond to the 3 wheels on the key.
Generic Hint: The paper that is a clue on how to interpret the indicators compared to the symbols on the key.

Combination Key: Intensive Care (numbers)

Hint 1: How can numbers correspond to shapes? The paper has a clue. Don’t be afraid to give it some tries and see if your theory works.
Hint 2: The paper reads a STRAIGHT LINE = 1.
Hint 3: Counting the amount of straight lines in each shape gets you far, but what could be sideways 8 mean in mathematics?
Hint 4: Mathematicians know the sideways 8 as an infinity symbol.
Hint 5: The bottom symbol consists of an infinite amount of infinitely short straight lines. Sounds like it’s not very straight, if at all.
Solution top: Shape with 5 straight lines = Pentagon
Solution middle: Shape with 3 straight lines = Triangle
Solution bottom: Shape with infinite straight lines = Circle

Combination Key: Archives (tetris)

Hint 2: Stop thinking about tetris mechanics and focus on what the tetris block is about to do on the paper.
Hint 2: The tetris block is fitting neatly in the gap that’s left for it.
Hint 3: Which 3 symbols would partly fit in the gaps of the 3 shapes above the keyway?
Hint 4: The dark part of each shape is the gap. For example a triangle fits in the middle one because there’s the sharp top and wide bottom.
Solution top: Shape with rectangular hole = Square
Solution middle: Shape with sharp top and wide bottom = Triangle
Solution bottom: Shape with sharp protrusions = Star

Combination Key: Pharmacy (characters)

Hint 1: The paper clue has is depicting the Earth and humans
Hint 2: The humans live on Earth that has like a circle silhouette.
Hint 3: Where do the 3 depicted beings live or come from? You have to do some interpretation.
Hint 4: Aliens come from the stars, and it’s not the scientific gas ball shape they’re looking for, but instead more cartoon-y interpretation of a star.
Solution top: Aliens come from stars = Star
Solution middle: Pharaohs come from Egypt pyramids = Triangle
Solution bottom: Bees have hexagons in beehives = Hexagon

Combination Key: Dining Room (broken vase)

Hint 1: The paper clue has a picture of broken vase pieces become whole vase again.
Hint 2: Which shape can you build out of the pieces in each of the 3 pictures?
Hint 3: Pay attention to angles and dimensions of the 2 pieces to understand which shape they must result in. Don’t pay attention to how they are positioned in the picture.
Hint 4: There’s only 1 possible solution for each 2 pieces. For example you can only make a square out of 2 triangles.
Solution top: Two triangles = Square
Solution middle: Two trapezoids = Hexagon
Solution bottom: Trapezoid and triangle = Pentagon

Cash Register

What to do with the cash register? You only need to reach it by going through the Archives, you don’t need additional items to open it.
Hint 1: The nearby Maintenance Log file is depicting a set of 4 symbols. If they only were numbers you could type them in the cash register.
Hint 2: On the archives wall you can see similar symbols, this time with corresponding numbers as well. Use this to verify your theories about converting symbols into numbers.
Hint 3: There is 1 dot and varying amount of lines. What could it mean? Start counting and don’t be afraid to test different methods.

The Monkey Thief puzzle

You need 2 key items found in the Intensive Care area before you can solve the Monkey Puzzle.
Key item 1: A metal casing containing The Monkey Thief story parchment.
You can find it in a guillotine in wooden monkey’s mouth.
Key item 2: The hammer.
Find it in small storage space between rooms.
Hint 1: The 5 pages of the story correspond to the 5 sections of the podium
Hint 2: The judge’s gavel goes on the 4th block. That’s how you test if your solution is correct.
Hint 3: Rather than focusing what each of the 3 persons is doing, try to understand what they are NOT doing.
Hint 4: Why is the judge reading like that. Small bumps on paper?
Hint 5: Defense attorney is staring at lip movements.
Hint 6: The accused’s mother is writing a sign when they’re about to execute their child. It would be more logical for her to scream. What would explain her not screaming?
Hint 7: It’s all about which disability they each have. The judge is reading braille.
1 The judge is blind = Monkey covering eyes
2 The defense attorney is deaf = Monkey covering ears
3 The mother is mute = Monkey covering mouth
4 The gavel goes here = Hit it with hammer after you’ve set all the monkeys
5 The blade falls onto neck = The headless monkey

