The Cycle Playtest Inventory Chart Guide – Materials Weight – Value Ratios

The Cycle Playtest Inventory Chart Guide – Materials Weight – Value Ratios 1 -
The Cycle Playtest Inventory Chart Guide – Materials Weight – Value Ratios 1 -

Make the most of your inventory with this list of weight to value ratios…


Every item in the game has a weight and sell value. Selling items at any faction armory will reward xp for levelling up that faction (FP) and unlocking new guns.

This guide shows you the order for the most valuable to least valuable items, based on their weight. If you are trying to maximize profits, drop items with a lower weight to value ratio, and loot items with higher weight to value ratio.

A weight to value ratio is simply the sell value of an item divided by it’s weight. For example:

Glowing Brightcap Mushrooms weigh 2 but sell for 1000 so the weight to value ratio is 1000 / 2 = 500

Materials Weight:Value Ratios

NameWeight$ Sell ValueFP Sell Value$/W RatioFP/W Ratio
Veltecite Heart345001131,500.0037.67
Pale Ivy Blossom180020800.0020.00
Pure Veltecite3200050666.6716.67
Pure Focus Crystal3200050666.6716.67
Glowy Brightcap Mushroom2100025500.0012.50
Toxic Glands2100025500.0012.50
Master Unit CPU5200050400.0010.00
Clear Veltecite3100025333.338.33
Focus Crystal3100025333.338.33
Titan Ore3100025333.338.33
Shock Absorber6200050333.338.33
Brightcap Mushroom250013250.006.50
Storm Surge Crystal5100025200.005.00
Meteor Fragment5100025200.005.00
Shard Slicer5100025200.005.00
Zero Systems CPU5100025200.005.00
Waterweed Filament240010200.005.00
Alpha Crusher Skull5010000250200.005.00
Crusher Hide10200050200.005.00
Mutated Biomass10200050200.005.00
Cloudy Veltecite350013166.674.33
Brittle Titan Ore350013166.674.33
Optic Glass350013166.674.33
Print Resin350013166.674.33
Interactive Screen6100025166.674.17
Old Medicine11504150.004.00
Nutritional Bar11504150.004.00
Blue Runner Egg7100025142.863.57
Co-TEC MultiTool7100025142.863.57
Alpha Crusher Heart355000125142.863.57
Charged Spinal Base340010133.333.33
Hardened Bone Plates8100025125.003.13
Meteor Core25300075120.003.00
Rattler Eyes560015120.003.00
Derelict Explosives550013100.002.60
Hydraulic Piston550013100.002.60
Ball Bearings550013100.002.60
Portable Lab15150038100.002.53
Hardened Metals22005100.002.50
Polymetallic Prefabricate22005100.002.50
Miniature Reactor10100025100.002.50
Rattler Head20200050100.002.50
Marauder Head30300075100.002.50
Crusher Head505000125100.002.50
Rattler Skin10100025100.002.50
Indigenous Fruit4325881.252.00
Smart Mesh107501975.001.90
Azure Tree Bark75001371.431.86
Flawed Veltecite3200566.671.67
Altered Nickel3200566.671.67
Spinal Base3200566.671.67
Resin Gun5325865.001.60
Marauder Flesh158002053.331.33
Magnetic Field Stabilizer105001350.001.30
Strider Flesh105001350.001.30
Biological Sampler157501950.001.27
Sample Container157501950.001.27
Strider Head2010002550.001.25
Circuit Board10325832.500.80
Radio Equipment10325832.500.80
Medical Supplies10325832.500.80
Crusher Flesh35100025[


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