The Universim Full Guide – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

The Universim Full Guide – Beginner’s Guide & Tips 1 -
The Universim Full Guide – Beginner’s Guide & Tips 1 -

I write this guide (well more like tips) because after I played this game I found various which should be easily solve or prevent so here is all I know so that you will not fall into the same problems/mistakes I did!

Feel free to correct me if I got something wrong!!


The Very Basic – Where should I place the Epicenter??

You can guess, I recommend you to place it near the source of water.

You may start questioning
– What about mountain?
– What about forest??
– What about desert???

I can say, at the very beginning just stay away from the desert and don’t worry that much about mountain, your little nuggets will expand their civilization in no time!

However, do not place it next to the water if you want to make it the center of your nuggets civilization but I find no problem placing it new to the pond. So, feel free if you want to!! This game is very easy to manage, imagine you are creating an art farm, you just have to provide nuggets some essential things for them and they are good to go!


The Water – Don’t let your Nuggets dehydrate

To be honest, I made the terrible mistakes on water the first time I played this game (yes yes I know I’m stupid T^T).

My recommendation is “placing at least 5 water pump when it is available” and “placing as much Reservoir as you seem fit”.

Another thing you should know is that the water you pumped is not 100% safe for your nuggets to drink. The water pumped in the Reservoir will be stored and filter over time.

How do I know where is a good place to build the Reservoir, you asked?
– Imagine in real life when you are working in your office, do you happy to walk 5 – 10 mins just to get a glass water? The nuggets are the same!

Just place the Reservoir everywhere if you ask me. And when I say everywhere, I mean it! Do not put them all at one place.
I once try putting Reservoir together in the same place because I was focusing on the number instead of the logic and guess what, my nuggets were dehydrated and have to walk for miles just to take a sip, walk for miles back to work and then got thirsty again in a few minute!

This make all work under their responsibility delayed and trust me you will be as unhappy as your nuggets…..

About the water filtration, it takes time and usually not fast enough to satisfy your nuggets thirst for clean water. You can easily ended up getting sick nuggets because they drank dirty water even though you have water stored for hundreds or even thousands over their need because the filtration is too slow.

Some research can increase the water pumping amount and speed of filtration.

The amount of water pump increased is significant but the filtration speed even with the full research is still terrible…

So trust me:
1. 5 Water Pump at least
2. Place Reservoir as much as Starbucks branches in Seattle

The Food (and Herbs) – Meat is scarce, eat more veggie and fish!

About the food, at the very beginning you will get an access to the fishing hut which become your main source of food along with those fruit and vegetable grow on bushes.

Fishing Hut
Food at first seems enough, just place one fishing hut and you are good to go for the early game but later on you have to put at least 2 per water source and it’s not even near enough for your nuggets!

Unlike the water, food stored can be eaten even though they didn’t cooked and your nuggets still fine!! However, when you have access to Eatery I still recommend you to build it, I will tell you later why.

Farm – Veggie, here we come!
Next is when you can build farm, at this point you will see that farm can grow 2 types of plant, veggie and herbs. I recommend you to your farm next to each other and at least 2 farms should be build, if not more but I want you to put as much farm as half of Reservoir you have.

At this point you may ask “Why do I need that much farm?”
– It is because the food that farm can produce is not always the number they show when you choose what to plant, your nuggets farms need rain to maximize the number of veggie that can grow and that cost 40 CP from you!!
– The above is why I recommend you to put the farm next to each other as much as possible, to get the most from your 40 CP when you can see that the food is not enough for your little nuggets. If not, you may ended up wasting 400 CP and still cannot make your nuggets survive the winter, at the point just save it for season change.

Later on, you can build 1-2 farms for herbs on the desert and grow Deadly Seed on it, I plant it on 2 farm and my herb supplies is always 400+. (The Deadly Seed provide the best yield for herb, you can find it in other guide)

Garrison, ummmm fresh meat!!
Most of us love the taste of meat and think nuggets are the same. Well guess what, the nuggets doesn’t know how to raise those animal for meat. Therefore, you can rely on the garrison as one of the food resource but be aware that animal can be extinct and the more you hunt, the farther they have to go hunting for the next round (well not the next round but basically they have to go farther, you got it right?)

Just place 3 – 4 of this little hunters building and they are good to go, you may tell them later on to focus on hunting the wolf to decrease the chance of the wolf attack if you’re please.

Eatery – Restaurant, yay!
At this point you may ask why this building is still necessary since nuggets can eat raw food and still fine?
– It is because the raw food cannot satisfy their hungry perfectly!
Not only that the water from the Reservoir is the same as raw food, they cannot satisfy 100% thirst of nugget but the beverage from Eatery can
Therefore, just build it around as much as half of food resource you have and your nuggets should be fine!

So I recommend:
1. Placing 2-3 Fishing Hub per water resource, you may increase the number later if you want but I find this number is the bliss point for my nuggets civilization
2. Build farm next to each other as much as you can and build it a lot (maybe 1 farm per 2 Reservoirs you build)
3. Later on build 1-2 farms on the desert and grow Deadly Seed for herbs
4. There will be a quest that teach you to use Telekinesis to get more variety of plant (If you still don’t know hold left CTRL+LMB)
5. Garrison is not a good source for food but it can have protect your civilization a little (from wolf attack), I recommend just 3 – 4 are enough
6. Eatery is the better way to satisfy you nuggets hunger and thirst, I would say maybe 1 Eatery per 2 farms.

The Expedition Camp

This is an very important part for your little nuggets civilization research since it will provide you Discovery Point (DP)…randomly.

You will get this building after finish the quest “Root of the Problem”, just use your lightening and strike it once and only once per time when it come up from the hole (I clicked like 10 times before realized that it took damage only once per show up T^T). After that you just unlock the building and here you go!

