The ER: Patient Typhon Save File Edit

The ER: Patient Typhon Save File Edit 1 -
The ER: Patient Typhon Save File Edit 1 -
Quick Guide where the Save Files and what you can do with them.


Where to find Save files?

Browse to your location on your harddrive: 
[Harddrive letter]:\Users\[your name]\AppData\Local\The_ER___Patient_Typhon 
AppData could be a hidden folder, so you need to make it visible first. 

How to edit?

It’s really simple: You just need your standard “Notepad”. 
Open “Gamedata.sav”. 
You will get a list with in-game options: 
(I list my own Gamedata below) 
Explanation (as far as I can tell) 
End_B / End_A – Indicates, if you have achieved Ending A or B. 1 means “yes” and 0 means “no”. 
(Hint: You can get both endings in one playthrough.) 
Vault – Determines, if you can access the bonus content on the main menu. 1 indicate you got only half of the options unlocked and 2 means you got it all. 
Stamina – Default amount of your stamina for fruitlessly running away from things is 1000.0, increase it at your own risk. 
Controls – Switch between keyboard (0) or gamepad (1) 
Key_3 / Key_2 (and probably Hole) – Determines, if you have found that specific secret key (there are 3 in total). 1 means “yes, you got it, you mad man”, 0 means “No, play the game AGAIN!” 
Keys – The total amount of secret keys you collected. 3 means you found them all (or you cheated, like me. :3 ) 
Deaths – Your death counter. Gotta catch’em all. 
Subtitles – Activate subtitles with 1 and viceversa with 0. 

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