Floppy disk

Where to write to the disk?
Hint: You can check the map to find a picture of a computer
Solution: It’s in the Store room, 1F West Wing
The disk is write protected!
Hint 1: Examine the disk.
Hint 2: There’s a small discolored mechanical button somewhere on the disk.
Solution: It’s behind the disk, lower right hand corner.
What to write on the disk?
Hint 1: Everything you need to solve the name is on that disk. Make sure to find the 2 moving parts.
Hint 2: Examining the disk you can find numerical index list of names and a phrase “3+6-9”.
Hint 3: Don’t try to calculate “3+6-9” in numbers, it won’t make sense that way.
Hint 4: 3 + 6 – 9 is the key to solution, using the list of names. We need 6 characters.
Hint 5: You can forget all other names except #3, #6, and #9. The solution is an actual new name.
Hint 6: What if we wrote it like this: LOMAR + TISHA – LOIS.
Solution: The name is MARTHA. Don’t forget to click the little unlock button behind the disk to be able to write on the disk.
Where to use the disk?
Hint: You saw a slot for it somewhere in a wall quite a bit earlier, soon after first gaining access to Main Hall.
Solution: The corridor on East Wing 2F, door to Bedroom

The rusty door

In order to have a chance to open the door you need to have both completed the Floppy Disk puzzle and unlocked the Intensive Care area.
Where was it?
Hint 1: It’s looking so sinister it had to be in the alternative reality
Hint 2: It was very early on when you were adventuring in the 1F East Wing. Ladders and a mirror.
Solution: It’s in the alternative Maternity Ward.
How to open it:
Hint 1: There are 3 interactive zones on the rusty door.
Hint 2: Each of the 3 zones needs you to use an item on it.
Hint 3: If you don’t have a lubricant, go investigate the Office again
Hint 4: If you don’t have something blunt to force the handle with, go investigate Intensive Care area
Hint 5: The gears need to be first lubricated and then the handle needs to be forced.
Solution: Use WE-40 on the gears and use The Hammer on the handle.

The grandfather clock

Hint 1: Everything you need to solve the puzzle is within this room, you won’t need to visit other rooms, read any files or check other items.
Hint 2: Three paintings with archangels for figuring out the time.
Hint 3: The weapons of different sizes in paintings seem to be visibly highlighted.
Solution to time: 8:15:25
(Note: The game assumes you have basic knowledge regarding one of the major real life religions. This is a bit narrow-sighted and I wish the game was more self-contained.)
Hint 1: There’s a strong theme of salvation in this room
Hint 2: One painting is for figuring out the date, or which occasion this “salvation” is referring to. The game just assumes you know, it doesn’t mention the date anywhere.
Solution to date: Jesus’s birthday is celebrated on Dec 25, although it’s historically shown to be inaccurate
Something happened but I still can’t get a new item?
Hint: You have to grab it quick, it’s just about timing.

What are the electrical lance charges for?

If you have gone through the Laundry area and found the Floppy Disk but still don’t have the electrical lance, you have missed it and might start struggling with having enough of ammo.
Hint 1: Do you remember seeing something interesting behind bars in one of those Combination Key areas?
Hint 2: Head to Intensive Care area and check both versions of the rooms.
Hint 3: In alternative reality, you can make use of the item the priest gave you for restoring his arm.
Solution: Go to Intensive Care hallway in alternative reality and use the pocket light to kill the wall-mounted monster that was blocking you access to the fenced-off area. After unlocking the door here, you can return to normal reality and grab the weapon.

The Fuel Canister puzzle

First things first, you need 3 caps and a fuel canister in order to complete the puzzle. Investigate the bunker areas until you find them.
Hint 1: You need it completely right or nothing happens. You will see and hear drops when it’s solved.
Hint 2: Identify the start point and end point, the pipe needs to be complete without any holes between them. Maintenance log has drawing verifying which valve position is open and which one is shut. Remember it’s always in correlation to the pipe direction.
Hint 3: Perhaps it’s more easier to start tracing from the end and try to figure where you must put the caps. Remember to open the lid on the canister.
Hint 4: Two caps go on 2 ends at a medium height on the left and one cap goes into bottom left end. Can you figure out the handles?

Tormented Souls Got stuck? A full guide with small tips and hints for you gameplay - The Fuel Canister puzzle - 5022AFB


TV dial puzzle

You don’t need extra items for the TV dial puzzle, as long as you just have the missing TV Dial you can solve it to progress.
Hint 1: Check the nearby Anna’s Diary for hints about the safe combination. Also pay attention to the room layout in both realities.
Hint 2: If this TV was a safe it would be easier to apply the combination. Between the numbers you need to switch rotating direction. But there are no labels around the dial. So what could the numbers mean?
Hint 3: Don’t try to count the clicks you make with the dial. Just watch the different TV channels until you understand their content.
Hint 4: There’s significance to this set of images that you have on TV. Turning the TV on and off resets your combination input.
Hint 5: You have yin-yang, tricycle, four-leaf clover, six-sided die, spider. Turn TV off and on, then start turning right and input your combination.

Written by Satsujin Jiken

Here we come to an end for Tormented Souls Got stuck? A full guide with small tips and hints for you gameplay hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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