The setting I recommend is:
1. Nuggets: 1.5 – 2 Uneducated Nuggets per 1 Educated Nuggets ( or you can do all uneducated if you want)
2. Food: I usually give them 4 – 5 times of the number of Nuggets I sent
3. Medicine: just 0.5 – 1 of the number of the Nuggets you sent
4. Tools: I usually give them equal to number of nugget *2

For example:
6 Uneducated Nuggets + 4 Educated Nuggets
50 Foods + 1-3 extras (I will tell you in the tips below why)
10 Medicine
20 Tools
(Decrease the number of tools and medicine if it is overweight, your research can increase the amount your nuggets can carry later on)

1. Watch for the weight! the uneducated can carry more than educated one (why???) you may have to throw away something if you are very lucky
2. I recommend you to press camp right at the beginning, your Nuggets will consume 1-3 foods but their moral will significantly increased
3. Observe them from time to time, you may have to press camp and use your CP to cure some injured Nuggets (cost 50 CP)
4. I usually tell them to camp once Nuggets got injured and my maximum weight is decrease too much
5. When their food reach 50% they will start coming back, you may have to spend 50 CP to give them some food during this process (but rarely)
Note: The amount of DP you will get is random, I once got 150 DP for just one expedition and 4 DP for another round, Good luck!!

Other Resources and Its Refinery – Wood, Stone, Iron, Gas, Oil

– You can use your CP for Forestation and your Nuggets will have more trees to cut down
– Lumber Mill will have Nuggets plant their own trees, I recommend around 5 – 6 is enough to sustain your Nugget civilization until the end of the research line

Stone and Iron
– Stone and Iron are around and is one of the non-renewable resources in the game so be careful of it use, luckily there are plenty of stone but significant fewer iron
– Both stone and iron have it own mine which you have to place them to get the resource (nugget can collect stone without mine but a lot slower), I recommend to place 2 mines on 1 source since the production is pretty slow

Gas and Oil
– Both usually lay next to each other, so just build 1 gas and 1 oil on 1 source
– Desert seems to have the most of both resources so you know what to do

I recommend you to build at least 2 – 3 of each resource refinery since the production rate is slow and put it next to each other will be easier for Nuggets to stored them in the Warehouse and for Courier to delivery them around

– You can put Refinery right next to the Warehouse that stored its raw material to make Nuggets work faster in the early game but Courier will take care of the delivery later on so just make sure the Warehouse is next to the Courier and not too far from the Factory.
– 5 – 6 Lumber Mill should be enough but you can build more if want
– 2 or more Stone and Iron mine per source
– 2 – 3+ of each refinery because Nuggets work slow than you thought

Energy and O2 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

After the quest from Nuggola Tesla you will have the access to 1 of 3 type of energy sources Wind, Kinetic, and Gas

1. Wind – Eco-friendly but unstable since you have to rely on the wind, you may ended up placing 20 of Windmill and cannot produce any energy. Unfortunately, we still don’t have the wind map to help us figure out where we should put these bad bois. (I tried build a lot of it on the mountain but still get nothing)

2. Kinetic – Most of people might say it’s not worth the effort, however you can use your CP to Kick Start your nugget to get it run more willingly….I guess? So, I can say it is more predicable than Wind energy

3. Gas – 1 Gas Plant can be fed up easily by 2 gas mine, stable energy produce, but decrease your O2 level

Place battery as much as you seem fit, I recommend the energy use + 50% in case something happen

Note: You can use lightening (25 CP) to strike on the battery and got it recharged.

The Oxygen Not Included
– You can use your CP to plant more trees to compensate for what your Nuggets had cut down to maintain the oxygen level
– Buildings in Recreation tab can easily increase the Oxygen amount but not all of them and some even have limit on how much you can build, so watch the O2 level carefully
– Later game building will decrease the O2 amount more and more so you may use your CP for Forestation in the other part of the planet so that your Nuggets will not just cut it down right after you plant them

Creation Point – You’ve got the power!

In early game, you not have problem with your CP since most (if not all) of your Nuggets will believe in you and provide you CP to use and help them.

You will find the temple very early in the game also, just assign Nuggets to work in it and it will help maintain the number of believer for a while.

However, I found out that at some point of the game, standing still will not gain you enough CP to spend and the amount of believers will be around 50-60% of the population no matter what you do for them.

To solve this problem, I recommend you to use you Telekinesis to left up the Nuggets who did not have a job and drop them at the temple to sacrifice them for good. Feel bad? well you can wait for the Law Enforcement to work and choose the Nuggets for you from time to time.

Be aware that if there is no believer left in the world you will die, yes you, the god, not the Nuggets.

So find the good balance between love and fear from your Nuggets is the key for your own survivability.

The use of CP:
– You can use it to purchase something in the Black Market which I usually get Blueprint from
– Talk about Blueprint, you may find some meteor on the ground, click on it until you can see the cube inside, lift it with you telekinesis and drop it at the Epicenter. At first all the alphabet on it will appear as ????????? but later on when Nuggets have free time they will identify it for you so you know what may happen if you open it. I recommend open it since they also a chance for you to get Blueprint.
– Later on when other civilization found you, some are friendly but some are not. They may fraud you and demand resource. Instead of giving them what they want, use your CP to destroy them. From Meteor to Fire, I did not recommend the Tornado since you cannot control it. Destroy every buildings of that civilization and they will be extinct.
– Use in Expedition Camp as mentioned
– Use to plant trees as mentioned
– Use to clean the contaminated source of water using Trickle Effect
– Use fire to get rid of Locust Swarm
– Use lightening to charge the battery as mentioned
– And so on…..

Written by Windicator

Here we come to an end for The Universim Full Guide – Beginner’s Guide & Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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