Swords of Gurrah Beginner’s Guide to weapons

Swords of Gurrah Beginner’s Guide to weapons 1 - steamsplay.com
Swords of Gurrah Beginner’s Guide to weapons 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide will lay out tips/info on various weapons in a bullet point fashion. Hopefully it’ll save you some grief and give you more fun.


Weapon Tips/Info

1. Your weapon’s blade breaks when it: 
-Hits another blade (yours or an enemies) 
-Hit’s an opponent 
-You are hit by an opponent 
-If you left your sword inside someone (it won’t cause any damage but will still break over and over). 
2. Single bladed swords/daggers can be hardened with right trigger (they turn dark black). This slows your movement but makes your sword unbreakable. Use this to block (or short out) an enemies weapon before un-hardening and attacking. If you hit someone with a hardened sword it does no damage. 
3. The shafts of pole arms, the sheathe of a katana and the center of a shield are all perma-hardened. Use these to protect yourself, however your blade will still short out if the shaft is struck. 
4. When you grab a spear/glaive etc, you can designate one hand as “stuck” by squeezing the trigger button of the hand. For example: I grab the bottom of a spear with my right hand and click the trigger after (locking it on). I then grab higher up with my other hand but don’t lock on with the trigger. 
Now the spear moves just like a pool-cue. Useful for hiding your range and defending yourself when they rush in. 
Alternatively, you can lock on BOTH hands and the weapon will function like a boat oar with no sliding around. 
5. The closer to your hilt that you block with, the faster your sword will reform. Use this to your advantage by hitting the tip of an opponents sword with the “strong” (close to the hilt) of yours. You should be able to hit them before they reform. 
6. Practice on the dummy in your private locker room extensively. Little cuts do less damage then big, fast cuts. Hitting the arm does less damage then hitting the head. Hitting the BACK of the neck can do ridiculous damage. 
7. Stand in front of the mirror in your locker room with a weapon and examine your blocks. If you were like me, you might think your blocking but really, you’re only covering a small area. The mirror will help you realize the proper angle. Practice going into these blocks and remembering where your hand is in real life. 
8. If you throw a weapon/shuriken etc, you can point at it with your hand. If it lights up, you can then use trigger to pull it into your hand. Useful for picking up weapons on the fly or recovering your thrown assets. 

Written by Valerick ✟

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